NYC Day 3

NYC Day 3

Sunday was another great New York day.  We started with breakfast right across from our hotel at the Cosmic Diner.  My friend Jonathan just graduated from NYU’s theater writing program…and we got to have breakfast with him (and his mom…who was in town for his graduation!).  I was so caught up in visiting with them that we didn’t take any pictures.  But breakfast was great, and so was getting to see my friend.

After breakfast, we went to Grand Central Terminal for a tour.  The Municipal Art Society gives tours there, and we LOVED our tour.  Lots of interesting areas and info about this area. It’s bustling and beautiful.
After the tour, we hit up Matilda!  The show was fun, funny, and the cast (of mostly kids) was SO talented.
We didn’t have much time in between, but we walked down a side street (where I may have purchased a knock off Michael Kors purse from a lady who had them beautiful spread out on an old sheet) to the Belasco Theater for Hedwig and the Angry Inch with Neil Patrick Harris.

We were SO excited.  And the show lived up to the hype.  Not just NPH.  Lena Hall was also AMAZING in it. The subject matter may not mesh with everyone (a botched sex change of a transgender German rock star married to a cross-dressing back up singer! ha!)…but it was a fun, moving, emotional, beautiful show.  And bonus, the set up of this particular staging of the show is that Hurt Locker the Musical was so bad that it closed at intermission (therefore allowing Hedwig to put on her show in the theater).  I snagged one of the fake playbills they had scattered around (well, Mom snagged it.  I spotted it and she ran to grab it! ha!)

After the show, we took the obligatory night time Times Square picture…
And we got Shake Shack for dinner.  We had to wait about 15 minutes, but it was worth it!  So good!
Day three was SUPER fun in New York!


  1. My 9 year old and I leave for NYC tomorrow afternoon. Any tips for us?

  2. Matilda!? Ahh that’s like one of my favorite kid movies. I bet that was a lot of fun! Man, no I wanna go to New York.

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