NYC Day 4

NYC Day 4

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Our last day in New York was Memorial Day.  We started our day heading to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.
I posted a couple years ago about the memorial (and my reflections on being there), but this time, we got to go into the newly opened museum.
The Freedom Tower was also now completed, so we got to see it while down there as well.
I know there is lots of controversy surrounding the museum. ¬†Is it too soon? ¬†Should these items be on display? ¬†Should it be a “tourist attraction”? ¬†There are remains there (there is a depository on site…which I’ll talk about in a minute), so it technically is a gravesite. ¬†I think it was very tastefully done (except I disagreed with a section on the terrorists. ¬†It was a small display, but they did not deserve to be highlighted in the displays).
The main issue will be disrespectful people visiting the museum.  This is NOT the place for smiling family photos in front of artifacts (which we saw a couple times).  This is a place for reflection, honor, and memory. There are also areas where they ask you not to take any photos, and people should be respectful of that.
We saw some amazing things- from shoes that people wore when walking home that day, since the subways weren’t running (and the shoes were worn thin from them having to walk miles and miles home), to this, the last beam taken down from the rubble….which all of the emergency crews had signed and left mementos on.
Overall, it was such a moving experience. ¬†We spent about 1.5 hours at the museum (which was starting to wear on us emotionally. ¬†We started out reading each plaque, but towards the end were just viewing and walking….it was emotionally heavy content)….but you could easily spend an entire day there reading, learning, and viewing the items.
After the museum, we hit the subway for a LOOOONG (hour long!) ride on the subway to Coney Island.  It was PACKED down there as Memorial Day is the opening for Coney Island.  LOTS of locals.
We waited over an hour for a hot dog at the original Nathan’s. ¬†While the hot dog was WONDERFUL, they were incredibly slow at serving them.
The beach was PACKED with people. but we made our way to the waterfront and put our toes in the Atlantic ocean.  It was COLD (we later learned it was like 58 degrees!).
We walked along the boardwalk and decided to ride the iconic Cyclone. ¬†While it’s pricey ($9/ride!!), it was SO fun. ¬†We got a great view of the boardwalk and rides from the top.
We were going to go to the aquarium, but the lines were just too long, so we decided to get an Italian ice and head back.
We went to the Highline Park when we got back to Manhattan. ¬†I LOVE this space. It’s a park they built on an old abandoned elevated railway. It’s beautiful, quiet, green, and such a neat view of the city from off the street level.
While up on the Highline, we caught our first glimpse of Lady Liberty!  You can see her in the right/middle of this pic.
We snagged some garlic knots from our favorite place, Gotham Pizza on 8th and 51st (they are the best in town!) and ate dinner in the room while we chilled.


We got all snazzed up for our last show, the Phantom of the Opera. ¬†I can hardly believe we have never seen it…but I’m glad we waited to see it on Broadway. ¬†It was great, and Norm Lewis made a WONDERFUL Phantom…not to mention Sierra Boggess as Christine. ¬†So good.¬†

After the show, we got a snack at Famous Famiglia’s pizza (one of our favorite pizza places in town), and hit the hay. ¬†The trip was SO great!

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