O-U-A-C-H-I-T-A Memories

My alma mater, Ouachita Baptist University (pronounced Wash-a-taw) is celebrating 125 years!

In fact, the governor recently announced that today, September 6 would be Ouachita Baptist Day in the state of Arkansas!

In honor of the big event, they are asking bloggers to blog about OBU on Tuesdays in September!

This week’s OBU Blogabout is favorite Ouachita memory.

I loved my time at OBU. To read more about it, go here, and here.

It honestly is difficult to pick just one memory to blog about. But I guess I won’t bore you by going on and on about the impromptu dorm hall dance parties, the late night game nights in the student center, the first time Tyler put his arm around me down at the Gazebo, or the laughs and tears shed in Berry Bible Building during Tri Chi meetings. I won’t even go on about the hundreds of campus drive arounds (CDAs) or the bazillion times we got soft serve ice cream in the Caf after a workout…completely negating our hard work!
But I WILL tell you about my best Ouachita memory.

This memory starts my senior year of high school. I came to Tiger Tunes as a prospective student and fell in love.

(If you aren’t from OBU and wonder what Tiger Tunes is…here it is a few sentences: Tiger Tunes is a show put on by campus organizations where clubs change the words of popular songs to fit a theme and each club does a 6 minute segment complete with singing, dancing, costumes and a storyline. There are also hosts and hostesses who sing and dance between numbers. The whole thing is a fundraiser for student scholarships. It is AWESOME. To see a show, watch this video (it is from 2005-the last time my club Tri Chi took 1st place…and it was just before I pledged, so I’m not in the video. But the show is GREAT!)

Anyway, I LOVED Tunes. I camped out and skipped my first class freshman year in order to be one of the 60 people who got to be in Campus Ministries show.

But my favorite OBU and Tunes memory was my sophomore year. I was a Tunes hostess.

This is a pretty big deal at OBU. All the folks who sing (which is a TON of people at OBU. Us Baptists know how to use our pipes…and everyone wants to be a music minister/music teacher/the next Jaci Velasquez). I was so honored to represent OBU in this manner.

I had the best time preparing for Tunes with some great old friends and making new ones.

But the BEST memory of my time at OBU was the moment the curtains opened on dress rehearsal night. I saw the faces of my friends and peers, and they were cheering for us, for me. I got to sing, dance, and be a diva…and represent my club and my university in such a unique way by showcasing the talents God gave me.

Here are some pictures from my time as a host:
This was our opening number. I am in the shadows, 3rd from the L.
This was our whole group of hosts and hostesses. Such a special group of friends.
This was during our country segment. Singing my little heart out.

And the funniest moment of the whole ordeal. We had a segment where we were a family and we sang songs teling stories of “What did you do today?” The “mom and dad” sang I’ve Had the Time of My Life and danced pretending they were in their kitchen. The “young son” sang Bicycle and rode a bike around. The “teen daughter” ranted about a breakup singing Before He Cheats. Well, I was the grandma. I rode out in a wheelchair, muumuu and gray wig…singing Riding Dirty. Yeah, the rap song. Yup, it was the highlight as everyone laughed and remembered this moment.

I LOVE Ouachita, and I love Tiger Tunes…
so it only makes sense that my favorite OBU memory be this one.
But I promise if you ask me, I could talk for days about my memories of my time at OBU.


  1. Hi from another Tri Chi (waay before your time!)

    Great memories –

  2. I’m a Tri Chi, too! (one of the first, which makes me OLD!) Did you know Mallory Bussey? She’s a friend of mine.

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