I have said it before, but I live BIG. I have big emotions, I have big reactions, I have big excitement.  Part of that, I think, is that I become easily obsessed with things. Like, I pour my energy into consuming them voraciously (hello, big word! 2 points!).

Two things I’m currently obsessed with:

Cara cara oranges and the musical Hamilton.

Very different. Can’t consume enough of them.

For starters, the cara cara orange.  I feel as though I’ve blogged about them before- but they are perfect.  Easy to peel, sweet, not super acidic. SO SO SO SO good. I’m eating at least one a day.  I find them at a local grocery store and at Sam’s.  I’ve never found them at Wal-Mart. They look like a regular navel orange, but inside is perfection. Trust me. If you like oranges, you’ll LOVE cara cara oranges.

Next up is Hamilton. It’s a hip hop musical based on the life of Alexander Hamilton (yes, the guy on the $10 bill). The cast is very diverse and not at all like the founding fathers (George Washington is a black man, Hamilton is a Latino). It’s so crazy but SO good.  And I’m not alone in my obsession. This musical is taking the world by storm. For real. The album topped the iTunes hip hop chart. There are memes and fake Twitter accounts- my fave being @HamiltonsSquad.  I love to listen to it in the car and can rap with the best of them.

I have dreams that I get to go to NYC and see this show live. I can dream, right?

Here’s a clip from the show of the song about the battle of Yorktown.

If anyone has a couple grand they want to bless me with- I would use it to fly up and buy a ticket of this show. And then I would live a happy life. I promise. 🙂

So those are my obsessions of the moment. What are you currently obsessed with?

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