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I was very involved in my time at Ouachita. I did intramurals (well, I played once. I am not athletic…but I attended tons of games to cheer people on), various ministries on campus, Ouachita Student Foundation, yearbook, the list goes on. But one group shaped by student experience more than any other. Tri Chi.

At OBU, we don’t have your typical national sororities like Chi Omega and Delta Delta Delta. We have social clubs that are unique to our campus. We pledge in the Spring, and so the Spring of my freshman year, in January 2006, I joined Tri Chi.

Tri Chi (Yes, our letters are technically XXX, but in 2005, they decided to wear TC on letter shirts because of the negative association with XXX).

These ladies mean so much to me. Tri Chi gave me so much.

It gave me sisterhood. So many friends, that I was never alone or bored. This was my 70 new sisters and friends on my bid day.

It gave me fun. There were so many events from Crush Dances to mixers to service projects.

It gave me a place to serve. I served as the philanthropy chair for Tri Chi one semester where we were able to serve locally, across the state and across the world.

It gave me a place to be creative and lead. I was also able to serve as the Tiger Tunes director for Tri Chi our senior year with one of my best friends. We didn’t place, but I’m STILL so proud of that show and our hard work. (and yes, we were AWESOME and had a formation in the shape of an anchor…we were sailors. it was SWEET)

It gave me a place to grow. We had spiritual retreats, Bible studies, and sisterhood nights where we could come to pray and worship together.

Really, one of my favorite nights was one night we had a Bible study and we gathered to pray for the girls that would be joining our club the following week during rush. We sang praises to the Lord for our group, we prayed for one another, we laughed, we cried, we praised. It was beautiful.

Tri Chi also gave me the majority of my memories at Ouachita, as most of them either revolve around activities that the club sponsored, or the girls who became my best friends.

These were all the Tri Chis at my wedding!

Tri Chis ended up being my roommates, my bridesmaids, and my lifelong friends. I love that club, I love what the ladies stand for (Togetherness in Christ) and I love the memories I have from my time in the club.

Being a part of Tri Chi was the highlight of my student experience at OBU.

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