OBU Homecoming 2018

OBU Homecoming 2018

At the last minute, I decided to go to Ouachita’s homecoming.  Alden had an extra ticket to the big music production, Tiger Tunes, and she offered it to me.

But I knew we were starting potty training a couple weeks prior, and I wasn’t sure I could leave so soon.  But since Remi took right to that, I felt ok to leave her.

I got up early and headed to campus. Alden was bringing a high schooler from their youth group and they got hung up on the way to campus, so they were a little late.

I got there about 45 minutes early and walked around. It’s the strangest feeling, like everything and nothing had changed.

It was early (like 10 am) so not many older alumni were there yet, but I did manage to catch up with a few people and professors before Alden and Maddie arrived.

I enjoyed meeting some current Tri Chi girls and singing the song with them!

And we had to take a picture with the letters, of course!

And we HAD to throw the chis!

We hit the bookstore and visited our names in the sidewalk.

And we took a picture with our tiger! We were told an interesting story- we used to “ride the tiger” and sneak up on the statue at night (and it used to be gold and without a tail….they’ve refurbished it since I graduated). Turns out, it has lots of cracks in it and it’s close to crumbling….so no more riding the tiger (hence the new fence keeping students out).

We headed down to the VERY PACKED football field, ate a Chick-fil-a sandwich and watched the game. Tiger victory!

After the game, we met Megan at Burger Barn (an Arkadelphia MUST) and then went to Tiger Tunes! The show was FANTASTIC. Tri Chi girls were boxers, and it was so cute.

I also had the opportunity to perform with the hosts and hostesses during the finale (I’m almost hiding behind the third host from the right in the black vest).  We sang a song from Wicked together. It’s fun to be back on the JPAC stage!

After the show, we celebrated with our girls and got a little Tri Chi family picture with Jessie (and Bailey!).  Love these girls!

I got to catch up with some friends like my sweet SaraJane and then I headed to Hot Springs for the night.  I met my family for breakfast before they had church (the most amazing cinnamon rolls at Will’s Cinnamon Shop!). Then I did some walking and shopping downtown before heading home.

I made it just in time for Remi’s nap after church (and got to take a nap myself!).  It was a great weekend!

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