Oh Deer

Oh Deer

I’ve had a couple of nights of little sleep, so I was SO looking forward to going to bed early last night.  At 9, I headed to bed to read and unwind.  Tyler had a late meeting in Fayetteville (an hour or so away) so he was on his way home.  Well, at 9:30, I got the call.
“I’m ok, but…”
He hit a deer.  It was dark, raining, he was an hour away, and the car was undriveable.  Thank goodness my MIL picked up the truck, the trailer, and they loaded up the car and came home.  I wouldn’t have been able to tow the trailer really (I’ve never done it), but I could have picked him up.  But I’m glad I got to sleep while they messed with the car.
And I’m SO thankful that he is ok.
I’m also thankful for insurance.



  1. When my mom lived in Arkansas she hit a deer, too; it’s not fun! I’m so sorry about the car, but I’m so thankful the Lord protected your husband! 🙂

  2. Oh gosh!! It’s so crazy how much damage they can do!! Glad he is okay!

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