It’s Ok…

It’s Ok…

I’ve done this before, but it’s time for another.  Feel free to join in with your own in the comments.


It’s ok…

…if I go to bed super early.  Pretty much all week I’ve been in bed by 9 (or earlier!).  Tyler works until midnight…so once I’ve eaten dinner, cleaned the house, and prepped for the next day…I’d rather sleep than stay up watching TV.

…that I thrive on having things to plan/look forward to.  Just thinking about upcoming fun gets me excited.  Garth Brooks tomorrow, Kansas City next weekend with Brandy, Dallas in March to see Kinky Boots….so many fun things!

…that I want to curse when I go outside because it’s so cold. Our local weatherman posted this…and it makes my heart hurt.

2015-01-08 07_14_28-(1) Facebook

…that I’m putting myself on a couple month “no spending” attempt.  Things to save for, things to pay off….and I don’t really need anything.  Trying to really cut back for a few months.

…that I think some people are ridiculous.  I just can’t with some people.

…that I’m not doing a Wednesday night Bible study at church this semester.  There wasn’t anything that I feel drawn to, and with Tyler’s schedule flip-flopping around, sometimes I might get to see him on Wednesday evenings, and I’d rather spend time with him and study on my own.

…that I REALLY want some Taco Bueno, but I’m saying “not now” for the 21 Day Fix.  I’ve done AWESOME this week and I’m not blowing it.

…that in the spirit of not blowing it, I’m going to eat REALLY light tomorrow so I can enjoy some sushi tomorrow night in Tulsa.  Give and take, right?

…that I get every other DVD from Netflix for myself.  With Tyler working, he can’t watch movies during the week…so I have been alternating his choices with mine. If he isn’t home to watch it, then I’m gonna watch some documentaries or musicals on my own. 🙂


So what do you need to get off your chest?  It’s ok!



  1. Hmm…it’s ok:

    …that I get massages every week or two to spoil myself (they’re only $10)

    …that I dominate all Cambodians at basketball and don’t let them win. They need to learn that there are some things they aren’t good at

  2. Love this! Let’s see… it’s ok”

    …that it is January and we have our first real snow, which makes us lucky, but I’m still going to complain about it.

    …that I only shoveled half of my crazy long and steep driveway to allow people to safely get to my front walk.

    …that I promised myself I’d get to bed early and yeah that’s not happening.

    …that I have a great job, but I spent part of the day researching how to become a lawyer in Australia, hey a girl can dream, right?

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