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We are watching Lie to Me every night. It is a show on Fox about a deception detective who reads people’s nonverbals and facial expressions to solve mysteries, crimes, and other interesting things. Its a drama/suspense show…but its based on real communication science (which is why I LOVE it!).

We started watching it because I was using it as an example in class for my nonverbal chapter I was teaching. I heard the show was a good example of that, so we screened a couple episodes looking for the perfect one. And we were hooked.

We are watching the first two seasons on Netflix (they are out on DVD) and we are totally addicted to it at the moment. Not sure what we will do when we finish Season 2. Anyway…if you are in a TV slump, or are looking for something new…check out Lie to Me. New episodes come on Fox on Mondays…and there are some online episodes here and here…and you can get it from Netflix (DVD or streaming) or Blockbuster.

I highly recommend it! What shows are you watching now?


  1. I just stopped by from Kelly’s Korner and ended up reading your whole blog so I wanted to say hello! We have a lot in common!! Take care.

    Christy Lee

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