On Plan Day 12 & 13

For some reason, Day 12 was tough.  I pretty much blew it.  (Thus is weight loss.  Strokes of perfection coupled with trying not to beat yourself up over mistakes). 

I forgot to pack Ty’s lunch, so I went to get him drive thru.  I couldn’t resist (or rather, I chose not to…I AM stronger than this struggle….but I often give in…more on that in a minute) so I had fast food lunch…which set the whole day off.  Let’s just say its a good thing I subbed two Zumba classes yesterday to hopefully keep that damage under control.  I ate around 2000 calories yesterday (but thankfully, did 2 workouts…so I think that kept it in check!)

Today, I ate a big lunch.  I was hungry feeling (thanks fast food hangover!).  Again I forgot to pack Tyler a lunch (I don’t know what is wrong with me lately.  Hoping I snap out of it!)…so I got him Subway.  I got myself one too. 

Breakfast: cereal and milk and dried blueberries
Snack: Shakeology
Lunch: egg white and steak sub
Snack: carrot chips and hummus, dried fruit
Dinner: buffalo chicken salad (chicken in crock pot with Frank’s Red Hot) and lettuce with a little cheese

Overall today was a 1800 calorie day, but I did 3 Zumba classes. 

I honestly think I wasn’t eating enough at 1200 calories daily.  On heavy workout days, I would eat 1500.  But from my BodyBugg, I know that I was able to burn 1200-1500 in 3 hours of Zumba….so….I honestly think I have to up my food intake.

After doing extensive research online, I have changed my daily calorie aim to 1500….and on Zumba days, try to reach 2000.  Hopefully after a couple weeks of trying this, I’ll be able to see if that helps.

I lost the first 6 pounds fairly consistently, but now I am just holding steady.  Want to see that scale move again! 🙂

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