On Plan Day 2

So I hate to say this, but I didn’t totally make it 100% today. I ate right at 2000 calories. We ate out (and I had a Sonic treat.). If I had skipped Sonic, I would have been ok today. But I made some good choices when I wanted to make other ones. And 2000 is what my body needs daily, so I didn’t overeat… So not a total loss.

Breakfast: cereal and milk.
Snack: orange
Lunch: chicken quesadilla on low carb tortilla, 100 cal guacamole pack, single serving broccoli/cheese, yogurt and raspberries
Sonic: cheddar peppers, diet cherry coke
Dinner: out to eat at Cheddars: plain baked potato, pico de gallo, broccoli, and about 8 onion rings.
Dessert: skin milk and 2 blueberry belvita biscuits.

So today: I did on eating out. I wanted to share an app with Ty, so I ate sides for my meal. However, fast food is my downfall. Gotta stay away from that. It is too high in empty calories. So I think I will make the rest of these 14 days to be without fast food ( at least eating it…not sure I could go without Sonic drinks!)

Here is to a good 1200 calorie day tomorrow!!

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  1. You did GREAT! Sometimes we need to indulge in some treats and I think that’s perfectly ok 🙂 You’ll do great keeping up with your goal!

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