On Plan Day 3 & 4

Yesterday I do pretty well. Again, more unplanned weekend-ness, as we got an invite to dinner wih friends around 1. But I had done great, so we went to pizza. I had planned to maybe have a salad, but this was strictly a pizza pub, so I ate a couple slices if supreme with lots of veggies.

Breakfast: cheerios and milk.
Lunch: grilled chicken and fruit
Dinner: 2.5 slices pizza and one slice pie.

I had eaten around 550 calories before dinner, so I think it is safe to say I made my 1500 goal, even with a bigger dinner.

Today, I haven’t felt so hot. I ate breakfast and lunch and haven’t felt like eating much else.

Breakfast: cheerios and milk
Lunch: brisket, peas, rice
Dinner: saltines and pepperoni

Also drank lots of OJ.

Think I am around 1200 calais today.

Not a bad weekend!

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