On Plan Day 5

Overall a good day! Got around 1300-1350 cals and I subbed a Zumba class so I got in an extra workout.

Breakfast: microwaved egg muffin ( only 200 calories from the deli section on Walmart!)
Lunch: grilled chicken, broccoli and carrots, orange
Snack: ranch saltines, fiber one brownie, dried fruit
Pre workout snack: bowl of oatmeal and two PB crackers
Dinner: bison chili and saltines. Probably ate too many saltines, but I counted extra calories.
Dessert: one tiny piece of fudge.

All for around 1300 calories! Overall a good day! I resisted fast food at lunch and candy while at Walgreens. I also had a vending machine craving, but I resisted. Getting it done!

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