On Plan Day 7

Today hasn’t gone exactly as planned.  First off, I really wanted cereal this morning, but we had no milk.
So I had some dry cereal and juice…

but it didn’t quite hit the spot.  And it made me want to be snacky all day.
We went to dinner at Brooke and Warren’s…but Brooke made a delicious dinner I could eat!  Steak, baked potatoes (plain with salt and pepper, please!), and I made some Weight Watchers diet cupcakes (under 200 cals per cupcake!)
So for today…
Breakfast: Dry cereal, juice, dried fruit/a few almonds
Lunch: I packed edamame and cuties, but they totally weren’t tasting good to me.  The spices I brought for the edamame were a lemon pepper/garlic blend and the lemon DID NOT go well with the edamame…and my cuties seemed old and not sweet anymore.  So I ditched those and got a steak SalsaLita salad from Taco Mayo (it comes with no shell, no cheese, no sour cream or bad stuff).  The website says it is 305 calories…but I got is sans beans, so that has to take off around 100 calories, right?  I did add a small package of salsa and two hot sauces to the mix of lettuce, steak and pico.  It was delish.

Snack: 90 calorie Fiber One brownie
Dinner: salad, steak, potato, one cupcake
Overall, a 1250-1300 calorie day!  And I snuck in some weigh training while waiting for the cupcakes to bake! 🙂

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