On Plan Day 9

Blogger is being dumb and keeps erasing what I’m typing.  So I will make it quick.  Yesterday, was stupid and seriously went on auto-pilot while at Sonic.  Ordered my usual drink and cheese sticks.  Mad at myself because I ate them.  I already “broke” my giving up fried food by doing that!!  And it never crossed my mind, and I honestly feel like I wasn’t even thinking as I ordered it.  Guess that’s how it goes when you try to break 24 years of bad habits!  I prayed to have more consciousness and more control so I can glorify God with my choices. 

Had around 1800 calories yesterday (more than I wanted/planned for because of those stupid cheese sticks) but it wasn’t too awful.  Today is another day.  And while we are eating out for 2 meals, and planning on having froyo, I am going to focus on making great choices everywhere.  It will be difficult to count my calories today as we eat out, but my staying on plan will mean making great choices that I wouldn’t usually make with food.  Game on!

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