On the Same Page…

For our anniversary, Tyler got me a really sweet,  thoughtful gift.
He did get me a pedastal for my washer (we have one for the dryer…but not for the washer.  It will make my laundry life so much easier to have them both raised!), and he got me a beautiful necklace that is a heart with a cross (its so dainty it was hard to take a picture of…take my word for it…its beautiful!)…but his most thoughtful gift was something for both of us.
He got us each a daily scripture/devotional calendar (like the one below).
 He said we could each put them where we could read them daily (his is on his nightstand…mine is in the closet because our bedroom is dark when I get up).  He said each day we would get a bite of God’s word and always be “on the same page” (get it, you flip the page each day?!).  I thought this was a super sweet thing of him to do to help grow our marriage, keep us connected to God, and connected to one another.
So thankful to be married to a Godly wonderful man!


  1. Such a sweet gift! Your necklace sounds beautiful 🙂

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