Far Away on the Horizon

Far Away on the Horizon



Sometimes I feel like parts of my life are far away. Like I’m just walking towards them, but they never get closer.  There are some dreams, aspirations, and goals that feel like they live on the horizon line.  You can walk towards them, but you never reach them.

I’ve felt pushed, called, and directed lately to continue making changes in my life. Sometimes it feels silly to me to say this – that I feel God calling me to be healthier and transform myself. I know that not everyone understands it, but that’s totally what I’m feeling. I’ve felt it for quite some time. That calling feels so real to me.  The call to be obedient to health.  Not to be vain and “look better” but a call to truly make choices that glorify God because they are best for my body.

I was NOT obedient to that while I was gallbladder sick.  I was trying to survive on what felt ok – which was being lazy most days, and eating poorly.  But now that I’m back to feeling better, I feel this calling stronger than ever on my life.  But man, the goal of a me that’s been transformed by the renewing of my mind and my life (Romans 12:2) feels like a horizon goal.  Some days it seems like all I’m doing is walking toward it, but the horizon stays far away.  But I know God is faithful, and if I’m obedient, He will use this in my life.

This morning while doing my Bible study of Jonah (which has even more solidified the fact that I’ve, at times, run from this goal just like Jonah did), I was reminded that God’s calling on us if often for a bigger purpose.  Who knows what He needs me healthy for. I’m not sure what he’s preparing me for.  But I know I must be obedient.  And just like shaking any sin and turning towards God’s purposeful calling (no matter what that is) isn’t easy, this won’t be either.  It hasn’t been easy these last few years trying to seek that.  But I know I must continue to be obedient to God’s calling, even when it’s hard.  I’m reminding myself at the start of this renewed purpose to stay the course.  This isn’t even about reaching that end goal – it’s about following God’s path for my life.  I may never reach my horizon, but I know as long as I’m walking in the path He’s called me to, that I’m on the right road.


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