One Crazy Night

We had planned for a quiet evening at home last night. I was to teach Zumba, but I had dinner in the crock pot (lime chili chicken tacos) and we were going to eat dinner and relax. I had invited my mother-in-law over too, to help eat all that taco meat. Mom, Gram and Luke had been here Wednesday, Wednesday night and Thursday while contractors finished up at the house. But they were to be headed home around 6:30.

So at 7:30 when I left Zumba, I called my mom to see how their travels were.

“We are headed back to your house,” she said. What? Why? “There was a snake in my car. Tyler came and got us.” Sounded ok, but then I remembered Tyler drove a standard car (and mom can’t drive a standard). “Where is Tyler’s car?” I asked. “Mr. McDonald (a super nice neighbor down the street) came with him and he is driving all of us back in Tyler’s car. Guess we are spending the night again.”

So once I get home, everyone is in the driveway just staring at mom’s SUV. All the doors are open, but no snake is emerging.

Mom proceeds to explain. Snake crawled across her foot. She immediately stopped and everyone got out. About 40 minutes later, 2 policemen stop. Chase the little snake (about the width of your finger, and a couple feet long) around the car, but don’t catch it. They only drive it into a crevice behind the front console. Mom refuses to get in the car. Calls dad. He is 2 hours away at home…what can he do? Calls Tyler. Tyler gets Mr. McDonald. They drive 20 minutes away to get mom. Bring the car home. No snake to be found.

So everyone eventually comes inside, eats dinner (thank goodness I made extra taco meat!) and mom makes plans for a family friend to drive up and get them in the morning. Friend, named James, will bring up his vehicle, drive mom’s home while mom, Gram, and Luke drive James’ home.

Mom doesn’t know how she will make certain the snake is gone. Maybe call the Game and Fish commission? Maybe have to pay a mechanic to take all the inside stuff out to make sure its gone? Maybe just sell the car? Either way, I know my momma doesn’t like her SUV very much any more…


  1. Your poor mama!! I remember something similar happening to us when we were little. My mama was driving and something ran around on the floor board of the backseat. Can’t remember if it was a mouse? But I do remember we immediately pulled over. ha!

  2. My brother in law works for the game and fish commission. Let me know if you want me to call him! I would not get in the vehicle either!!!

  3. Oh my.. That is crazy. On a side note though. The taco’s sound good. Could you give me the recipe! Thanks!!!

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