One Thing Tuesday: Breathing

One Thing Tuesday: Breathing

Welcome to  One Thing Tuesday linkup! The point of One Thing Tuesday is to blog about one thing – it can be something you’re working on for the week (to help set your focus), one thing you’re wanting, one thing on your mind. It doesn’t matter what that one thing is. The point is….it’s a blog post about ONE thing. 


Instead of making this a link-up, I’m just making this the focus of my blog on Tuesdays.  If you’d like to join in, feel free to leave your link the comments.  It just took too much time to create the linky and embed it and such.  #notworthit ha!



So it may seem silly to make my “one thing” this week breathing.  But I’ve found when I get anxious or busy, I tend to hold my breathe.  A while back a counselor told me that deep breathing (like filling your lungs totally full and then pushing all the air out) was a great calming mechanism.  I’m starting to feel less overwhelmed with life in general…but I’m still feeling tense.  So I want to remember this week to breathe.  To relax.  To loosen up.


What’s one thing you’re focusing on this week?

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