One Thing Tuesday: Food Logging

One Thing Tuesday: Food Logging

Razorback Britt

Welcome to  One Thing Tuesday linkup! The point of One Thing Tuesday is to blog about one thing – it can be something you’re working on for the week (to help set your focus), one thing you’re wanting, one thing on your mind. It doesn’t matter what that one thing is. The point is….it’s a blog post about ONE thing. Reign in those thoughts! Grab the button, write your one thing for this week, and come link up.

So last week I wanted to take time to read.  That was successful.  I didn’t make time EVERY day, but I did get about halfway into my new book – so that’s a success!


This week I’m changing my focus some.  I’m back working at losing weight and eating better, and I think my one thing I’m focusing on is to log my food.  I eat better when I track it, hands down.  So my goal is to track my food through MyFitnessPal – even if it’s not 100% on plan.  I need to keep track of what I’m doing because it will help me make better choices and help me see where I’m falling short.

When I food log, I hold myself accountable for what I eat.  I make better choices when eating out (that’s my hardest thing!), say “no” more to the unexpected things like donuts or coffee at work, and also be more intentional to food prep.  So that’s my goal this week to set me up for weight loss success.

Also, if you’re interested in the raw thoughts and my venture with weight loss, I’ve been blogging that journey as of late at Visible Struggle.  I don’t want this space to be all about weight loss (there is SO much more to me than that!), and I know not everyone who has invested in my crazy life is interested in all-weightloss-all-the-time…so I have that outlet too.  Join me there if you’re interested in watching me ride this rollercoaster.

So what’s your one thing this week?  Either leave a comment or join me in the linkup!


  1. I really like the changes you have made. Starting today I would like to join your “one thing” Tuesday. My clothes closet is first. My clothes are out of hand. All seasons and all sizes crammed into my side. I have already worked on the shoes and purses. Shoes contained and labeled and purses hanging on command hooks. Now it is the multitude of clothes. The hardest part for me.

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