Open Letter Friday

If you are visiting from Suburban Strut….check out my Outfit Friday here. I accidentally linked the wrong post! 

Got some things to get off my chest today….so let the open letters begin!

Dear Tyler, I appreciate all the yard work you have been doing. But two things: 1) LEAVE YOUR MUDDY SHOES IN THE MUDROOM.  That is what the mudroom is for.  You are tracking mud all through my house. 2) The grass seed you bought? It was in that big paper sack on the chest freezer? The bag was sucky and it broke this morning when I was digging in the freezer. So sorry for the grass seed that is everywhere.  Maybe it would have been better to set that giant bag of grass seed somewhere else.

Dear sweet man who works at Chic-fil-a on Friday mornings, thanks for always being so friendly at 6:45 a.m. on a Friday.  You make my chicken taste even better.

Dear woman who checked us out at Kohl’s last night, were you a cross-dresser?  You were a beautiful woman with great hair and makeup…but had very masculine features and a very low voice.  Either way, rock that sparkly eye shadow, sister!

Dear Tyler, thanks for thinking of the things I have “wished” for.  Thanks for  using our coupon and Kohl’s cash last night to buy me that Shark steam mop I’ve been wanting.  Yes, it can count as a Christmas gift.  However, with the recent purchases of a Dyson and a Shark…are you trying to tell me something?  If you think the floors are dirty, maybe try LEAVING YOUR MUDDY SHOES IN THE MUDROOM.

Dear ladies in my weight loss group online, y’all rock.  You motivate me to stay on track (most of the time).  Thanks for encouraging and celebrating with me.

Dear fat, I’m tired of working so hard for you to be coming off so slowly.  Please melt away faster.  At the rate we are going…this is how I feel:

Dear OBU, I can’t wait for Homecoming next weekend.

Dear next week, please go quickly (see Homecoming above).

Dear weekend,  I’m glad you are here again. Don’t ever leave me.


  1. This is heeeeelarious!!!!!
    I’m going to have to steal this idea sometime!
    Happy weekend!!!!

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