Ordering an OkiOki Mattress

Ordering an OkiOki Mattress

Shortly after we got married, we bought a big king bed. We found a bedframe and headboard on Craiglist (the same one we still have!), and then we bought a mattress, back when you could drive all over town trying mattresses.

Well, 9 years later, it was time to replace it. I did a TON of research online comparing different mail-order mattresses. I used this site to read up on a bunch of them, watching Youtube video reviews too. I settled on the Oki OKi, and then we took their quiz to determine to try the Oki Flex, a medium firm mattress with an inner-coil.

We had to wait a couple weeks for it to arrive, and then this GIANT box showed up.

We lugged it inside and opened it to this vaccum sealed mattress. A little cutting of the plastic and then it started to “inflate”. We left it for a night on the floor to fully come-to, then we set it up.

I switched up our bed skirt, coverlet, blanket and curtains – using this as a great time for a freshened-up look in the room. And goodness are we LOVING the mattress. It’s soft enough, but also VERY supportive. We are back and belly sleepers, and it feels like we get good support on it. The edges are supportive enough to sit on the edge without it crushing. And there’s hardly any motion transfer. I can get up at night to pee, or when Ty gets up early, we don’t disturb the other person. 10/10 would recommend. And we get 365 nights to test it out- if we decide we don’t like (which I don’t see happening), we can get a refund and donate it. Awesome!

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