Ouch, But So Brave!

Ouch, But So Brave!

One Wednesday night after church dinner, we let Remi play on the playground with some other kids. She’s SO brave and fearless on the playground- she wants to climb high (and mostly by herself).  So I knew a crash was coming.

And thankfully, it happened at church- me, Tyler and mom were all there. And thankfully, the ground there is those soft rubber mulch- so the actual impact wasn’t bad.

But she fell and hit her chin on the way down, which was BAD. Poor girl cried, instantly had a bruise and was bleeding (both from her chin and her gums inside her mouth).

She was SO BRAVE, calming down in like 2-3 minutes as we rushed to the bathroom to clean her up. She heard our church choir practicing while we were cleaning her up, and she instantly said “I go listen!”


Then she wanted to go back outside and tackle the part where she fell- this time “Daddy help me.”

I’m so thankful she’s ok.

She had a tooth that got a little wiggly, but I think it’s tightening back up. And aside from a bruise, she’s no worse for the wear.



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