Our Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve

Tyler had to work on Christmas, so our Christmas Eve was on the 23rd. We made the most of our adjusted schedule.

Since it was Sunday, it started with church. There was no childcare or life groups, so Remi got to come to big church. They always involve the kids on days when there is no childcare, and this Sunday was special.

They had the kids build a nativity scene. Some had animals, some had shepherds, and there was Mary and Joseph and Jesus.  Remi was given baby Jesus to bring forward. She was SO sweet holding the baby during the service.


I screwed up and sent her forward when they called for the animals. Oops.  But thankfully, our pastor rolled with it. She looked SO BIG sitting down and listening to the story.


All the kids put up their animals, and she hung back. I think she knew it wasn’t right because he was telling them to put their animals down.  But it worked out great because she placed Baby Jesus and Brother Ronnie talked about it.  Then she did the cutest little jump down the stairs.

After church, we ate lunch and napped, then it was time to make cookies! She REALLY loved putting the icing and sprinkles on.


Once they were all made, she picked out two cookies for Santa (the two she made, of course!)


We went to the park to look at Christmas lights (and of course, do some sliding and swinging!) and then we went to dinner.  Unfortunately, Remi got fever during dinner (which thankfully, was a short lived fever virus), but Mimi snuggled her while we ate dinner and then we rushed her home.

Since she wasn’t feeling well when we got home, she was asleep when we put out the cookies for Santa. But she knew he was coming! She woke up in the night not feeling great and told me, “Santa busy. Santa bring presents.”

And she was right! He came to see her. More on that next time…

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