Our first ear infection

Our first ear infection

My poor baby girl had her first ear infection. In fact, a double ear infection.

Last Saturday, she slept more than normal. And looking back, she touched her ears a couple of times during the day…but I sort of thought she had discovered her ears. During her afternoon nap, she slept a LONG TIME (which for this active girl is rare) and she cried out once. I should have seen it coming.

But late Saturday night, she woke up with fever and was pretty unhappy lying down. We spent most of the night sitting up on the recliner together. And Sunday morning, she was all smiles, even though she had fever.

I called the nurse hotline, but was pretty much told to manage her symptoms at home unless her fever got above 104…and just to see the doctor on Monday.

I posted on Instagram when her temp got to 103…and I’m so glad I did.

Even though her fever came down some temporarily, several friends texted me to say “Trust your mama gut.” I felt like I wanted to take her in, but since the nurse said to wait, we waited.

We played when she was feeling ok….

But then her temp went back up. I was afraid of her fever climbing in the night and ending up at the ER. So we went to urgent care instead.

For a Sunday night (when the other urgent care places were closed) during flu season, it wasn’t busy. MIRACLE! The doctor immediately said she had an ear infection, and she ws worried about dehydration since Remi had been refusing to eat.

I promised we would work to get her fever down and push fluids…so that’s what we did.

A cool bath on this sweet thing and we had another long night of sleeping in the recliner.

Her sweet rosy fever cheeks are cute, but I’ll be glad when she is feeling 100% back to normal (and we can all sleep in our beds!)

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