Our fun silly girl

Our fun silly girl

Remi is getting (mostly) such a fun personality. I say mostly because she does have an anger streak that we are working on, but for the most part, she’s so fun and funny and quirky.

Here are a few fun things we’ve gotten ourselves into lately.

She LOVES to help momma cook! She likes to sit close to the action and she will pretend to stir or season things. I hope we can be cooking buddies for life! I love teaching her things in the kitchen.

She’s such a funny eater. She’s been eating nonstop lately! And what seems like strange things. She wanted soup for breakfast….so she got potato soup! Guess it’s like liquid hashbrowns? ha!

She likes doing things herself and doesn’t want help very often. One thing she WILL NOT let us help with is her princess dress. If we offer help, she gets mad and throws her dress! But she managed to get it on herself and Princess Remi was reigning over the household the other night.

And I can’t post a video because she was in the bathtub, but she totally sang Jesus Loves Me like 90% (missed a line here or there) but it’s SO SWEET to not only hear her sing but hear her sing about Jesus!

And she’s been praying for our friends and family at night. She will name her classmates, saying “Thank you Bodhe, Thank you Rhett, Thank you Avie….” It’s precious!

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