Our Funny Girl

Our Funny Girl

In this week’s Remi adventures, she’s been doing some funny things.

My FAVORITE is that I taught her all about watching cookies bake.  I don’t know if it was something I started doing on my own as a child or if my mom simply wanted me to be still and quiet for a while, but I’ve always love sitting and watching stuff bake. (Am I alone in this? Or do you do it too?)

We made some break and bake cookies and I showed her how to watch them.  It held her attention for several minutes while the cookies spread and puffed up.

She’s SO funny in the mornings.  She demands “I play!” often while we get dressed.  Or most mornings she walks right past the car and wants to “Cheese!” (which involves walking around the house on the sidewalk, sitting on the step and posing.

This morning, she saw the horses across the street (the ones that are ALWAYS there) and gasped, “Momma! Horses!”

This is a “Cheese” request picture.  That cheese face, y’all.

And one day, she kept saying “Book! I read!” before nap time.  She does love books, but I’m pretty sure she knew we were winding down for naptime and wanted to delay it. She knows I very rarely say no to one more book.

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