Our Silly Girl

Our Silly Girl

Remi has had lots of time to imagine and be silly. To be honest, the downtime has been such a gift (as much as other things have been hard and inconveniencing).

She’s been doing “gymnastics” all over the house, including these funny moves- and then telling us to take her picture while posing. Funny girl.


We’ve been working on the balance bike. She just prefers pedals. But we’ve been trying it more and more. She and dad have been riding a lot!


And LOTS of dress up. So much dress up. She’s been playing princess and also lots of “wedding.”  She says she’s a “wedding girl” a lot!


This morning, she hid in my clothes because “they were warm and cozy.”  She sat in there for a good 5-10 minutes alone.


One evening, we did a FUNNY thing. After cleaning up, I said to her “Do you trust me?” And I changed her into all black clothes and taped some glow sticks to her. Then we went into our bathroom and turned off the lights for a dance party in my mirror. We had a BLAST dancing in the dark with the lights. SO much fun.


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