Our Thrifty Dining Room Tour (with Living Room Included)

Over at Kelly’s Korner, she is doing a home tour. I missed last week’s living room tour, but I’m going to show you this week’s feature- our dining room (and because they are really one space, I’m going to throw in the living room for good measure!).

We live in a two bedroom townhouse apartment. It was built in the 1960s, so it is a little small, but we’ve done a lot with it for very little

This is the dining/living area. We didn’t have a dining room table at the last apartment, just barstools, so we usually ate dinner on the couch. It is such a blessing to actually have a table to enjoy meals at together. We usually eat breakfast together and dinner here. The walls were already painted that lovely burgundy. I have talked about my Fiestaware cabinet here, and we bought the table for $60 from Craigslist. It only came with two chairs, so we got two more online that are a close match. The frame above the table was a wedding gift and it has a big monogram L in the middle.

This is looking from the back of the table toward the kitchen. I pulled the curtain to the kitchen so you can see that. I like the color scheme a lot.
Also on this little dividing wall, we have a wine bottle table. We love wine and save the bottles. A lot of these bottles have special meaning (from my 21st birthday, our wedding night, etc.). I also got this table from Craigslist for $20. I found the candleabra on the table at a local thrift store for $7 and got the candles from our favorite- Kohls! The digital frame on the table was from a garage sale ($6!) and then there is our wedding picture and some sconces from our last apartment (the sconces are from Hob Lob).
Behind the table are my bookshelves. The mirrors are clearance from Hob Lob, and the cute little clock and white frame on the bookshelf are wedding gifts, as is the cross hanging from the ceiling. It is really for the outside, but we didn’t want it to get stolen, so we hung it on a chain in the corner. The lamp is leftover from my dorm days, and the iron bookshelf is from my bedroom at home.
This is the sitting chair and a DVD tower. We got the tower at Walmart, the black chair is from bedroom at home, and the lovely clock and the magazine holder were wedding gift purchase with some Kirkland’s gift cards. I love the little frames on top of the DVD tower, which were also wedding gifts.
This is the media cabinet. This is recycled for sure! It used to be in Tyler’s home, then his shop, and now here! ha! It is a little big. And we think we will eventually stain it a little darker. I made the curtain above the cabinet, and most of the knicknacks are from Hob Lob. The other media tower is from home as well, and the frame on top is another wedding gift.
This is the couch. I LOVE that wall art from Kirklands! And the “LEE” architecture art is the coolest- one of my bridesmaids took those pictures and made that for us! Past the LEE frame is the washer/dryer (which we usually cover with curtains to block it out). The pillows and rug are from Kohls.
This table used to be my TV table until we got the big cabinet, so now it is our sofa table. I love having a spot for frames and stuff. I really like my little leopard candle holder and the white flower. The little flower is ceramic and was only $2 from Oops here in town. The pumpkin is seasonal. The tile behind it that has the Bible verse on it was a wedding gift. It is so unique!
So basically, our home is furnished from Craigslist, my bedroom at home, or wedding gifts! ha! We haven’t spent a lot, but its home! And I’m proud of it!


  1. I love your little table with your cute pictures. Cute townhouse. I never find anything good on Craigslist!

  2. What a great dining area you have! I love the colors on the walls, so pretty!

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