Our Travel Wall

Our Travel Wall

On our honeymoon, I brought my big DSLR everywhere we went in Hawaii.  I didn’t really know how to use it beyond just automatic mode. But I managed to get a GREAT picture of the black sand beach which we blew up poster print size and hung in our bedroom.

On a cruise years ago, we saw a spray paint artist.  If you’re never seen it, it probably sounds lame. But it wasn’t lame.  It was awesome.  He used spray paint and unique techniques to create artwork.

We ended up buying a piece that was black and white of the moon and the water (and two dolphins, which we decided were our spirit animals, ha!). And we hung it up in our bedroom.

So on this last trip to Vegas and the Grand Canyon, we ended up buying another spray paint art piece (this was was just too cool…and we stayed and watched the artist for a LONG time on Fremont Street) and I took a great photo at the Grand Canyon (now that I know how to work my DSLR- thanks photography class!).  We didn’t really have the wall space to spread them all out in our bedroom. We could have put them all over the house, but we sort of like for our bedroom to remind us of all of our great times together.

So I rearranged the wall that held the Hawaii picture. It used to have the big print centered on the wall, flanked by two candle sconces.

Well, sconces are gone. And I decided to make it a travel wall- one we can keep adding to.  It’s not “Pinterest perfect.”  I’m sure the frames could match more and the layout be better.  But I love it.

There’s a graphic print (that I found recently at Hobby Lobby) in the middle that says “Life takes you to unexpected places. Love brings you home.”  It perfectly captures our adventures.  We love to travel and do and see. But we also love our ordinary life at home. We aren’t trying to escape life or create a fantasy when we travel, we are simply exploring and celebrating. And I’m so glad to see these memories every day.

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