Out of My Head and Into My Closet

So in a couple weeks, I’ll be headed to Tulsa with Kristin and Taylor for Hanson Day.
We will be doing TONS of fun stuff: lectures from the band, bowling, eating yummy food, an after party….but the thing that I’m struggling with is picking an outfit for taking pictures with the band.
We get “group pictures” with the band.  We aren’t sure what that means yet.  Previously, they have done groups of 3-5 with the band for pics.  We would ideally love a picture with the three of us and the band.  But we aren’t sure how they are doing it.
But the hard part is WHAT TO WEAR.
I want something: cute, flattering, looks good in pictures, that I look good in, comfortable as I’ll be wearing it all day. I went to some shops yesterday looking at clothes and have some options.
My “style” (*If I have one!) is preppy, polished, with a hint of fun (think: statement necklaces, loud shoes), and lots of animal print.  I’m not sure why this is so difficult.  I have plenty of cute clothes in my closet…but something about not only meeting my boys, but having my picture made with them has sent me into a tailspin.
Do you like any of these?
White jean capris, a navy/white striped tunic with neon yellow/rhinestone trim.
A crochet/paisley top with jean capris and a long necklace.
Jean capris with a black t shirt, and a cute floral vest with a statement necklace.
Or…some entirely different because all of these options make me look like a troll?


  1. I absolutely love that third outfit. It’s so fun!

  2. I love the first one and the pop of yellow!

  3. I like the first one!!

  4. I like the first one too!!

  5. My vote is the first one with the Navy and Yellow- It says “Fun and Summer” “Comfy and Cool” as well as “Trendy and Cute” 🙂 Have Fun!

  6. Love the First One!!

  7. Love 1 and like 2!

  8. I vote for the first one too!

  9. This has been on my brain, too! I like the first outfit. 🙂

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