52 Week Update

52 Week Update

It’s the last week of her being a baby. Ok, not really. She’s still a baby. And she’ll always be my baby. But the last week of her first year.

We had so much fun.

On Saturday, she came with momma to work out. She does GREAT sitting in her stroller and watching us work out. It’s only 30 minutes and there is plenty to see.  She cheered me on!


Then we met Daddy for lunch while he worked. We love seeing him during the day! After lunch, he ran her up to dispatch to show her off. 

She is walking ALL over using her push toy (and anything else she can push). I call this stretch behind our couch the Remi Speedway. Back and forth and back and forth.  ALL DAY.

It was nice out, so we went to feed the catfish. She loved when the jumped in the water.

She got one last wear out of my favorite patriotic romper. And the jean jacket? I die.

Daddy was around more in the mornings the last few weeks waiting for his knee to heal up, and she loved seeing him in the mornings!

Grammy taught her how to climb stairs, and she’s putting that skill to use at our house too.

On Friday evening, Tyler was hunting and so I put Remi to bed.  She is usually so independent, but on Friday, she let me snuggle her.  We sat for 30 minutes rocking and praying together. It was special.


Earlier in the week, we were BACK to the doctor for the ear infection that won’t go away. She was happy and charmed the doctor (of course).  We did get an ENT referral for tubes.


And my crazy bed-head girl on her last day of being a baby. 🙂

“I think we should go separately, like the President and Vice President”

“I think we should go separately, like the President and Vice President”

While at the beach, we saw lots of boats pulling parasailers. Mom kept saying “I want to go!” I ignored her. I’m not a thrill seeker. The thought didn’t sound fun. At. All.

But Tyler pressed. He and his mom had been before. They loved it.

And somehow, one morning, we found ourselves at Chute for the Sky getting fitted for life vests.

I tried to get out of it. I did. I offered to stay behind with Remi. But oh boy! They had a lifevest to fit her and she could ride for free.

So off we went. I cried when the first couple went soaring up over our heads into the sky.

Then a few rounds later, it was our turn. I knew I would like it – when it was over.

I even told Tyler, “We should go separately. Like the President and Vice President don’t travel together.”

He laughed. And we got harnessed in. I held on white knuckled. And up we went!

800 feet of rope, 450 feet high.


They were going to dip us into the water, but we saw a TON of jelly fish below, so Tyler motioned for them not to get us wet.DSC_0174

Our moms went, and my thrill-seeking mama had the best time.


And they totally wanted a dip into the ocean. And they loved it.DSC_0327

I would go again. It was neat. But man, was it facing a fear!

Week 51 Highlights

Week 51 Highlights

Holy cow. We are in the home stretch of her first year.

When we got home from the beach, we just let her sleep in her clothes.  It was late- like 1:30 a.m., so it wasn’t worth changing clothes. When she woke up, we played on mommy’s big bed (because mommy needed more time laying down!)

We got ready for the day and she wore her OU dress! Boomer Sooner! 

We did end up at urgent care for us both. Thankfully they got us in quickly- but we both had ear infections. So we did some snuggling while we waited on medicine.

Because she wasn’t feeling great, she got to eat a popsicle after dinner. 

She felt much better Sunday and looked SO cute in her outfit. I’m sad that the weather is changing and these are the last wears on our favorite summer clothes.

After naps, I got a couple crackers for us both to snack on. Home girl took mine RIGHT out of my hand. Guess momma didn’t need a snack, huh?

She was a little fussy at bedtime- her temp went up a little and I knew she didn’t feel good. But man, playing her fave rap music makes her clap, even when she’s sick.

I laughed at this one- she was mad at me because I wouldn’t let her eat the dead bugs in the window track. Eye roll.  I cleaned them later that evening. 

Daycare put her hair up in pigtails, and she looked like a troll when I took it down!

She wore camo in honor of Daddy hunting for the first time.

I gave her pigtails on Friday morning. Not amazing placement, but it works. ha! She looks like she has antennae- which is appropriate since I call her Bug. 

She got to enjoy a cookie at school for Connor’s birthday. She was a fan!

Those were the week’s highlights. One more week until a birthday party!

Beach trip!

Beach trip!

We spent a very fun week in Orange Beach. Remington is a great traveler. She loved new sights, did great eating meals out, was flexible with her nap/sleep schedule and was a happy girl. I’m excited to take more trips with her!

Here are the highlights of our trip (sorry not sorry for a ton of pics!)

We had dinner when we arrived at The Shrimp Basket. It was SO GOOD. Remi got to try crackers for the first time and was a big fan.

When we got down to the beach the next morning, she HATED THE SAND. Like HATED IT. I was thinking “What have I done?” and I thought we were about to spend our vacation at the pool.

Daddy tried making her happy in the shade, but she was just staring at that scary sand. 

I had brought a kiddie pool, but was only planning on using it if the surf was rough. Thankfully, our moms walked to get it blown up and keep her sand-free…and she was MUCH happier there.

She loved the water. (except for the jellyfish that got us both…but thankfully it was a moon jellyfish and not a bad sting). This was her first time in the ocean!

We did manage some beach snuggle naps, which was nice to enjoy the sound of the waves while she slept.

We got ice cream one afternoon, and she didn’t love my cold ice cream, but she LOVED the cookie I gave her! My sundae had a key lime oreo on top, and she ate the whole thing!

We explored the pier, and enjoyed the view. Remi liked watching the boats go under the bridge!

One night after dinner, the grandmas put Remi to bed and Tyler and I went and did some crab hunting. We didn’t catch any, but had fun running from them.

Remi is in a “push everything around” phase which started at the beach. She loved pushing her pool out on the patio. 

She also played hide and seek with the curtains. Sweet sleepy bedhead!

One morning, mom and I walked to get donuts while Tyler and Nancy fished. It was a little warm (hence her sweaty head), but the donuts were GOOD.  Sister enjoyed a blueberry donut, and gave me this look when I told her half was all she could eat.

The second beach day was MUCH better. She was happy the whole time since we controlled for the sand.

More beach snuggles. 🙂

And such a happy water baby!

We celebrated Tyler’s birthday at the beach with a delicious cake from Publix!

The birthday boy requested sushi, which funny enough, is hard to find at the beach. There was a sushi place at the outlet mall- convenient since I wanted to shop! ha! It was rock and roll themed, and the menus were old albums.

Remi helped herself to Grammy’s fried rice! ha!

I went with Tyler and Nancy night fishing (well they fished, I watched) and this blue heron followed us around.

We enjoyed lunch on the beach at The Gulf one day. Remi loved all the birds that were gathered waiting for her to drop food.

And we also stopped by The Yard for milkshakes. It was an hour wait, but totally worth it! She was a trooper after beach pictures waiting for our milkshakes.

Our last beach day was picture perfect- great weather, calm ocean, and happy everyone!

Remi LOVED the hermit crabs that Tyler and I found. She wanted to play with them all.

Since the water was so calm and clear, we bought snorkels to explore the rock jetty. Saw LOTS of crabs and fish!

Our condo faced the sunrise, which was beautiful every morning. Our last morning it was particularly clear and lovely.

We had a great trip. The trip home was rough.  11 hour drive turned into 16 hours with car trouble and traffic. And me and Remi were both sick (ear infections) and were pretty miserable. We were pretty happy to get home!