Five Months Old

Five Months Old

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This happy girl is 5 months old! She had a check-up for her ear infection, so we got to weigh her. She weighs 15 lbs., 1 oz. I’m not totally sure of her length…I attempted to measure her at home and it was 25 inches.

She’s wearing size 2 diapers, 3-6 month clothing, and drinks 5 ounces at a time now! She is eating 4 tablespoons of cereal at night (probably 3-4 nights a week) and drinks around 6 bottles a day.

She is sleeping AWESOME. She is now sleeping through the night without any wakeups! We did a little sleep training to get her to fall asleep on her own without a paci and it’s been great. She sleeps 11-12 hours straight.

Still no teeth, but always lots of drool and chewing. I could have SWORN her bottom teeth were about to break through, but now don’t seem swollen at hard on her gums at all. Who knows?

She’s smiley and happy and bright eyed. Strangers always comment on her alertness.

She had her first time with a “babysitter” (it was her cousin, but it was the first time not with mom, dad, or a grandma) and she did GREAT.

Her first sickness was this month- an ear infection. It was tough with her fever and she was miserable (and sweet baby tried to play and be happy), but I’m thankful she takes medicine well and got over it quickly.

She talks ALL THE TIME. Lots of babbling and talking- in the car, in the crib, when we play, when she eats.

She lover her toys, especially the green oball, the jingle bell rattle, the dolly, and her pony.

She loves being outside. Walks are great for her- lots to look at and so many things to see!

She loves the jumper. She really gets going in there. It’s a saving grace to cook and eat while she plays. She also still loves tummy time and has quit rolling out of it because she doesn’t seem to mind it at all.

She is quick to giggle at lots of things. It’s so fun to make her laugh.

My favorite thing is she has a few really long hairs on the top of her head! It’s so sweet! I don’t want to cut them.

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Here’s to five months of fun with this baby girl!

Remington, you’ve taught me more about grace, selflessness and love in these last 5 months. I’m so glad you’re ours. We love you and your sweet giggle more than anything.


Week 21 Highlights

Week 21 Highlights

It’s the last week of month 4! It’s crazy how much she’s learning and growing!

She has shown an interest in feeding herself. It’s not totally conducive to actually EATING (since it makes a huge mess), but in an effort to encourage some independence, I’m letting her feed every third bite or so.

She’s just the happiest, most alert baby ever. Watches EVERYTHING closely. She was watching me get ready and was just having so much fun.

Busy girl before church playing in her jumper. She’s figured out all the toys on it and jumps like crazy.

Of course, she has a Hanson fan onesie. Tiny fan.

We had some mommy/daughter pics taken in a daffodil pic (Grammy joined in for a few after helping Remi look at the camera and smile). Our photographer (Jade Graves Photography for you locals) sent me a preview. I’m in love.

On to more fun with our girl! Here’s to week 22!

Week 20 Highlights

Week 20 Highlights

Holy cow. 20 weeks.  Where is time going?!

This week was mostly spent snuggling and pushing medicine since Remi had an ear infection. Despite all of that, she was a pretty happy girl most of the time. You could tell when she felt miserable, she was trying so hard to play and be happy. Sweet thing.

Mikey got in on some tummy time. The dogs love her, and she’s really starting to pay attention to them. I love it. All of my babies together!

We had an afternoon where it was 80 degrees (yes, in February!) so we took out the fishing boat. Remi liked being on the water.  She didn’t love her life jacket, though.  And she wasn’t so sure when the fish got too close. ha!

But I think we have a water baby on our hands. She loved looking all around. 

Me and my girl. I’m sure we will spend several days on the lake just like this over the summer.

At church on Wednesday, she slept during choir. Sweet girl. The choir members just eat her up.

Love this naked happy baby!

She LOVES tummy time. She is trying to scoot and grab toys. And of course, everything going in the mouth. 

And just like that, she’s 20 weeks old! Here’s a fun comparison.  20 weeks in, 20 weeks out.



Our first ear infection

Our first ear infection

My poor baby girl had her first ear infection. In fact, a double ear infection.

Last Saturday, she slept more than normal. And looking back, she touched her ears a couple of times during the day…but I sort of thought she had discovered her ears. During her afternoon nap, she slept a LONG TIME (which for this active girl is rare) and she cried out once. I should have seen it coming.

But late Saturday night, she woke up with fever and was pretty unhappy lying down. We spent most of the night sitting up on the recliner together. And Sunday morning, she was all smiles, even though she had fever.

I called the nurse hotline, but was pretty much told to manage her symptoms at home unless her fever got above 104…and just to see the doctor on Monday.

I posted on Instagram when her temp got to 103…and I’m so glad I did.

Even though her fever came down some temporarily, several friends texted me to say “Trust your mama gut.” I felt like I wanted to take her in, but since the nurse said to wait, we waited.

We played when she was feeling ok….

But then her temp went back up. I was afraid of her fever climbing in the night and ending up at the ER. So we went to urgent care instead.

For a Sunday night (when the other urgent care places were closed) during flu season, it wasn’t busy. MIRACLE! The doctor immediately said she had an ear infection, and she ws worried about dehydration since Remi had been refusing to eat.

I promised we would work to get her fever down and push fluids…so that’s what we did.

A cool bath on this sweet thing and we had another long night of sleeping in the recliner.

Her sweet rosy fever cheeks are cute, but I’ll be glad when she is feeling 100% back to normal (and we can all sleep in our beds!)