A Day at the Races

A Day at the Races

We spent the majority of our day in Hot Springs at the races, and it was the best day!

The weather was awesome, there were fun activities happening all around, and we just enjoyed ourselves so much!

We stopped to see the statue out front and a nice group of college boys took our picture for us.


When we walked in, Remi spotted the mascot horse walking around and we had to follow him to take a picture. I didn’t catch a smile from her in this pic (I was taking it quickly because the National Anthem was starting), but she was thrilled to see him!


Mom and Remi got food and I got a drink. Remi looked SO big just eating her own big piece of pizza.


Oaklawn tea for the win! Lemonade with sweet tea vodka.


I took Remi down to the fence for the first race and we had some special time. I told her all about coming here as a little girl with my parents, and told her all about grandpa and how he taught me about the horses.


My mom snapped this from behind. Love my girl. Thankful to share these special moments with her.


We made our way to the infield because it was open for the food truck festival. First stop were the bouncy houses! Remi had a blast.


Face painting is always a hit. I’m thankful when stuff like this is free (it all was!).


They also had a petting zoo, and she got to bottle feed a goat. She loved this.


We grabbed lunch at the food trucks and then went back to the stands to find Nene and Carl. Remi was SO excited to see Carl down with the horses, and so he came up to say hi to us.


She loved seeing Nene (and I know Nene loved showing her off), and then Nene got her a sweet stuffed horse- which was the same color as the horse we bet on- Cherokee Chatter- so that’s what Remi named her new stuffy. Love it!


It was the perfect day at the track!

Hot Springs Overnight Trip

Hot Springs Overnight Trip

We took a little overnight getaway to Hot Springs. It’s fun to go visit our family and hit our favorite places that we miss.

We left after work Friday, so we got in for a late dinner. We hit our fave spot on the water, Fisherman’s Wharf. Great as always! Remi loved all the fish on the walls, and she made her fish face all during dinner. She also loved feeding crackers to the ducks outside.


We crashed for bedtime and the next morning, mom went to get us cinnamon rolls from Will’s.  I sent her with a list of 5 (one per person) and she came back with 8. ha! So much for the diet!  We did end up bringing half of them home. They are SO good.


Remi went straight for the middle. Smart girl.


Hotel checkout wasn’t until noon, so we went for a morning swim. Remi was PUMPED. After the swim, we got ready and she took a little nap before we left for the day.


We hit the races (more on that later this week), and then we had dinner at Taco Pronto. It’s a quick service Mexican spot that we just love. It was a family fave growing up.

Then we met our entire family for ice cream at Scoops. Remi was initially so happy when Nene and Carl came, then she yelled “Mimi- your cousins are here!” When Cait and Gavin and Luke showed up. And Auntie and D got big hugs upon their arrival. It was waves of fun as they all got there.


We got home (like 11:30 p.m.) and then the time changed that night, so we were dragging Sunday morning. After church and long naps (thank you!), Remi played at home. She came out like this and said “I’m not Remi, I’m a PRINCESS!  Magic, magic magic” and she would yell spells at us with her wand.


Then at bedtime, she wanted a mommy horse ride, and Pippin jumped up too.  This life is always crazy.


I’m so grateful for family time together!

Wardrobe Words Week 2 Recap

Wardrobe Words Week 2 Recap

Week 2 has come and gone, and it was full of fun outfits!

Day 7: FREQUENT. For me, leopard print is a frequent thing in my wardrobe, so I wore my leopard cardigan. We went to the races, so I wanted something cute and comfy, and this outfit did the trick!


8. POWER. So enter, my power pants! I got these from Amazon and while they were different, I really liked them. I paired them with a floral, and it felt really bright and noticeable, which adds to the powerful feeling when you’re commanding attention.


9: MEMORY. I decided to go with an item that has a memory attached to it. I remember buying this sweater after Ouachita homecoming when I spent a day shopping around Hot Springs by myself. It was just a nice relaxing day where I leisurely shopped alone- which is a treat I never get to do these days, so it’s a happy memory. 🙂


1: STATEMENT. I went with a color that made a statement: my statement was I’m ready for Spring!  I didn’t get a pic of us all, but my coworkers wore very powerful patterns- a floral kimono and a fun elephant skirt!


11. ACCESSORY. I threw a headband on over my day-two hair…and Donna rocked some blue accessories!


12: THROWBACK. I went with a mod 60’s inspired look. I LOVE this dress from Anthro, but it’s loud, so I don’t wear it a ton. Like everything I’ve dug out of my closet for this, I got lots of compliments on it!


Paige wore the outfit she wore 4 years ago on her first day at work, and Donna wore a shirt from her previous job. A nice mix of throwbacks!

13: STRIPES. We all wore such cute stripe outfits on Friday!


14: OPPOSITES.  We went hiking for our anniversary, so I wore my camo leggings and my “Raise King Humans” shirt. It felt like opposites, to be kind and in war pattern. ha!


15: VINTAGE. This is my vintage Tri Chi pullover from college. I don’t remember which year I got this but it’s pre-2009, so it’s over 10 years old. One of the only items from college I’ve kept. I love this thing.


And just like that, it’s the end of wardrobe words. We are quarantined at home- working from home (so hello yoga pants!), trying not to spread COVID19. So I’m done playing dress up for now. 🙂


Stay well, friends.

Adventure Date

Adventure Date

Tyler and I had a Saturday night free- my mom and Caitlyn were keeping Remi. We debated going out, but we have two weekends with plans, so we didn’t really want to spend the money or the effort. ha!

So Tyler had the idea to go explore the woods near our house. He’s been down in there hunting (thanks to some neighbors who let him use their land), and he said it was neat. And it sure was!

We trekked almost 3 miles round trip, first through his hunting spots (looking for an arrow that he lost the last week of hunting season), and then we went down through old mining areas (our area was heavily mined in the late 1880s). You could see basins that were dug for water for the mining process.


But probably the neatest was the old mining railroad. The rail lines are long gone, but lots of old railroad ties are still littered on the sides, and the railroad is still built up. There’s even parts of a bridge left over the creek.


We walked for a ways down the tracks, looking for antler sheds, watching for tracks and droppings, and just enjoying the beautiful day.


When we got home just before dark, there was a lovely sunset! A perfect date night, even if it only involved a walk in the woods and leftovers from the fridge. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be perfect.