Back to the Theater

Back to the Theater

Pre-pandemic, mom and I went regularly to the theater to see touring Broadway musicals. We’ve had subscriptions in Fayetteville and Tulsa, but of course, we haven’t been to a show since all of this started.

We couldn’t believe it, but touring shows started back up, so we got to see a show! We usually had a day together- shopping and eating before the shows….and this time, we had to move our show to a weeknight because mom was leaving for the beach. I decided to take the day off so we could do our traditional shopping day….and we had a great time!

I took mom to Costco for the first time, and we had fun looking at all the neat stuff we can’t get at Sam’s!

We also had sushi at my fave Tulsa spot- Yokozuna! My favorite cocktail ever is there- the Hello Sumo Hello Kitty. Look at this cute tiger glass!

We were thrilled to be in the theater. We were seeing Escape to Margaritaville- the musical with Jimmy Buffet’s songs. We didn’t know many Jimmy Buffet songs, so we weren’t sure what to expect. But goodness! We LOVED it. So funny and quirky and creative!

The theater required masks, so we had to document this strange time. I would wear a mask in the theater time and time again if it means shows are back! We’ve missed being in an audience and experiencing a live show.

It may still be a pandemic, but we are grateful for a safe way to gather and enjoy our beloved Broadway shows!

Crowning the Next Queen

Crowning the Next Queen

The Fair pageant and talent show were a part of the county fair this year, after being cancelled in 2020. Remi had won Tiny Princess in 2019, so she was still the title holder. They invited her to help hand out awards, and she LOVED being on stage.

She picked out this whole ensemble, including necklace and bracelet.

She got to help with door prizes.

And the cutest was her putting the crown on the new little winner.

The queen that reigned with Remi was our sweet friend Faith (Remi’s first not family baby sitter!). We just love her and had to get one last pic of them together as sister queens.

She wanted to compete this year, but you can’t win back to back, so we are going to try our area fair. I’m sure we will be back here next year!

Fun at the Fair

Fun at the Fair

We visited our small little county fair, and we had a GREAT night!

We started in the Creative Arts building- where I had entered two bars of soap. I was SHOCKED to see that not only did one of my bars win a blue ribbon, but my watermelon soap won Best in Show!

Remi rode a ton of rides and had so much fun.

We watched the magic show, and it was great! They did some neat tricks, and they REALLY got Remi with some of them.

This was when he had put the beautiful dancer in a box and was shoving knives in the box. She was so worried.

But the girl was just fine. 🙂 After, they did face painting for her, and Remi got her picture with the amazing magic woman.

I even got in on the fun, riding the doggie twirl ride with her (most of our family can’t handle spinning rides!). We had fun giggling inside.

She likes to play some of the games, but the problem is that she wants to win a very specific toy and doesn’t understand that sometimes you win from the lower tiers. Well, enter this game that basically was a “pay for what you want” game. $5 for the little toy up to $20 for the big one. She was trying to win this big unicorn, so we all pitched in and gave $20 for her to play. Highway robbery, but you know, childhood wishes come true.

I love our little town. It’s so fun to see friends all over at the fair! We already can’t wait for next year.

Savoring Summer

Savoring Summer

Everyone may be going back to school, but it’s still a million degrees out, so we are holding on to all the summer we can get!

We have enjoyed lake and pool time, and a new favorite thing is going down to my mom’s neighbor’s dock to feed the fish. They have so many little perch, but also HUGE catfish. We love throwing them fish food and bread.

Our family came up for a pool party, and Remi made sure we were all outfitted with sunglasses and “sun scream.” She’s swimming AMAZINGLY and loved being in the pool with her cousins.

Cousin Gavin stayed at Mimi’s one week, and we went to the lake to play. We were going to ride the jet ski, but the battery was dead, so we just had a lake swim. Remi enjoyed picking up shells (mussel shells) from the lake.

Jumping off the paddleboard is also her fave thing!

Here’s to a long summer!