Cheering on our Friends

Cheering on our Friends

One of Remi’s best pals is Connor. I knew his momma from work, and at our birth class, we realized we had the same due date!

Turns out, Tyler went to school with his dad, too! And the kids go to daycare together. I love their little friendship.

So when she heard he was playing basketball, we had to go watch! They have everyone masked and distanced. It was nice to be there cheering for him.

She cracked us up, just yelling what the adults yelled.

I think he was excited to see her after. He ran up and gave her a huge hug!

It’s never too soon to learn the lesson that we cheer on our friends!

A Little Princess

A Little Princess

We are still in MAJOR dress up mode here, with princesses being the main choice.

Over Christmas break, we found some live Disney shows on Youtube- live Rapunzel and live Frozen.

Remi had to dress the part (complete with Frozen braid for Rapunzel’s hair….a broom and books).

And then she danced with daddy and I melted.

Cinderella also regularly makes an appearance here. I love her imagination and her love of dressing up!

Don’t ever grow up, Cinderella!

2020 Zoom Holidays

2020 Zoom Holidays

Since we couldn’t gather with everyone, we turned to Zoom many many many times this year.

And the holidays were no different.

On Christmas day, we zoomed with our Hot Springs family. Even though we were going to see them, my uncle Neil couldn’t have nursing home visitors, so we wanted to see him.

A CNA helped him open his gifts while we watched. I’m glad he still got a Christmas day.

Then my sister Paula organized a zoom holiday party with all their family and friends. She sent us a box with party supplies included cocktail ingredients!

It was fun to set up!

During the party, we made two cocktails all together, complete with cocktail shaking music. Very fun!

This was the whole party all together. People literally from coast to coast- California to Carolina!

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Like most things in 2020, our holiday was pretty low key, but we tried to make it special!

Remi and I set the table with all my Christmas china for Christmas Eve dinner. My mom made her yummy lasagna, and we made some yummy treats to go with it.

We enjoyed services at church….which were weird being masked (except for a photo op before the service). No real candles because we would have had to demask and blow to put them out. But battery operated candles aside, we got to hear about the miracle of Jesus and how much God loves us to send Jesus to us.

We let Remi open a gift from all of us, and she LOVED the big gift from us. (Of course, she picked the biggest gift to open first!). We got her a makeup vanity, and she’s been playing makeup for days since then.

And then Elsa joined us for dinner. She was so funny with her “pinkie up!” while drinking from the tea cups!

One big trend this year was hot cocoa bombs. My mom bought us some, and they were neat…but VERY rich.

Christmas morning was low key. Just presents and brunch. I didn’t even take any pics!

But then we started playing! Remi got a puppet theater, and she loved putting on a show for us!

We let her skip nap to play (though mom got to take a nap!), and then we just had leftovers for dinner. Very easy fun day!