Registering for Kindergarten!

Registering for Kindergarten!

The time has come to enroll Remi in Kindergarten!

She was a little confused about the process. She wanted to see her classroom or meet her teacher…but the enrollment was at the administration office. She did get to meet some teachers, but we don’t know who will be her teacher. Heck, right now, we don’t know which elementary school she will attend. We are zoned for the one WAY across town and have applied to school choice to the closer one.

We got there, did some paperwork, and then it was time for her assessment. She was excited to see a familiar face. Miss Jessica works at our church, and she did Remi’s assessment. She did great (at least what I heard)…they called Tyler and I away for more paperwork.

At the end, she got a little book that we read that night. It talked about things like music and art and PE and story time….and she was like “Wait? It’s not all paper work?” She got even more excited then knowing that FUN stuff awaits at kindergarten!

She’s going to love school. She’s growing up, and while it’s bittersweet, she’s ready. I just don’t know if kinder is ready for her!

Remi’s First Concert: Garth Brooks Stadium Tour

Remi’s First Concert: Garth Brooks Stadium Tour

When Garth Brooks announced he was coming to Fayetteville for his stadium tour, we all knew we wanted to go. That’s the problem when all 4 adults in our family want to do something: what do we do with Remi? Well, we decided to take her! We played LOTS of Garth leading up to the show so she would know it….and she turned out to LOVE a few songs.

We arrived separately. Mom and Remi came together (they had been to Hot Springs for some family fun while Ty and I camped), and Nancy brought us the truck to the campsite since ours died. We both had parking passes, but they were in different spots. Mom and Remi got right in, but we had some traffic. Some nice people also let mom and Remi cut in line getting in the stadium….we weren’t so lucky.

It took a little over an hour to inch forward toward the gate.

But they delayed the show a bit to allow for everyone to get inside.

We had two opening acts: Mitch Rossell and then Bobby Bones and the Raging Idiots. Mitch was good- Remi was VERY into his QR code when he would talk about it. She made us take a picture of it. ha!

Bobby Bones was hilarious. Remi thought his song “Hobby Lobby Bobby” was great.

Then Garth came out. Thankfully, his second song was Remi’s fave: Rodeo. She lit up and sang along. I LOVED watching her experience it. She even told me “I had a dream about this, mom!” It was so sweet.

There were 80,000 people, so it was a little loud. And it was late. And the lights were bright. It was a lot of input.

Remi wanted us to hold her through the show- which was fine. Toward the end she did lay her head down on me but she never slept. And MAN did she perk up when we called the hogs. It was so cute.

We did decide to leave at the end of his encore to beat the crowd. We knew getting out was going to be a nightmare between getting out of the stadium to out of our parking lot. Thankfully, we beat the crowd and got out easily. Remi was tired, but once we got back, we had a snack and got ready for bed. It was after midnight when she finally got to sleep (and she miraculously slept until 8:15 the next morning in the camper).

It was an EPIC first concert. I hope she never forgets the fun of that experience. And I think I’ve got myself a concert buddy for sure.

Anniversary/Family Camping

Anniversary/Family Camping

If you would have told me 12 years ago when we got married that I would VOLUNTARILY plan a camping trip for our anniversary, I would have laughed in your face. That was NOT my thing. However, thanks to Tyler’s (redneck) camper- it’s a cargo trailer he’s insulated and run electric to- I enjoy it. The fun of camping without the tent.

We were originally planning to get away to central Arkansas, but Tyler was on call during our open weekend. The weekend we had available was the Garth Brooks concert (more on that later), so we decided to camp in NWA and do the whole two birds/one stone thing.

We took Friday off and set out on Thursday evening. We HAD to stop at Kobe for sushi. It’s Tyler’s favorite.

We got our campsite all set up and it was GORGEOUS. Right on the water on Beaver Lake.

We spent Friday exploring. We went to Hobbs State Park and hit the gun range there. We’re on a mission to visit all of Arkansas’ state parks, and it was fun to experience something different like the gun range.

Then we found a SUPER fun hole-in-the-wall place for a pizza lunch, and then we drove out to the War Eagle Mill to explore and have dessert.

On our way back to the campsite, our truck died. Like stopped running while driving died. We had to problem solve quite a bit. Tow truck, find a quick lube to try and change the fuel filter…then to the dealership when that didn’t work. But then we had to get back to the campsite- and I was going to call an Uber…but we had our cooler, all of our firearms, and other things we had to take with us. We were like, I guess we will throw that in an Uber….but our tow truck driver was SO kind and took us back so we didn’t have to worry about all of that.

Since we didn’t have a vehicle, we spent Saturday chilling. Reading, hammock time, naps- it was GREAT. Nancy brought us a truck before the Garth Brooks concert, and then after the show, we brought Remi back to the campsite with us.

We packed up late Saturday because rain was expected….but thankfully it rained overnight and was clear on Sunday! We got to go scootering around, play on the playground and fish before heading out. A LOT of fun!

And this picture is why we love going camping- all the exploration and imagination outside! Tyler and I were finishing packing up and Remi was about to do the “I’m bored” routine….but I told her to find some special rocks….and she was searching and sorting and cleaning and learning. LOVED it.

After lunch, we went to Fast Lane and had a little arcade fun before we drove home! A super relaxing and fun family weekend!

Easter Excitement

Easter Excitement

We had a lot of super fun Easter activities leading up to the big day.

Remi got to go to her hunt at school. I can’t believe it’s her last one! They go to her teacher’s house and have a fun little outing. She picked out her own outfit and was looking great!

We hit up the big egg hunt at our local park the weekend before Easter. We got there a little early to let Puddin sniff around, and got to take a picture with the bunny!

Mimi and Gigi met us there and we had fun watching Remi fill her basket. She also found a prize egg and got to take home a big basket of goodies!

On Easter morning, she woke up to bunny prints and eggs in our yard! Puddin helped her find them- he even got an egg or two in his mouth! ha!

I was just getting over the stomach bug, so I wasn’t feeling awesome, but I sang at all three services. And I loved having my whole family at worship together!

We had a little Easter lunch with the grandmas, and then they helped Remi dye eggs (the vinegar smell was too much for me post tummy bug). It was a great Sunday celebrating that Jesus is ALIVE!