The Cavanal Killer

The Cavanal Killer

Back at the end of  February, my coworker Autumnn suggested we all sign up for the Cavanal Killer. It was scheduled for the end of our running clinic and seemed like a fun challenge- an 8k (5 mile) trek to the top of the “world’s tallest hill.” It’s like feet from being classified as a mountain (or so they say).

So we signed up. And then coronavirus happened, and our running clinic got cancelled.  But, the race didn’t!

They had the race with limited interaction (no bibs/timing), and people went in waves. So we did it!

It was BEYOND amazing to see these coworkers (and yes, we threw a bit of caution to the wind with some side hugs. We’ve all been isolating at home, so we used our judgement and found it acceptable).


At the startling line, we had already walked like a quarter mile from the parking area. ha!  I should have taken a pic, but you could see the top of mountain. And it looked SO far away. But off we went!


Tyler was a champ supporter.  Because of covid, you had to have your own ride back down the mountain (usually they bus people down), so he and Remi went up before the race started and played on top. I got a “go mom!” video and some pics during the race.


The race was HARD.  Thank goodness it wasn’t that hot because I might not have made it.  5 miles of incline. Some of the steepest inclines I’ve ever walked. Our legs were burning. We tried to just keep moving. Sometimes we turned and walked some backwards to give different muscles a break.

At mile 3.5, I had a mental dead spot and I was like “How am I going to do this?” But then at mile 4, we saw this and I got re-energized.


We saw this beautiful view, and it was crazy to think that we started down on that main road you see. We had crossed underneath the overpass.


When we got to the top, we saw all of the towers that we had seen at the bottom and along the way. We were so excited to be at the top, almost to the finish!


My sweet people were at the finish line (mom and Nancy had been about 15 minutes ahead of us). IMG_9933

We had walked most of the way, but we totally ran through that finish!


And after, let the photos begin! We earned a photo shoot of this view!


More than coworkers, friends. I miss seeing them every day. It’s amazing how these people become family.


I’m so proud of our moms. They did this, walking faster than me and my friends! (and our tiny cheerleader who loved shaking her pom poms!)


They gave the medals out at the beginning in our packets to avoid more contact, but I waited until the top to put it on!


With the height marker!


We conquered the Cavanal Killer!


Backyard Adventures

Backyard Adventures

With no where to go during this self-isolation time, we’ve been making a lot of fun in our own backyard. Literally.

Remi and Tyler have a new favorite thing to do together- 4 wheeler riding!  They’ve been riding down to the creek near our house and going on adventures-riding under the bridge, looking for snakes in the water! And when we go on long walks, they’ve been riding to visit us- which makes for a great break during the walk!


Warm Spring days call for water fun! This sprinkler was a favorite when she was more of a baby, but she still liked splashing in it!


On a Friday evening, we set up Camp Lee in the backyard. We roasted hot dogs and made s’mores for dinner!


Then she and daddy set up a tent and had a campout! We weren’t sure if she would actually sleep in there, but she did!


She was SO proud of herself when they woke up!  I’m glad they can have special time like this, especially after Tyler was “gone” for a month, self-isolating. They love each other so much and have memories to make up for!


Have you had any backyard adventures? Getting outside keeps us all sane and happy.

High Bank Twin Falls

High Bank Twin Falls

Another Saturday, another family adventure! This time we went back to the Ozark Natural Forest to go to High Bank Twin Falls.

You had to park at a canoe-put-in spot- and it was PACKED. The weather was super nice, and some state restrictions have been lifting, so LOTS of people were out.

We parked and walked across the street to hike.  We only saw two other groups in passing.

This was labeled as a “bushwhack” and not a hike in my guide book- and since there were spots where you were just making a way over rocks, I agree.  It wasn’t difficult at all, but there was no clear path at times.

We had to go over/under a couple trees, which Remi loved! “I’m KING OF THE WORLD,” she would yell!


I’ve had a couple people ask me how we get her to enjoy hiking.  We usually have 98% of the time where she’s excited. We usually have one small meltdown- this time it was over my walking stick that she wanted. ha!

We get her excited and keep her excited by allowing her to adventure as much as she wants. She climbs rocks, throws rocks into water, and we take our time with her. We usually let her set the pace.


About a half mile in, we came to these AMAZING huge falls!  I could see how these might dry up when it’s not wet season, but the river level was high nearby, so everything was flowing well.


You can get a little perspective in this photo with mom and Gigi over to the side.


Since no one was around, I had LOTS of time to set up my phone for a self-timer pic. I used a branch and a rock. ha!


After our hike, we moved our car from the VERY crowded canoe area and found another road to the water. It wasn’t super nice- it was pretty grown up and wild, but we had our picnic back there and let Remi splash in the water.  We saw a crawdad and some fish and enjoyed our time back there.

Remi LOVED watching all of the canoes and kayaks coming by.


She napped on the drive home- par for the course with these adventures. We wear her out and then have a quiet drive home!


Little Artist

Little Artist

Remi loves to color, but she’s more of a scribbler. We aren’t pushing “coloring inside the lines” or anything. I know those things will come.

But like overnight, she started drawing!

She made these little people! She said they were her teachers- Miss Jennifer…and she made another one that was Miss Margaret!


And then the next morning, it was overcast, so she drew a sunshine to bring out the sun!


Mostly just sharing this to remember our little artist and how she came to this all on her own time. Can’t wait to see what she creates next!