Sweet Moments

Sweet Moments

Just recapping some sweet moments we’ve been having lately.

Remi LOVES this Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit book set that was mine as a little girl.  I remember reading through each of these tiny books, and I love how much she already loves them.  I have to tell her to be a little gentle with momma’s special books because they are a little fragile due to their age.


She wore her Cat in the Hat shirt for Dr. Seuss week, and she was SO EXCITED to show it off to her teachers and friends. It was so sweet!


If you know us, it will come as no surprise that we have regular evening dance parties.  She’s been wanting to use her “stool step” (step stool) for a stage.  And recently, she added the flashlight to the mix.  This particular night, she made me and Daddy take turns on the stage with the big light.


She’s getting a little pickier about her clothing- protesting some items sometimes.  This particular day, she didn’t want to wear this pant/skirt combo…until I called her Princess Unicorn. Then she was ALL about that twirly skirt!


She’s so much fun!  I thought 18mish was my favorite spot, but I’m loving where we are now.

Pioneer Woman Dinner Party Potluck

Pioneer Woman Dinner Party Potluck

I absolutely LOVE when our home is filled with family and friends. Like few things bring me more joy. Just looking around at every seat in our home filled with people I love- it’s wonderful.

While we have family dinner pretty regularly, having friends over feels different. We’ve done holiday parties- but they can be work. Good work, but work nonetheless.

I make all the food, clean the house from top to bottom and drag out matching dishes.

Well, I decided enough is enough.  My friends don’t need perfect.  We just want to get together and enjoy each other. So I vowed to make it happen this year.

I scheduled a potluck (so I didn’t have to cook ALLLLL the food) and picked a theme: Pioneer Woman recipes! Everyone LOVED trying new things and the food was delicious!

I made some chicken spaghetti, olive bread, carnitas pizza (which was one of the faves of the night), malted chocolate chip cookies and cherry limeade.  Friends made loaded potatoes, mac and cheese, strawberry oatmeal bars, blueberry tarts and peach dumplings (two other faves!). It was a DELICIOUS meal….but it was also just SO FUN to all be together, let our kids play and enjoy the company.\

Side note: seriously, my friend Staci’s peach dumplings were AMAZING. Make them! https://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/peach-dumplings/ 

We sort of split up into three areas for the meal: our dining room, kitchen and we set up a table in the living room (moving our coffee table)….and it was great.  The kids played outside (yes, in the cold….we loaned out lots of jackets and gloves) before dinner and even after in the dark (flashlights are fun toys, it turns out!). And we just loved each other.

Not to harp on this, but I didn’t do much more than a little cooking, setting up the table and vacuuming. I didn’t scrub toilets.  I didn’t clean ceiling fans.

No one cared. We had fun anyway (maybe more fun because it wasn’t “perfect”).

We sort of verbally committed to doing it again in April.  I think we may have a brunch theme next time.  Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?  I’m committed to us keeping this up. Not a flash in the pan. Let’s open our homes, serve each other and invite each other in.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be fancy.  We can all bring dishes, in our comfy clothes and messy houses and just BE together.

A Tiny Girl Gang

A Tiny Girl Gang

Me and some of my sweetest friends made plans to take our girls to a Razorback Gymnastics meet….then one friend had to go out of town for family emergency business. And she HATED for her daughter to miss the meet- so I volunteered to keep her for the weekend so we could all go!

So we loaded up this tiny girl gang (so aptly named after Tara snapped this sassy pic of them!) and headed to Fayetteville. We stopped at Newk’s for a yummy quick dinner (though is anything quick with two toddlers and a preschooler?)

We had to park a little ways a way for the game, so we were all a bit ready to sit down from carrying toddlers or walking (sweet Lillian thought it was a LONG walk and it was!)

We were ready to cheer on the hogs (well, most of us. Lil was for LSU). There was the band, the cheerleaders, the mascots and all the gymnasts.  It was a lot to take in- and when it’s like that, Remi gets really stone faced taking it all in.

The girls were entertained more by the cheerleaders than the gymnasts! ha! (Which, TBH, it was set to music and a troupe of people instead of just one at a time)

We called the hogs- Remi’s first time at a Razorback sporting event! Wooooooo pig sooie!

It was princess and superhero night at the meet- they encourage families to come. Tara and I totally stole the crowns for a bit.

We went down to the concourse (which was a mistake- they just wanted to walk around after this) and got face painting and make GO HOGS GO signs. It’s fun that they have all of this for the kids.

Lillian waited in line and got a watermelon face tat…

And Remi decided she needed one while Lil was in the chair, but I didn’t want to cut in line for the girls waiting- so I asked the lady if I could just do a quick heart and she let me use her brush. Remi was happy.

The gymnasts were so good! When I was a TA in grad school, the gymnasts were my favorite students. They were always nice, polite and dedicated.

Lillian has watched LSU gymnastics on TV and she’s seen their yellow pom poms. She wanted one BAD. They don’t sell them (maybe they do at their own meets) but I found a section of family cheering on LSU and asked them for an extra. They happily gave me one for the biggest little LSU fan. The girls all shared it so nicely.

After the meet, they let the girls (and boys) on the mat to dance. These two ATE IT UP. Lillian kept backing into the corner like she was about to do a tumbling pass.

They slept well, even though we were home late and then we played at home ALL DAY LONG.

They played outside….

And we made and ate cookies. YUM!

It was fun to have a little house guest- and sweet Remi keeps asking to go pick Lillian up again. We are going to have to play together again soon!

Jenga Crazy

Jenga Crazy

We recently got our own set of Jenga blocks and we’ve been having a blast with them!

A little reminder that having games around means PLAYING games more! We don’t own a ton of games (we’ve been a family of 2 and just haven’t had an opportunity/desire to play much) but Jenga is great because any group can play!

We broke it out at a family night….

Which obviously stressed my mom out! ha!

And then we’ve played just us at home (Remi likes to patiently watch- she’s just not able to really play yet).

Tyler and I got this crazy base going with 10 single blocks.

Once we play, we let Remi play and have been teaching her about the domino effect using the blocks!

What games do you and your family like playing?