Life Lately

Life Lately

I’ve been a little behind on posting, but life has been going. Fast.

Between work, school, church, and life stuff, it feels like I hardly have time to stop and breathe.

But we are still having fun!

Remi girl got to go on her first tractor ride!  When we got back from Oklahoma, a neighbor was working in our pasture (long story, but we let them use our pasture for cows and hay since we don’t use it). She was watching him out the back door, so Tyler took her out there and asked our neighbor for a ride.

She was a little unsure, but I think she liked it.

She’s giving kisses ALL THE TIME.  Kissing her play pup pup (which made our poor dogs hide- they didn’t want all the lovings)

And she looked adorable before church.  She’s getting so big and we try to let her be independent- walking outside instead of being carried, etc.  She was enjoying exploring before church.

We got a little after nap snuggle time, and I got lots of kisses.

And apparently, she kisses kids at school. ha!  This is Beau, her favorite little boy to kiss.

And y’all.  She’s a monkey. Into everything. EVERYTHING.  Before church one morning, she was trying to climb this tub.  Oy.

Crazy girl! But just learning and growing so much.

Low Carb Baked Sub Unwich

Low Carb Baked Sub Unwich

I love a good nice sandwich, but eating low carb means no bread.  While there are some good substitutes for biscuits and sliced bread….I’ve yet to find any sub sandwich style low carb substitutes (lots of S’s there).  I wanted the flavor of a warm sandwich without the carbs.

It’s not pretty, but it’s yummy!  Tyler (who doesn’t eat low carb) and my mom (who does) both enjoyed this.

You can also customize this however you want.


  • 16 slices deli ham (make sure it’s not honey ham, watch the carb count!)
  • 16 slices deli turkey
  • 8 slices cheese (I used swiss)
  • sliced dill picked (I used Clausen’s- found in the deli meat section)
  • Some sort of mustard/mayo or both – I used a garlic aoli mustard
  • Italian seasoning
  • You could also used sliced tomatoes, onions or even lettuce, or other deli meats like pastrami or roast beef.  Make it your own!

Layer the ingredients like lasagna in an 8×8 pan!  Mine was: ham (8 slices, sort of doubled up), Italian seasoning, cheese, mustard, pickles, turkey (8 slices), Italian seasoning, cheese and repeat (except I put the last slice of cheese on top). It made 2 layers.  You can do more if you want.  Bake at 350 until bubbly and melty!  Makes 4 servings.




After a night in the hotel (bless, Remi girl had trouble settling down in a new environment and woke up in the night…so she got to sleep with mommy and daddy a bit), we enjoyed a really great breakfast in our hotel.  Like, amazing cinnamon rolls.  Seriously.

Then we had a little time to kill, so we went by Trader Joe’s. #TJFANFOREVER

Then we drove around a bit because little bit fell asleep.  But we ended up at the Oklahoma Aquarium!

We went straight back to the Ozarks exhibit because it was almost time to feed the otters and beavers.  Remi was so into the animals and fish.  It was getting a little crowded in that area because of the feeding, so she was getting mad we wouldn’t let her down. ha!


Side note: people went NUTS over her mermaid leggings.


She LOVED all of the exhibits.  We watched the touch tanks, but she was too tiny to reach in.  This was at the stingrays.


Her two favorite things were the shark cage and the ramps in and out of the shark exhibit. ha!

(I love that you pay money to take them somewhere and they find such joy in the things that “don’t matter.”)  But we let her play for quite a while here since he was LOVING it.  (Also, is she climbing? I didn’t think so.  I think the sign behind was just so you didn’t try to climb to the top- it was like 15 feet tall).


We bought some food and fed some fish and the turtles.  She liked that a lot, too.


There were several little areas to crawl and explore- it’s such a great aquarium.  This was a tunnel into a tank, and Gigi got a pic of her inside!  She’s fearless.  Just goes right in.  In one tunnel, she encountered a little boy, probably 8 or so.  He wouldn’t move, so she started hitting him!  I yelled at her to be gentle- and so she kissed him! ha!


She LOVED Sea Turtle Island. It was a huge, bright tank with lots of bright fish.  It also had a great area playing Caribbean music- which she’s a fan of.


After the aquarium, we grabbed a quick lunch and headed home.  Such a fun memory with our family!



I took my last two vacation days of the year (my year rolls over Mid-March, so it was time) to go visit some fun spots in Oklahoma.

The whole fam took a little road trip to the Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile in Pawkuska and to the Oklahoma Aquarium in Tulsa.

When we set out, we got a good laugh because mom and Nancy were sort of matching in the back seat.

We set out pretty early and ended up stopping at Bass Pro to give Tyler some fun. We got there a few minutes before they opened, so we played outside on the rocking chairs.

The result of asking “How big is Remi?”  SO BIG!


I’m in love with this sweet outfit.  She looks precious.  And since the Pioneer Woman’s family are cattle farmers, it was very appropriate.

The Mercantile is a beautiful building on Main Street in Pawhuska.  We were there at noon on a Thursday, and it wasn’t busy at all.  It was a GORGEOUS day for February- in the 70s and sunshine.  A little windy, but not too bad for Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain.

Sweet Tyler waited in the lunch line while we looked around.  It only took 20 minutes or so to get a table.  Lunch was great!

We split the nachos and then got these entrees that were all great: fried chicken sandwich, chicken fried steak and spicy Caesar salad.  Tyler got the brisket which was NOT good- it was tough. I’ve made her brisket recipe before, and the flavor was good but the meat was so tough. Otherwise, it was all great.

Remi LOVED the mashed potatoes.  She went in for handfuls at a time.

After lunch, we shopped around the store.  There are housewares, gifts, clothing, jewelry, books and more.  We bought a little bit of everything.

Then we went upstairs to the coffee shop and bakery. It’s much quieter up there. Lots of seating and open windows.  We got several treats to try and they were YUMMY (we waited until later to eat most of them).  My favorite was a blueberry crunch croissant….but the cookies, blondies, knock you naked brownie and pecan sticky bun were all so good.

Tyler couldn’t wait to try his cookie sandwich. It was the size of his head!  All of the desserts were amazingly not too sweet but still very rich and decadent.

Since it was so nice outside, we decided to walk around town. There are a lot of little shops (which one owner said are booming and growing thanks to the traffic from the Merc).  One shop had these two dogs- and Remi was in HEAVEN.  She loved the pup pups…and all the store owners were so nice to us.

When we got to the hotel in Tulsa, the fun didn’t stop!  Remi got a ride around in a luggage cart and then she played some energy out in the room.

We had a great day the next day.  Watch for Part 2 this week!