Summer Farmers’ Market

Summer Farmers’ Market

I’ve been setting up at the our little local Farmers’ Market, and in August, Remi decided she wanted to set up with me and sell her artwork. She’s talked about it for a while, but she finally was motivated enough to sit down, draw several things and commit to being out there with me all day.

I got all set up, and then we got her little table ready.

She was SO excited. She’s pretty confident, and a little forward with her selling…but most people were supportive of a young entrepreneur. She sold several pieces that day and was quite proud of herself!

It’s a fun day to see our friends and local community members and sell some of our crafts.

Summer is Coming to an End

Summer is Coming to an End

We’ve tried to pack in a lot of fun this summer!

Tyler won us some tickets to Dierks Bentley in NWA, so we headed up to the concert and decided to stay the night and take Friday off for a date day!

We were REALLY surprised by the concert. It was SO fun. And we really enjoyed the lawn seats (which we were surprised by!). Friday, we slept in, went shopping and ate some good food!

Puddin is in full puppy mode. Chewing and stealing toys….figuring out his bark and aggression (we say his chihuahua is showing). But he’s a sweet boy! We are loving him in our family!

We’ve been doing lots of swim days at Mimi’s pool. And thankfully since our vacation when Puddin stayed at Mimi’s with her dogs, they all play and get along….so we get to bring him with us! We all enjoy our pool days!

I try to take him on walks as much as I can….and with it being so hot, mornings are the prime walking time before the road gets too hot. Remi has enjoyed joining us on the weekends. She loves running with him- and BOY can he run!

She and I got a fun weekend together when Tyler went to work on the deer lease. We had a lot of fun, including plenty of “airplane” fun!

More Summer Fun

More Summer Fun

Just saving our summer fun memories!

Remi really enjoyed her last summer at daycare (well, she will probably return next year as an elementary student…but last full-time summer there). They had a fun princess party day, and she was in FULL Elsa gear!

She’s been VERY excited about getting stronger for gymnastics (side note: she “leveled up” by passing her first skills test!)…so she’s been joining me for my workouts. I’ve moved my equipment to the bathroom and we’ve been working out in there.

Tyler got a new fishing kayak, so he’s been on the lake quite a bit this summer. I went out one evening with him for a little fishing date night.

Remi completed the summer reading program at the library, and she got several prizes. One she was very excited about was a make-your-own-pizza kit from Papa Murphey’s. We had fun making it together.

Remi’s First Big Musical!

Remi’s First Big Musical!

We’ve taken Remi to some local theater, but we decided to try out our first touring Broadway show when Anastasia came to town.

I’ll be honest….it may not have been the best show to try. It was GREAT, but a little slower paced. But she really enjoyed it.

We had a fun day in Tulsa together- lunch and a little shopping. While the musicals are fun time for mom and I to spend together, it was fun to bring Remi into the mix!

A little later in the summer, we saw Annie at our local theater, and she LOVED that. We are taking her to the Frozen tour in October, and she’s gonna just LOVE that.