Weekend Getaway to the Mountains

Weekend Getaway to the Mountains

Tyler and I recently took a weekend trip to one of our favorite spots- a cabin a little over an hour away.

He suggested we take this trip a couple of months ago- and I was so glad he did. It’s easy to get bogged down in the daily stuff- who is picking up the baby? Did you take the trash out? What time will you be off work today? – So making time for some fun and connection is important.

I actually took the Friday off work so we could have a three-day weekend. We slept in (as much as Remi would allow), I took her to school and worked out and then we hit the road.

We went to lunch at Cafe Rue Orleans in Fayetteville and we were SO SURPRISED at this giant plate of fried crawfish- it was the appetizer portion. WOW! So good.

After lunch, we did some shopping. I went to a boutique and he went to a pawn shop. Typical us.

We hit Whole Foods to grab some groceries for the cabin and then headed down the mountain to check in.

We relaxed a bit and then went back to NWA for the Naturals baseball game!  It was a hot July, but the weather was not too bad- barely hitting 90 and a good breeze.  We enjoyed dinner and the game, and then the fireworks!

Saturday morning, I woke up and watched some of the sunrise over the mountain. Then we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast cooked by our host.

After breakfast, we headed to Devil’s Den to hike. On our drive in, we saw this little deer. So sweet!

Tyler did a little fishing (no bites, but some fun trying!)


Then we hit the trails for like a three mile hike.  It started getting pretty warm back in the woods, so we finished before lunch and then had a picnic before heading back to the cabin.

Before we left, Tyler got a float from the snack shop at the park. We joked it was a “float weekend” because I had one the night before at the baseball game.

We took a nap and then went to our favorite swimming hole to cool off. The water was warm but nice, and even though it was busy there, we enjoyed swimming and floating.

Tyler wanted to do some fishing in the river, but since the swimming area was busy, he wanted to walk a ways to find a good spot.  We walked like 100 yards past the dam and found this GORGEOUS spot.

We had some cool experiences down there. Tyler fished and got a few bites. I sat on a rock and watched the birds and fish. And then a deer ran down the bank and across the water to the other side. It was neat to watch.

We had a great dinner at a Mexican restaurant near the swimming hole and then came back to the cabin to watch movies.

Sunday morning, we had another great breakfast. Janice outdoes herself! Those cinnamon rolls and french toast were delicious. She definitely fueled us for another fun morning.

We went to Lake Fort Smith and rented a tandem kayak, spending like three hours on the water.  We boated around and Tyler fished while we explored. It was great and gorgeous.

On our way home, we got sushi and then met up with mom and got our girl.

It was a fantastic weekend away. I’m so thankful for my husband and our time together.

New Goal: 5K PR

New Goal: 5K PR

Years ago I tried to be a runner. I tried really hard.  I did 13 races in 2013. And I did fully run a few races, but I didn’t love running.

I still don’t.

However, I do love fitness, and being in better overall shape now should equate to easier running.

So, I have a new goal of breaking my 5K running time of 34:50.  It’s not that impressive. I’m not fast by any means. But I think with a little training, I could hit that 11.5 minute mile time.

So there’s some steps to take. First step is to actually run more.  I’m signing up for a 5k in a month, so I want to do 2 runs each week.  That might mean going after dinner with the family, or that might actually mean running at work on the treadmills at lunch.

The first step is the next 4 weeks of training. I might recap week by week my fitness to update.  I also need to prioritize foam rolling and stretching, as my IT band can cause me issues. So I’ll be sure to do that. I will have to see how much speed progress I can make with the stroller. I would love to PR with Remi in tow, but I may have to ditch the stroller to reach it.

I may not hit the PR at the 5k in a month, but with fall around the corner, there will be a TON of local races to attempt it at. It’s not a big deal to add a couple runs a week to my schedule. Let’s do this.

Family Matters

Family Matters

We are so lucky that most of our family is nearby.  My family is only a couple of hours away and Tyler’s family is the next town over. And our moms both live here, so Remi girl gets PLENTY of family time.

We’ve spent some evenings down by the pond, and when the grandmas are over for dinner, we love to take them to the pond with us. And lucky for Remi, one of the grandmas ends up carrying her MUCH more than momma or daddy would. Spoiled, much?

We’ve also made some extra trips to see Tyler’s grandpa lately. We love to go over there, and we’ve had some extra free time.  Remi likes to sit on the “rumble seat” in the middle of the couch console. She ate her dinner with grandpa and Gigi while watching something we don’t have at home- the rodeo channel.

She likes to play with Papa’s phone. HELLO?! Papa thinks it’s really funny.

And she also loves two things you see in this picture.  That dog statue behind her. She will drag it out and try to feed it. And she also LOVES Papa’s boots. Trying to walk in them (and tumbling around on the floor) make for really fun entertainment.

Our Funny Girl

Our Funny Girl

In this week’s Remi adventures, she’s been doing some funny things.

My FAVORITE is that I taught her all about watching cookies bake.  I don’t know if it was something I started doing on my own as a child or if my mom simply wanted me to be still and quiet for a while, but I’ve always love sitting and watching stuff bake. (Am I alone in this? Or do you do it too?)

We made some break and bake cookies and I showed her how to watch them.  It held her attention for several minutes while the cookies spread and puffed up.

She’s SO funny in the mornings.  She demands “I play!” often while we get dressed.  Or most mornings she walks right past the car and wants to “Cheese!” (which involves walking around the house on the sidewalk, sitting on the step and posing.

This morning, she saw the horses across the street (the ones that are ALWAYS there) and gasped, “Momma! Horses!”

This is a “Cheese” request picture.  That cheese face, y’all.

And one day, she kept saying “Book! I read!” before nap time.  She does love books, but I’m pretty sure she knew we were winding down for naptime and wanted to delay it. She knows I very rarely say no to one more book.