Week 50 Highlights

Week 50 Highlights

Most of this week included our beach trip, which will be a separate post…but here are a few fun things.

Remi is LOVING the sliding glass door at home.  She can stand up (and leave tiny handprints which I love) and see outside. She loves when the cows are nearby.


She did really well on the trip to the beach. Girl’s a trooper.  I can’t wait to see more of her personality as she grows. I think she’s gonna be an eternal optimist. She seems already to make the most of the situation. She did take some naps on the way down, and momma got some time to just study this sweet face.

Sister showed her personality all over our beach trip. More highlights in the beach post, but here are some funny Remi pics.

She was full of it when we arrived for dinner. She also discovered crackers for the first time at this meal. She’s a fan.

She also got to eat a cookie while momma and the family ate ice cream. Also a fan. (She has to learn early that vacation means eating more “sometimes” foods than normal)

We walked to get donuts one morning while Ty and Nancy went fishing. She got a little sweaty on the walk, but she loved their blueberry donuts! (She only eats half a donut. I don’t feel bad about it. Judge me if you want). This was her face when I said “That’s all of the donut you get. Enjoy!” ha!

We had lunch outside at The Gulf and she loved watching the birds. I just loved this crabby outfit!

Check later this week for our beach recap!

Week 49 Highlights

Week 49 Highlights

Officially 11 months old this week! And just the busiest bug ever!

I came home from Cleveland to a big girl who could stand for like 10-15 seconds without assistance. That balance is coming in strong. (She is also OBSESSED with her hair brush.)

Daddy now has to share all popsicles.  He gave her a taste and now she follows him around when he has one! ha!

She wore her first Razorback outfit for game day. Too bad we lost, but we had the cutest little fan.

We did some shopping and running around on Saturday, and when we got home, she was sleepy. I love my snuggles!

Sunday, she wore a summer outfit that we are just now fitting into. Gotta get them in before fall hits! ha!  She looked like she was throwing a gang sign.  Too funny.

She LOVES her walker. Daddy helps her turn and she goes ALL OVER the house. And giggles when daddy chases her! SO much laughter. She loves being chased now. She will crawl away, but keep looking back to see if we are following her. Then she laughs SO BIG.

This girl is ALWAYS moving.

She is proud of herself when she gets into things she shouldn’t. We have a mischievous thing on our hands.

A fun week together for sure!

11 Months Old

11 Months Old

To quote one of my favorite musicals, Rent, “How did we get here?” I can’t believe it’s the home stretch on this first year. I’m feeling it. There are days I just squeeze her tighter and smell her baby smell (can I make her use baby shampoo until she’s a teenager so she always smells this way?). And there are days I’m so proud of how she’s growing and learning and can’t wait for more.

This month she weighs 19.5 lbs (we were at the doctor about a week ago – ALL THE EAR INFECTIONS) and she was just over 19 lbs, so I’m sure we are halfway to 20 now. She’s still hanging steady at 27 inches or so.  She’s still solidly in size 3 diapers. I tried moving her up and the 4s were too big. She’s wearing anywhere from 3-6 month clothing to 12 and even a few 18m things. Her pajamas are now solidly 12m (except the feet are HUGE ha!).  She can wear size 2 shoes or 6-9m shoes. But she likes chewing on her shoes, so we don’t wear them foten.

She is still eating 5 bottles a day, but she’s sort of weaning herself as there are a couple bottles she doesn’t finish completely. She eats great. The only foods she doesn’t go to town on are eggs and bell peppers- otherwise she LOVES all food. She loves meat, berries, green veggies, pasta, cheese…girl loves her food. Still not very interested in sippy cups but loves straw cups.

She still hasn’t had any issues at drop off (school or church) and loves going to people. She is happy as long as other people are around. Her sweet teachers say she’s just a joy (and we would agree!)

She gives high fives now, which is ADORABLE. She can throw/roll the ball and is playing with the dogs and their toys. She LOVES the dogs. She gets so happy when they come in to wake her up in the mornings.

She pulls up on everything and even free stands for several seconds at a time. LOTS of babbling. She still just says mama, baba, dada, and up. No new words yet.

Her favorite toys are balls, her dolly and her play table. She spends LOTS of time walking around it and playing with everything. She’s bobbing to the music more now, too, which I love.

Still just 6 teeth, but her doctor thinks her molars are coming through. I dunno, but I do feel one lower and one upper hard under her gums. She still loves getting her teeth brushed.

She loves when she lays her head down on us and we say “Aw, so sweet!” She’s realized that’s a bit of a game. She also still loves physical play- upside down, tickling, movement.

Strangers always comment about her beautiful eyes, how observant she is, and her sweet smile.

She is just the most fun. We love every moment with her.

Her nicknames include: RG, Remi, Roo bug, Bug, Bunny. Narrowing them down. ha!

Remington, I can’t believe in a month you’ll be 1! We will cherish this last month of babyhood but we look forward to you growing and becoming who God made you to be. You are the light of our lives. We look forward to your sweet smile when you wake up, your silliness, and watching you experience life. We are so proud of you and are so thankful you’re ours.

Week 48 Highlights

Week 48 Highlights

This week was a little harder than most because I was gone for a work trip for 3 nights. Remi did great with daddy and the grandmas, but it was hard on momma being so far away!

Before I left, we had a fun weekend! We went to the lake to swim with our women’s ministry!

Me and my water bug.

The water was a little cool, but she still loved it!

We all had a picnic lunch together, and everyone loved her little camping chair. ha!

Of course, we took some silly pics to send to daddy one morning…

And before church on Sunday, I tried to get pics of this active girl!  Look at that balance!


I finally had to hold her to get a pic. So silly!


I loved her and Pippin playing together. They are gonna be the best of friends!


She gave daddy BIG smiles at dinner one night.

And then I left town, but everyone kept the pics coming.  She spent one night with Gigi and enjoyed breakfast at the big table.

My silly girl.

Daddy sent me this pic one morning.  I kindly reminded him to brush her hair and put pants on her. ha!

She’s so wide eyed and wonderful. Love.

Picking her up at school Friday was the best. She was SO EXCITED to see momma. I am glad to be home!