Big Cedar Part 3

Big Cedar Part 3

Besides visiting all the pools, we also made a couple of trips to Big Cedar beach. It was a little rockier than I remember (not so much sand, but more gravel), but we didn’t let that stop us!

Remi LOVED swimming in the lake.

And one afternoon, we took out their paddleboats and kayaks. We paddled all the way to the waterfall- and Remi jumped in to swim a couple of times, too!

Mom and Nancy rented paddleboards, too!

Even though it wasn’t real sand, Remi wanted to be buried in the pebbles. It’s as close to the beach as we are coming these days!

We went to Fun Mountain and rode go karts (no pics of that because we all rode). Remi wasn’t totally sold on the go karts, but she was brave and rode with Mimi.

Me, Mom and Nancy also did the outdoors ropes course. Mom and Nancy did something similar last summer in St. Louis, but I wanted in on the fun! It was three levels high, and each one got more technical. I was scared and it was difficult, but I had been encouraging Remi all week to be brave….so I kept going and made it all the way through to the top zip line! It was fun!

We got in one last evening swim before we left! They were cracking us up playing alligator- zipping around the kiddie pool on their hands and knees.

Big Cedar Part 2

Big Cedar Part 2

We enjoyed taking advantage of all that Big Cedar had to offer!

We enjoyed THE BEST weather while we were there. It was highs in the low 90s (instead of the over 100s that we have gotten since then!). We went for an early morning game of putt putt.

Tyler is such a patient teacher.

And it paid off! She got a hole in one! Her first one! She was so proud!

Then we enjoyed kids fishing. They give them worms and fishing poles and let them have fun.

Remi and Ty caught one! A little sun fish. She was so excited!

The restaurants around property are so good. One of our faves is Devil’s Pool- and we loved getting dressed up one night for dinner. We walked over to the waterfall area, and some people were kind enough to take a picture of our whole family. Including our little model- she’s all about the poses!

So beautiful! We bought her dress (and mine) in the gift shop. They had boutique clothes and she was all about it being “expensive.”

I’ve got more to share….so one more Big Cedar post coming!

Big Cedar Vacation

Big Cedar Vacation

We had originally talked about taking a road trip to the East coast for our vacation, but with the rising gas prices combined with my dad’s passing when I was needing to start planning….I decided to stay closer and go a bit easier. We got a cabin at Big Cedar Resort just south of Branson for a week….and it was PERFECT.

We just love our time at Big Cedar. It’s relaxing and fun. There’s plenty to do- pools, lazy river, arcade, putt putt, events….and we snuck off property for a couple of days, too.

I’m breaking the recap up into a couple of parts…

When we got there, we had one of the resort “friends” Willow come read Remi a bedtime story. To be honest, I thought it was a little lame (she sped through the book…and I thought it would be a little more “special”, but I think Remi enjoyed it.

At Fun Mountain (Remi’s favorite spot on property), they have a kids rope course, which she did a couple of times. She did this last summer in St. Louis and really enjoys it.

We also made a couple of trips into the arcade. The games are overpriced, but she really enjoys the games…and thankfully, the grandmas gave her a little playing money to give her more time.

We went to a dance party/bonfire on property one evening. It was SO fun. They had it decorated and set up amazing with lots of glowing decor. They had a DJ who played dance music all night. We danced the night away- and Remi and I both won Fun Mountain gift cards for our moves!

We made it a mission to visit EVERY pool on property. One lazy river, one indoor pool, and three pools- and Remi made friends all around. These two kids and their dad were a LOT of fun. They were playing a fun game. And even the retired grownups around were playing with the kids. We enjoyed all the pools, but this one was the most fun trip! We did a couple of evening swims, too- one where we had the pool ALL to ourselves!

More Big Cedar fun coming up next time!

Having a Blast This Summer

Having a Blast This Summer

Just a few snapshots of our summer fun!

One Saturday morning, Remi helped me water the flowers early in the morning. She picked one and put it behind her ear. Such a sweet picture of my girl! I love how she’s so interested in the few flowers I’ve got on the back porch.

Before our vacation, we went and had our nails done. She felt VERY fancy sitting in the kids pedicure chair for the first time!

One evening, she spent the night with a grandma and Tyler, Puddin’ and I slipped away to the drive-in! We saw the new Jurassic Park movie. It was a lot of fun!

One of Remi’s favorite people is Barret, or Bear. He’s a friend’s son…and when we run into them ANYWHERE, she runs and gives him a hug. I’m thankful he puts up with her. We snagged this picture at Geno’s- one of the spots where we usually run into Bear.

Remi and Tyler helped me set up for the Farmer’s Market in July. It was hot, but they were troopers helping me carry tubs of soap. Remi is a great helper!

Tyler got in these stackable cots for his camping trips, and he set them up to make sure he got all the parts and stuff. And of course, that led to a living room campout for the night! Remi was SO creative! She made a campfire with lights, and made stars by placing a flashlight under a colander (all on her own!). It was really neat! And of course, we had smores!

We celebrated cousin Hattie’s third birthday! They had planned for some outdoor fun, but it was raining, so we played inside instead. Still so fun to celebrate our “little sister cousin.”