What Self-Care Looks Like Right Now

IMG_5391From day to day, the things I feel like I need can vary. Some days, I want to relax more.  Some days, I feel the need to be creative.  I think more than ever, it’s important to listen to your mind and body and do what you need.

For me, it’s trying new recipes.  I made cinnamon rolls from scratch for the first time, and they turned out GREAT. They also made 3 pans, so I took the chance to go porch visit some friends and drop off cinnamon rolls.

This is a Facebook screen shot, but Brandy took a pic of us. SO good to see her face and visit for a bit. We have lunch every week, and I’ve MISSED her. I also stopped by to drop some with Caroline.  She’s been a great friend during this time- checking in with me just about every other day.




Self care has also looked like walks alone. And recently, a few LONG walks.  I had a day where Nancy kept Remi and I walked for 5 miles, finding this BEAUTIFUL area.  I returned back during Remi’s nap the other day (thanks Mimi for sitting with her during her nap!).

I took the little bit shorter route there (around 3.5-4 miles round trip). I LOVE this wide open view.


But the destination is this quiet old cemetery. I’ve always loved old cemeteries.  We did a unit on death and dying in like 5th grade GT, and we took a field trip to a cemetery. I’ve loved exploring them ever since.

On that long walk, I found this and instantly was drawn to these three little lambs in a row.  A single family lost these 3 kids- ages 2-9 (I think from the old worn headstones).  Bless them.  I’m going to do a little research and see if I can find anything about them.

But I also walked around.  Many headstones are so old and worn they are blank now.  But there were some I could read dated with a death date in 1895. I love this little view.  If I’m still here in my old age, I think I might like to be buried here.  It’s very peaceful. (Not that my body or soul will care.  I know Jesus, so I’ll be in heaven with him! But it’s a peaceful place to come visit, should my loved ones want to do that).


That’s a downer of an end to this post of things that actually make me happy. But I’ve been just trying to do what I think I need.  Including prayer, long baths, extra glasses of wine or cocktails (I give myself a happy hour drink most nights right now!).  It’s a time to take care of ourselves.  You do the same, friends.

Tanyard Creek

Tanyard Creek

Our next adventure was to Bella Vista for Tanyard Creek!  We stopped at a couple spots on the way- Rick’s Bakery and Torchy’s Tacos.  At the bakery, we sent mom in to shop for us all (with her mask!), and Torchy’s was doing curbside pickup. It was delish!

After our lunch, we set off hiking.  This area was BIG and we weren’t totally sure where to go, but we ended up exploring a lot and LOVING it.

Remi’s LIFE right now is throwing rocks into water. And walking along the water gave us plenty of opportunities to stop and splash.


SO thankful for Tyler and that we are all together again.


It was such a gorgeous day!  We stayed in this spot for a while.


Remi wore Gigi’s sunglasses for a bit and she was FEELING herself.


There was a suspension bridge (which Remi dubbed the bouncy bridge) and we stopped for a pic in the middle.


Just catching some rays on the warm rocks.


We made it to the back falls area, but we had no idea what was in store.  This was our first glimpse of the water from the bridge area.  Then we kept walking back until we found the big falls.  TOTALLY worth it!


It just got prettier as we walked back.


The main falls were ROARING.  It was so peaceful back there.  There were other people around, but as usual, everyone kept a respectful distance.


Remi played in the side creek.  Shoes off in the water is her jam.


LOVE our family adventures!


And before we headed out, Remi wanted to get back in the water one more time.


We took the short route back out- hiking about 2.5 miles total. Remi did probably over 1.5 of it!

On the way home, she passed out and we drove home during her nap. Such fun family adventures!

Family Fun

Family Fun

Family fun has taken on a new meaning now that family is all we have…and fun is what we need.

Trying to make everything fun.

Daddy started doing some yoga DVDs, and Remi got in on the action.  Her interest in it was short-lived, but they were awfully cute together.


The weather has been perfection, so we took an evening to the pond to fish. Remi’s really working on her cast. None of us got any bites, but I’m impressed at how hard Remi is trying to get better at fishing!


We’ve had a couple of swim nights at Mimi’s already. Yes, in April. And after swimming, these two hit the Wii.  Remi can’t figure much out in terms of the buttons yet, but there are some games she can play. And she likes it!


Tyler has been doing a lot of tree climbing. He’s trying to figure out saddle hunting (where you climb a tree in a harness and hunt sort of hanging from the tree).  I’m just praying those ropes and knots hold!


We had a big family cheese board dinner.  I miss entertaining, so I got out some of my Fiestaware platters and served lots of goodies.  Everyone enjoyed it!


Remi and I had a “yes” day!  She gets told “later” so much during the week while I’m working, so we had fun doing whatever she wanted.  We started making cookies. My boss Becky sent us the cutest cookie decorating kit!  She mostly just wanted to eat frosting, but we had fun decorating together.


Playing in the mud was her next “yes day” request.  She got ALL muddy, then got plopped into a bath.  She loves it.


Kings River Falls

Kings River Falls

Another nice Saturday during quarantine, another family adventure day.

It’s getting a bit harder to find place to go. The state parks are open, but I’ve heard they are busy, so we are avoiding that.

The forestry service has closed all recreation areas (which is a bummer. The more I’m looking at them- the neater some are looking to be! We will have to continue to explore them after isolation is over).

We decided on a location a couple of hours away- Kings River Falls. We set out in the morning and we had plenty of time to stop on the drive up. This beautiful scenic look off was a great time to stop and stretch our legs.

Arkansas is beautiful, y’all. And the weather was PERFECT.


Right on the side of the road was a little dripping waterfall.


Throwing rocks is LIFE for this 3 year old. (And see her on Daddy’s shoulders? A post coming soon- but he’s back!)


When we got there, we were hungry, so we had a parking lot picnic. Then we started hiking.  There were like 20 cars or so, but the few people we passed were mostly VERY cognizant of social distancing and kept a safe distance. The sun was shining, the skies were blue, the river was flowing.


It was a little over a mile to the falls, and Remi impressed us, walking like 95% of the way. We found this cool bluff just off the trail and explored it.


There were little falls all along the river. It was so nice to walk, then stop and throw rocks and enjoy the water.


TONS of beautiful wild flowers growing along the trail.


This was my favorite moment all day. There was a big rock in the middle of the river, and mom and I parked here to sit for a while.


Just beautiful!


When we got to the falls, there was a gorgeous water fall on the side.  My knee was bothering me a bit, so I didn’t trek up it, but Remi and Tyler and Nancy did.  Such adventurers!


A couple of times along the way, we would see the rapids and be like “Is this it?”  And then we saw the main falls. Nope.  THIS IS IT.  Gorgeous falls.


Remi waded in the water and made friends with a dog playing fetch in the water. She also got a bug bite on her cheek, which sort of ended the fun for a bit. But she loved playing in the water.


On the way back, she was pretty tired. We carried her the whole way. But thankfully, the trail was an easy walk so that was not a big deal.

She slept almost the whole way home. It was a BEAUTIFUL day in a beautiful spot!