KC: Nelson-Atkins Art Museum and Royals Game

KC: Nelson-Atkins Art Museum and Royals Game

Originally, Tyler and Remi were going to go to a Royal’s game Saturday, but it rained and we switched our tickets to Sunday.

We enjoyed a hotel breakfast and then stopped by a fountain near the hotel. Remi spotted this pink fountain and wanted to see it, so we walked around for a few minutes.

Then we went to the Nelson Atkins museum. At first, I thought we would just see the statues outside, but we ended up spending quite a bit of time there.

We had to take the iconic shots by the giant shuttlecocks.

We walked around to see the glass labyrinth and the big metal tree.

And then we played a round of art golf. They had THE NEATEST course inspired by artwork in the museum. It was challenging and interesting and fun.

We ventured inside for a few minutes because Remi wanted to see inside the art museum, but I may have scarred her for life. We went to the Egyptian exhibit, which had a mummy and spooked her.

We left the museum and went to the Royals game. It was BEAUTIFUL weather. Sunny and breezy and warm but not hot.

Remi was so excited!

We got some lunch, watched a few innings and made our way to the kids area. They have a wonderful kids spot with games and lots of activities.

We got an armband so she could do everything. She loved racing against the clock! She’s so fast!

She got to meet the mascot and play a little baseball on the mini field.

And finally, a trip on the carousel made for some fun!

I love getting to do these fun adventures with our family!

At the end of the game, we lined up in a LOOOONG line and waited for Remi to run the bases. She took the running literally- she went SO fast, passing several groups of people! It was a great experience!

We headed home after the game, which put us home at bedtime, but it was a wonderful quick trip full of memories!

KC: Children’s Museum and Hanson Concert

KC: Children’s Museum and Hanson Concert

I had tickets to see Hanson in Kansas City, and Tyler and Remi decided to come with me to make it a fun family weekend (before I had to leave for a work trip).

We drove up after work on Friday and got there late around 10 pm.

Saturday, we got breakfast in the hotel and then headed to one of the area children’s museums called Wonderscope. It was a lot of fun, but also small enough to see everything inside easily.

We started in the art area, which was Remi’s fave! She loved the glass paint wall.

They had a bunch of art supplies set out to create with. We spent a lot of time here as Remi made some fun masterpieces.

Outside, they had a great sand digging spot and play area. She made friends with some kids and they moved some sand together.

The giant foam blocks were also a hit- and she made a “car” with square wheels. ha!

Inside the diner and grocery store, we did lots of shopping and playing together.

The sports area was really neat. They had a wheelchair Remi could play with to race in place, and these pulley chairs made for some fun races, too!

After the museum, we grabbed a late lunch at Arthur Bryant’s. There was a line out the door, but it was worth the wait! Delish!

After lunch, we went back to the hotel. Tyler and Remi did some relaxing, swimming and then ordered pizza for dinner.

Meanwhile, I headed out to meet a new friend Melanie (I met her in a fan club group on Facebook) and we waited outside the venue for a good spot. It was raining and windy but we made the most of it! We laughed at how crazy we were!

Inside, we settled in for the wait and the opening act. We made friends with the people around us, and I ran into a few other fan club friends I’ve made over the years.

The concert was GREAT. The played a bunch of songs from my favorite album Anthem, including “Fired Up” which features my favorite Zac moment where he plays with a drumstick up.

The show was electric. I had a blast!

It’s always sad to see them take their bows because it means its over. But our fun family weekend wasn’t over yet!

Spirit Week and Homecoming

Spirit Week and Homecoming

Remi got to experience her first spirit week and homecoming! It’s a fun time in our little town!

Her school had a theme each day, and we love a theme day!

For rock star day, she had a vision of a shirt with a guitar and flames….and thanks to my Cricut, I could make it hapen!

Then they had “Dress like a Star” day, which most kids were dressing like celebrities, but she wanted to wear this star outfit and said “I look famous!” YES, girl!

For outer space day, she wore her Nasa shirt and her astronaut jacket.

And then it was time to show off our bulldog pride! It was great to go to the game together. Tyler graduated from the same school, so he loves sharing that with her!

We saw LOTS of friends- even sitting in the same section as a few, so Remi got to have a lot of social time during the game. The girls were so cute cheering and yelling for the team.

They got to meet the mascot, too! And we blew the game out of the water with a huge win! Very very fun!

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend

We had a pretty low key easy Labor Day weekend. It started with the last farmer’s market of the season. Remi set up her artwork with my soap again, and she had a successful market! It was a hot day, but we enjoyed the time together.

On Monday, our Hot Springs family came up to visit and we got to swim, eat BBQ and hang out together. Our time with them is never long enough! Remi sure does love her cousins!