Hanson Day 2018: Day 1

Hanson Day 2018: Day 1

One of my favorite weekends of the year just happened- Hanson Day!  I’ve been a Hanson fan for 21 years- and for the last 10 years, they’ve treated their fan club members to a fun event and concert in Tulsa.

I’ve attended the last 6 years. This year, my friend Amber and her friend Emily all headed to Tulsa for a 3 day weekend.

We had the BEST weekend. Somehow, our timing was awesome all weekend and we only waited in ONE LINE all weekend (for the store- about 45 minutes).

Seriously. We got there and registered with like two people ahead of us.  Walked right into pictures with the band. Then we hit the store. It was a little warm while we waited, but we had a good time hanging out.

We made a stop by the mural wall.

We took a detour away from downtown to see the campus of the University of Tulsa. It was a BEAUTIFUL day and the campus was quiet without any students. It was gorgeous.

This is their library and giant lawn.

We got back downtown and parked for the Storytellers Concert.

I have deep love in my heart for Cain’s Ballroom.  Yes, it was the first place I ever saw Hanson back in 2004, but I’ve also seen other artists here (Pentatonix, Karmin) and had AMAZING nights here. It was a gorgeous Tulsa day.

In the past, they’ve done lectures for the Friday fan club event, but last year’s Storytellers talk turned into an acoustic show- so they went with that.  They played a TON of music, mostly from Middle of Nowhere or the Albertane tour (which happened 20 years ago). So much fun!

After the concert, we checked into the hotel, freshened up and headed to my FAVORITE for dinner: Caz’s Chowhouse.  Thankfully, it’s become one of Amber’s faves too- so she asked to go. YES.

Ya’ll.  I got a chicken fried steak and it was THE SIZE OF MY HEAD. And it was wonderful.  I didn’t finish it, but it was amazing.


After dinner, we went across the street to Glacier for chocolates!  Always a favorite.

We had a GREAT first day. More to come!



Summer Loving

Summer Loving

It may not “officially” be summer yet, but it’s reaching 100 degrees this week, so we are having summer fun!

My mom’s pool was FINALLY completed, so we took our first swim.  Remi is FEARLESS.  We had to do some trial and error with floaties.  She’s too little for the puddle jumpers (pictured here), and she’s too fearless to be without it (and she likes her floatie ring, but doesn’t want to stay in it the whole time).  So thankfully, we’ve found a flotation solution that works.

She LOVED the water.  Doesn’t mind getting her face wet (in fact, she’s loving being thrown and dunking under the water!) and she’s so brave.

We’ve done a little evening fishing with Tyler, but the first trip was FUNNY.  He grabbed the wrong life jacket and it was HUGE.  When she sat down, it came up and squished her face.  Poor girl.

But as long as she was standing, she was happy!

She liked driving the boat with Dada.

And she loved watching Dada fish!

On the next boating trip, he caught a fish and she fearlessly touched it. Then the fish showed off and jumped when we put it back in the water, which was super fun as well.


Here’s to more fun in the water!

Bestie Weekend in Little Rock

Bestie Weekend in Little Rock

My best friend Alden lives 5 hours away. Between the distance and our busy lives, we don’t get to see each other often. But we planned a little overnight trip to meet in the middle- in Little Rock- and have a little fun.

We got there after work on Friday and went out for a fun dinner together.  Lots of talking, laughing and catching up.

Saturday morning, we got up, got ready and headed to Movie Tavern for brunch and a movie.  We saw the Avengers- which is a strange pick for a girl weekend, but it was good.

And the food and drinks at Movie Tavern were great!

After the movie, we did some shopping, got our nails done, and had a great afternoon before heading home.

It’s such a blessing to have a friend who is always there for you- even if you can’t see each other. We pick up where we left off and have a great time. She just gets me, and it’s a gift to have a friend like her.

Mother’s Day Weekend

Mother’s Day Weekend

We had a very fun Mother’s Day weekend together.


Our tradition is to pick strawberries, and Remi girl joined in the fun!  The weather was really nice.

The big girl helped us all with our buckets. She’s a great helper.

She knew EXACTLY what to do when we came upon the first row of berries. She grabbed a red one and pulled it right off the plant and into the bucket. She wanted to be in charge of the buckets and was pretty mad when one of us moved them. ha!

After a little berry picking, we went on a hayride around the property.

We left the farm and met daddy for brunch. It was SO good. And somebody was pretty excited to see Dada.

Sundays, to be honest, can be hard.  I hate that Tyler is working. So I sort of got a cranky attitude. But this sunshine girl helped cheer me up.

We had church and lunch and then went home for naptime.

After naps, this silly girl wanted to eat popcorn with a spoon.

When Tyler got home, I went for a nice quiet walk- which ended up not so fun because I got GIANT blisters on my heels.

But otherwise, it was a great weekend together.