Daddy Daughter Dance 2022

Daddy Daughter Dance 2022

Our church hosts an annual Daddy Daughter Dance, and while it’s been postponed for a couple years, they made plans for a BIG one this year- and they delivered! They rented the big pavillion at the park and threw a big party.

Remi got herself all dressed, picking every special accessory.

They were so excited to head out! Mimi and I were there helping serve, so we got to watch them boogie the night away. It was so sweet watching the dads with their girls.

And since it was all church friends, lots of fun friend dances, too!

We also had a professional photographer set up there taking photos of the dads and daughters. These two got some great shots!

They sure do love each other! And I sure do love them!

Preschool Prom

Preschool Prom

Remi’s preschool does an awesome event near the end of the year- a prom! They work on etiquette with the kids, teaching them table manners, teaching boys to escort and pull out chairs, teaching social dances….and the big finale is their prom!

They also teach them the cutest little performances. We all had a blast!

Remi looked radiant! Her sweet teachers did her hair and makeup at school to make her feel special. She was VERY particular about her dress. She had a vision! She said she wanted red, sequins, one shoulder, flowers, feathers, pearls….and this is where we ended up. I found the dress and we added a little flower and pearl belt (and removed a big bow that was on the shoulder). And while it looks crazy expensive, it was an Amazon special! ha!

Her sweet little date was a classmate named Reed. They were announced and he helped her down the stairs.

They had their own little tables for a catered dinner.

They did a sweet little dance to “My Girl” and the boys twirled the girls around.

Their whole class did this great little performance to a medley of party songs. OH MY GOODNESS was it fantastic!

The girls danced with dads, and then the moms and sons had a turn (then they gave the parents a slow dance, too!)

The girls did a special dance, which our girl LOVED. She loves to dance and perform- and she did fantastic! Parents were coming up to me all night telling me how great she did. The boys did a little dance too and they were so adorable.

Remi just looked and acted SO BIG all night!

We absolutely adore her teacher Miss Margaret. Margaret was Tyler’s preschool teacher over 30 years ago, and she loves her kids like her own. She’s old school, but we appreciate the things she’s teaching them! We will sure miss her!

We are so proud to be her parents and we can’t believe preschool is almost over!

PopCast Live in Birmingham!

PopCast Live in Birmingham!

The third trip in a row wore me out, but was SO good for my heart! I drove to west Arkansas to see a couple of friends, and then Alden and I went all the way to Birmingham to see one of our favorite shared podcasts- the Popcast Live!

I started out on Friday heading to Memphis to visit Amber and meet her sweet baby boy Fitz! He was SO sweet! I got to snuggle him and feed him and visit with his wonderful momma!

After dinner with Amber and family, I drove back to Marion to stay with my bestie Alden for the night. We tried not to stay up too terribly late talking….and got some rest before heading out to Birmingham Saturday morning.

We stopped for some road trip snacks, and in honor of one of the podcast hosts who loves Cheez-its, we of course had to have them for our snack!

We got all checked into our hotel, got changed and set out for some afternoon fun before the show!

We had plans to go for a BBQ dinner, but we decided to have a progressive dinner instead because there were so many things to try! We got cookies from Cookie Fix (that we saved for after the show), then we had margs and queso at Little Donkey and did some shopping in that area. We finished our dinner at Saw’s Juke Joint for some AWESOME BBQ.

The show was SO fun. I haven’t cackled and guffawed in a long time. We laughed for two hours straight. I love podcasts, and it was so fun to watch it happen live. They did a bunch of their classic segments, and we totally enjoyed ourselves!

Knox and Jamie were great, but I also love another one of their staff members Erin, and she did some segments, too. A lot of fun!

After the show, we met up with a college friend who lived in Birmingham for late night drinks. Another delish Birmingham offering!

We crashed for the night and got a late breakfast before driving back at Over Easy. They had the best blue corn cheese grits! Yum!

The drive home was long. The first leg with Alden went by quickly, but the final 4.5 hours by myself drug on. With the help of some podcasts and practicing my Easter church music, I made it, but it wore me out to have so much road time over a weekend. I’m not 25 anymore, for sure!

It is always so good to spend time with Alden. We’ve been friends since my sophomore year of college….and she’s so loyal and caring. Friends like that, you hold onto!

New York with Momma: Day 4

New York with Momma: Day 4

We started our day at Summit One Vanderbilt- a new observatory. It. was. unreal.

There was an outdoor space where you could look out as well. It was cold and windy, but great views!

After the observatory, we made our way to an off-Broadway theater to see Little Shop of Horrors. It was our first off-Broadway, and was so interesting! The show caliber (and stars) were Broadway caliber, but the theater felt so small and intimate- more like a local theater. We loved it! The show was hilarious and the puppet and talented cast were top notch!

We had a little time to kill (considering it was cold and snowing!), so we went and split another Shake Shack burger. Can’t have too much Shake Shack!

Our final show was Six. We stood outside in line for what felt like forever since it was so cold and windy…but the show was so fun! Unlike other shows we’ve seen since it’s more of a concert musical, but it was funny and heartfelt and had SUPERSTAR singers in it. We loved it!

We completed our trip with a visit to Serendipity. We hadn’t been in several trips, and mom requested it. I’m so glad we went. The food was wonderful, but you can’t beat the frozen hot chocolates! A delicious way to finish our trip to NYC1