Big Cedar Vacation: Day 2

Big Cedar Vacation: Day 2

After our fun day on the property, we decided to spend the next day at Silver Dollar City.  I LOVE this place, and I’m pretty sure everyone else does too.

I asked if we could get there before it opened, since I love the opening ceremony. And they all agreed. It was the perfect day. Weather wasn’t humid- was still semi-cool and since we beat the crowd, it was wonderful.

Our first stop was a cinnamon roll to share (a MUST!). (We also opted to rent a stroller there since with theirs, she could easily climb in and out when she wanted instead of ours where she needed to be placed in the seat)


After the opening ceremony, we headed down to the kid’s area….and passed the face painting with NO LINE. So guess who got her face painted?  She was pretty excited!


She’s still really timid with the rides, and I’ll admit, we may have pushed her a little too much.  But she says she likes these dogs, but she only wanted to ride it once. ha!


We played around the Fireman’s Landing area until Lucky the Rescue Dog came out to greet friends…and we convinced her it was Marshall from Paw Patrol. ha!


We went to the saloon show (another favorite) and Remi was LOVING it.  Clapping and enthralled with the dancers- and then daddy got called into the show! It was so fun!


He was made into the judge, and it was HILARIOUS. They were feeding him lines in his ear and he was perfect.


On the way out, we had to take a picture with the saloon girls.  She loved them, and they enjoyed watching her enjoy the show.


We hit another ride area and then, of course, got BLUE ice cream (all things blue!)


We hit up the petting zoo area (which to be honest, was a bit of a bummer with few animals….) but she liked meeting the goats.


We did some other fun- playing in the schoolhouse, playing some games on the square, eating DELISH food….and then she PASSED out on the ride home (around 4 pm).  It’s WONDERFUL that she can hang now without a nap…but then she crashes.


We made dinner in the condo and then we played some board games. This was the start of a tournament for us- we played a team game each night…and ultimately mom and Tyler won 2/3.


Getting Caught Up

Getting Caught Up

Let’s play catch up of life from the last post to right before our vacation.

We had Father’s Day dinner at my dad’s nursing home. He was pretty interactive, and Remi LOVED seeing Grandpa. She wanted to bring her doctor’s kit to work on him. It was precious.


They had spirit week at school and this was our crazy hair- cupcake hair!


We met daddy at the park while he worked one afternoon. We LOVE getting to see him!


And we celebrated my friend Rebecca’s birthday at a winery here. It was a GREAT night with my friends with wine, yummy food and LOTS of laughs.  LOVE these girls!


More Memories

More Memories

Some fun memories to document…

I did TWO rounds of birthday burpees. First, I did 32 burpees on my birthday, and then two days later I did 30 with my coworker/friend Stephanie for HER birthday. Woo.  I definitely earned my birthday treats!


My mom bought this GIANT slide thing for her pool for Remi and she’s LOVING it. She’s asking to go swim and slide a lot.


Just minutes after the above photo, it got dark and POURED. It’s been raining SO MUCH.  But once we knew it wasn’t going to be severe, we got in and swam in the rain. Remi thought that was so fun.


She also just decided to swim “by myself”. She’s wearing a life jacket, and we are always within arms reach, but it’s nice to see her have some confidence in the water. Hopefully we can work to lose the life jacket (at least sometimes) this summer.


Birthday Celebration

Birthday Celebration

I had THE BEST time celebrating my birthday with friends.

Earlier in the day, I had brunch with my bestie Brandy (though we were busy eating and talking and I didn’t take any pictures).

Then that evening, “the circle” and our husbands got together for fun at Uncorked. It’s the best place to just hang with your friends- and these friends brought some fun party decorations and leis and noise makers for me! So fun!

Before we settled in to eat and drink, we took some pictures. LOVE these girls.


And I love these husbands and how they put up with us (Vini wasn’t off work yet…so he missed the husband pic).


They got me a cute little glass that I used for my water all night.


There was lots of selfies and snap chatting happening.


Sweet Tyler. He’s exhausted from working like 180 hours over 2 weeks, but he came out and was a great sport.


They told them it was my birthday and Uncorked brought me a brownie with a HUGE sparkler! I was so excited!


We played What Do You Meme and laughed and laughed. At some point, Rachel’s shirt ripped, Tara broke a wine glass….it was shenanigans all around.

At the end of the night, we were all just so happy to have had so much fun together.


It is honestly an answered prayer to have such sweet friends, and I’m honored that they celebrated me and our friendship. Here’s to 32!