Totally 80s!

Totally 80s!

A coworker’s wife was planning a fundraiser for their kid’s school.  He invited us to go, and we jumped on it.  The fundraiser was an 80’s prom! We didn’t have much lead time (this was the weekend after we returned from our cruise!) so we had to use the clothes we could find…instead of going all out on 80s prom attire.

I wore a sweater that my mom saved me months ago at our church’s clothes closet, and Tyler found a shirt at our thrift shop.

We had a great time dancing, eating yummy food and drinks and hanging with my coworkers.

They had fun bracelets and glasses set out. So OF COURSE we had to wear them.

It’s fun when your coworkers are your friends and you can have a blast together.

Close up of our looks.  My eyeshadoe and his gold chain.  I die.

We aren’t usually “fundraiser event” type of people, but it was fun to get out on the town for a good cause!

Valentine’s Day Love

Valentine’s Day Love

We had a fun Valentine’s Day! It was a little more exciting because Remi understood it was a special day!

At church the night before, they decorated balloons, so she was ready to pose with her special balloon before school.  Her adorable holiday outfit is one I’ve been saving for MONTHS (I got it on clearance in the summer).

I got a SWEET surprise at work when a friend texted me that she was stopping by.  Rachel brought me a few flowers and a sweet card. (And I think our receptionist thought we were “together” since she brought me flowers on Valentine’s Day! ha!)

Tyler and I don’t usually do much on the actual day, but he planned a nice dinner out since Nancy was going to pick Remi up from school.  We went to Rolando’s and had a wonderful dinner.  I got him a heated toilet seat (true story! He thought it was neat and it’s a “luxury” item he wouldn’t buy himself) and he gave me a certificate for a spa treatment when we go on our anniversary trip in March.

We hope you felt the love on V-Day!

“You’re Doing a Great Job”

“You’re Doing a Great Job”

On our first sea day on the boat, we were out by the pool.  I was brave enough to wear my two-piece swimsuit, and I was COMMITTED that I was going to have fun (and not hide in it).  Remi was playing ALLLLL around the pool (which is like in the middle of the main deck).

Tyler was staying in the pool to play with her when she jumped in- and I was outside the pool as she went around the pool and into the sprinkler showers. While we played, there was music going- so I was sort of dancing around and letting her have fun.

I was giving her space, playing with her when she was trying to engage me, letting her explore and trying to have fun myself.

And that’s when it happened.

A lady came over to me and I braced myself. I thought she was going to either get onto me for letting her sort of “run wild” (though she wasn’t running…and wasn’t really wild) around the pool.  Or I thought we were going to get questioned AGAIN about her being potty trained (diapers weren’t allowed in the pool- so a Carnival worker approached us to make sure she was toilet trained).

But she didn’t.  She said “Oh my goodness, she’s so FREAKING cute (well, she had a little alcohol in her system, so she used another word). I’m sorry if we are staring, but she’s adorable and we are loving watching her.”

I relaxed a little.  I thanked her.  Then she said it.

“And you’re doing a great job, mom. She’s having fun. You’re having fun. You’re setting a great example for her. You’re doing a great job.”

I hugged her.  Those words meant SO much. All I want to do is a good job.  I’ll never be perfect (at anything, but especially this mom thing). But I want to do a good job.

That lady will never know the impact of her words, but I need to remember to encourage others when I see it and think it. Because it mattered to me.


The Joys of Getting Back into Routine

The Joys of Getting Back into Routine

As soon as we got home, Remi was SO EXCITED to start playing with her toys.  It seems like the first weekend back, she got into literally everything she owned.

The funniest part, though, was how she replicated stuff from the cruise in her toys.  This was her and daddy at dinner.  She brought him food from the boat, like strawberry soup and Jello.

We recently went to a basketball game at daddy’s school and she was SO SERIOUS the entire time.  She was totally enthralled, I think.

We’ve been doing some fun “bath painting.”  I’ve mixed bath soap with food coloring (which hasn’t stained her, the tub or my towels). She LOVES it and it’s a fun way to “play” that’s contained (and I get to sit and watch and engage her)

She was SO EXCITED when the dogs came into her tent. To be honest, I think Mikey initially went in there to hide, but he’s getting (somewhat) more tolerant of her, so he let her hug him.

There was a Sunday when Tyler had to work an overtime job, and she and I got ready together.  I took this funny picture- we were singing together after getting ready.

Then after church and nap she CRASHED wanting to watch Daniel Tiger- her new favorite.

And this funny girl was LOVING her Cat in the Hat sweatshirt- especially after meeting him on the cruise!

We’re back to a more normal routine after vacation. It took a week of crazy for her to return to normal (she wasn’t falling asleep easily- she was a bit crankier than normal)….so we are glad to all be back.