Weekend with the Fam

Weekend with the Fam

We had a very Fort Smith weekend.

The family from Hot Springs came to visit and we spent Saturday exploring our town.

Side note: on Friday we had dinner and hung out at mom’s. Remi was a bit fussy (it was bedtime) but she went to bed at mom’s and allowed us some time to visit before heading home. It was great.

Saturday, we had breakfast. I got my wires crossed and went to the Egg and I to get a table, while everyone else went to Calico County. Ha! They walked in and didn’t see me and had to leave. Ooops! At least we got a great breakfast, even if it wasn’t initially what everyone wanted.

After breakfast, we hit the river trail. It’s a gorgeous paved trail right along the river. It was sunny and warm and beautiful.

Everyone took pictures with Remi, of course.

Remi and her Grammy.

Me and my mini me. We wore matching monogram shirts.

Caitlyn loves Remi and is SO good with her.

Me and mom. Love this one.

Caitlyn took this adorable pic (on Snapchat, of course, since she’s 16, it’s her main form of communication. Ha!)

And Sandy and Remi at breakfast. Sandy has kept Remi fed with LOTS of formula. We are so thankful!

After our walk, we hit up the Popped Popcorn Company and Savoy tea for a snack and drink. The rest of the family went out to shop and hang the rest of the day, and we went home for R to nap.

It’s so great to spend time with the family!

Date Night to NWA

Date Night to NWA

We snuck away one night last week for a belated Valentine date. I’m so thankful that mom kept Remi for us so we could enjoy some grown up time!

We started the evening at our favorite spot- Kobe for sushi. We got some delicious rolls, and the chef made a smiley face out of this plate!

We happened to be there during Happy Hour, so sushi and drinks were cheap. Holler!

After dinner, we had a little bit of time so we walked around Whole Foods.  We couldn’t really do much shopping since we were about to sit through a show (and I didn’t bring a cooler bag) but we did splurge and get a mini-dessert sampler. You got to pick 6 mini sweet treats. Tyler got a canoli, chocolate macaron and a chocolate tart. I got a salted caramel macaron, raspberry tart, and a key lime cheesecake. They were YUM.

We ended our evening at the newly renovated Walton Arts Center for Circus Oz. They are the Australian National Circus and they are SO GOOD. We saw them years ago and loved it, and this show was even better! Funny, breathtaking…the cast is so talented. (watch a preview video here) It’s sort of like a Cirque show that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. If they come near you, go see them!

We had a great night together.

I’m thankful for this wonderful man. He loves us well, is always encouraging me and I couldn’t imagine this life without him. I’m so thankful for time to connect, laugh and enjoy each other.


Week 19 Highlights

Week 19 Highlights

Last week was fun. I know I say that a lot, but we are loving life (most of the time! ha!)

Sweet girl woke up early a couple mornings last week.  I brought her in the bathroom with me as I got ready, and she looked so drowsy.

Hello! Working on learning to roll.

She slept through dinner at a very loud Mexican restaurant. I joked that my months of teaching Zumba pregnant means that the Latin music is soothing for her.

I loved this mismatched patterned outfit. My MIL Nancy snapped this pic of us. 

She’s sitting for a few seconds at a time! Such a big girl (and a precious scarf bib!)

We love this sweet thing. Can’t believe 20 weeks has almost come and gone!

The Top 5 Songs I’m Listening to Now

The Top 5 Songs I’m Listening to Now

I have always had eclectic taste in music. Once I got an iPod (now an iPhone), it was REALLY evident when I would shuffle or check my “most played” lists. There would be many genres represented.

Untitled design

I wanted to share 5 songs that I’m loving right now. Some Christian music, some hip hop, some musicals, some pop. Here we go…

  1. I Got Saved by Selah. The words make me cry and their harmony is unbelievable.

2. Say Yes to This by Jill Scott on the Hamilton Mixtape. VERY different from above, but a soulful re-do on a song from Hamilton. Jill Scott’s voice is like velvet.

3. Divine Exchange by Charity Gayle.  I heard this on a Selah livestream and it blew me away. Another one that gives me goosebumps and brings tears.

4. A Lovely Night from La La Land. Just so catchy. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone aren’t like Grammy award winning singers or anything, but I like it. And it sounds sort of like old Hollywood.

5. My Shot from the Hamilton Mixtape.  I think I’ve shared this before, but this is literally my 4 month old’s favorite song. It will calm her down when she starts to fuss, so this is on my top 5 most played list for sure. It’s catchy.


What are you listening to right now?Untitled design.pngUntitled design.png