Remi’s Fun Gigi Day

Remi’s Fun Gigi Day

I wasn’t really present for this weekend (other than the last photo) but I save my blog posts for books for Remi, so I wanted to capture it for her.

While we were in Tulsa to see Hamilton, she had the best day with Gigi!

They started out with one of Remi’s favorite things: playing in the rain with Gigi. Gigi’s a down for anything fun lady, so she LOVES when it rains and they’re together.

Then they headed over to see our baby cousin, Hattie. Remi was thrilled to hear her making some noises and being more alert.


Then after a nap and dinner, Gigi took her to the fair!  She rode rides, played games, watched fun animals…and just LOVED her life there.


She also won this big Paw Patrol toy. She was THRILLED.


We all got back together Sunday after church, and we were very happy to spend Sunday together.

After lunch and nap, we went and swam at my mom’s and then I caught this cute snapshot while Daddy was reading her a bedtime story. I am so lucky to call these two mine.


A Very Hamilton Day

A Very Hamilton Day


We have had our tickets for a year and we were READY. We saw the original cast in New York back in 2016 (yes, be jealous. It was as amazing as it sounds!) but we were dying to see it again.

And this time, I was taking Tyler with us to see what all the hype was about.

I planned out a whole day of fun for us…starting with the end (just like the musical!) We had a duel!

We went to the Angry Axe in Tulsa for some axe throwing. It was so fun! And thankfully, it was easier than I was afraid it would be. ha! Both mom and I caught on quickly (I wasn’t worried about Tyler…he picks up on EVERYTHING quickly).


Our nice coach took a pic of all of us with the board I drew on. We did use another board to keep score and it will surprise no one that Tyler beat me and mom both at all the score keeping methods. ha!


For lunch, we tried a new to us place, Sisserou’s. It’s Caribbean food (since Alexander comes from the Caribbean). I got this AMAZING tuna salad and it was SO stinking good. I also got a (not pictured) coconut creme brulee that dreams were made of.


We had to split up for the show since we added an extra ticket after our subscription, so mom was kind enough to sit alone so we could sit together. Tyler was surprised at how much he enjoyed it (I wasn’t. It’s amazing).


After the show, we had to walk to Glacier for dinner, I mean chocolates. ha!  Then we did a little shopping around Tulsa (a kid’s consignment shop, Trader Joe’s) and headed home!


Hot in Here

Back in March, me and some coworkers (turned friends over the years) bought tickets to see Nelly, TLC and Flo Rida at an outdoor venue.

We were not thinking. An outdoor concert. In August. In Arkansas.

In the words of Nelly, it was hot in here out there.

But man, it was FUN.


It started with Flo Rida. We loved hearing all his fun hits, and I LOVED his rhinestone shades. (Fun tip: In mine and Tyler’s first dance at our wedding, we broke into his “Apple bottom jeans…boots with the fur” song. It surprised everyone, including our DJ.)


Next up was TLC. We only knew a few of their songs (sorry for the hardcore TLC fans) but they were good and fun.


But we did LOVE when they played No Scrubs and Waterfalls. Classics.

And goodness at her ABS!


During Waterfalls, they played Chili’s rap portion in her memory and the stadium lit up with phone lights.


But the main part of the party was NELLY!  We knew like 90% of what he played (hello junior high and high school dances!) and we had the time of our lives rapping and dancing and singing.

(also peep the background dancers. They were a bit scandalous during the entire show)


We may have been exhausted from getting home after 1 a.m. (and going to work at 7 the next morning) and basically getting heat exhaustion, but it was worth it. Always say yes to the adventures. The fun is never wasted.

Back to School Pool Party

Back to School Pool Party

We had our last potluck back in May, but it’s been a busy summer and we were ready to reconnect with our friends! So we had a back to school pool party bash!

My mom was kind enough to open her home to ALL of us.

And I mean ALL.

We had like 10 families there and all our fun kiddos. I’ve said it before but I just adore these get togethers.

I love our kids playing, I love visiting with the grown ups (in between “mom” calls), I love sharing a meal together. It’s beautiful chaos. Beautiful.

And I was SO PROUD of Remi because she prayed for our meal. Her sweet prayer that she learned at school (“God is great. God is good. Let us thank Him for our food. Amen”) but she prayed BIG and LOUD and for all of us.

And a few snapshots of our crazy to remember the fun!


We are just so thankful for these people. I’ve said it before, but invite people over. Invite them in. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I put out a mix of old paper products and we served overcooked burgers (from a grease fire…don’t get me started). Everyone talks about “the next one is at our house” but they never plan it.  That’s the thing. Just set a date. Invite people. Make it happen.  Tribes and friends and groups don’t happen on accident.

They happen with intention. Go be intentional with a friend today.