Updates at Church

Updates at Church

Our church promotes kids classes when school starts, so Remi got to move up to the next class in preschool. Her teacher is one of the sweetest ladies who has invested in kids for decades. Miss Pat just LOVES these kids, and Remi is soaking up everything they’re teaching her.

Momma got a new class, too! We FINALLY got an evening MOPS class (Moms of Preschoolers) so that working moms could come. We’ve only had the intro class, but I’m so excited for those who are joining us.,

We also took Remi to her first lake baptism service. Our church has a baptismal, but once a year they do a service at the lake to baptize a bunch of people outside all at once. Remi got to learn what it meant to be baptized and watch others take that step of faith. I loved watching her sitting next to other kiddos, some that I used to teach when they were 2-3!

I love our church family, and it’s so great to teach her about the family of Christ that we belong to!

Moving On Up!

Moving On Up!

Remi started her final year of daycare with the Pre-K class! She’s been at the same wonderful school since 6 months, but in the blink of an eye, she’s now in the big kid class.

She’s so funny- she picked out her outfit- combining two different sets and a rainbow bow and her bracelet.

And every pic had an “awesome pose”

She’s so smart and brave and funny- and I can’t see what all she learns this year!

She wrote her name on the sign. So proud!

A little blurry screenshot but her school always takes pictures, and I loved this one from her first day!

You Can Be Anything!

You Can Be Anything!

There’s an old Gaither song that I grew up singing:

I am a promise

I am a possibility

I am a promise with a capital P

I am a great big bundle of potentiality

And I am learning to hear God’s voice

and I am trying to make a right choice I

am a promise to be

Anything God wants me to be!

We have a children’s book with a story that goes along with the song, and we sing it often. And man does Remi take it to heart! Who knows what her little life holds, but she LOVES imagining herself as any number of things:

Chase the Police Pup (with a magic princess wand!)

A pioneer park ranger (combining her coon skin hat with her ranger outfit from the St. Louis Arch)

And a rainbow unicorn princess. Notice allllll the accessories- glasses, scarf, wand, baby doll, bracelet. She also set out a “red carpet” with a blanket and her parrot wings.

Her imagination LOVES to pretend and play. She’s so creative and excited to dress up and play in 100 different ways. I hope she never loses that belief that she can really be anything!

Mom’s Getaway to Tulsa and Hanson

Mom’s Getaway to Tulsa and Hanson

Another month, another Hanson concert! I was thrilled in August to take my wonderful friend Rachel with me to Tulsa. We used hotel points to have a little overnight mom stay….and we sure did enjoy ourselves!

In fact, besides before and during the concert, I didn’t take any pictures!

We headed to Tulsa after work on Friday and had a great dinner at Lone Wolf before the concert. After the show (at which we masked and hung in the back to avoid the crowd…..we’re vaccinated but we’re watching out for the crazy Delta variant), we grabbed some McDonalds for a late night snack, checked into the hotel, read and watched the Olympics. Crazy mom night, right? So relaxing!

We got up Saturday and had a lazy morning. I read and Rachel slept in, then we had coffee, visited Trader Joe’s, and had Mexican food for lunch before heading home.

We had a fantastic 24 hours- talking, singing, sleeping, reading, and eating yummy food. I’m so grateful for friends like Rachel. She’s always there. Always ready to listen. Always supportive. Always down for fun. I hope I’m that kind of friend in return!

Can’t wait for two more months of concerts and all the fun that’s to come!