All the Fun Recently

All the Fun Recently

Here’s the update of the week before Easter! (Yes, I’m a little behind on posting….it’s fine).

Remi girl wore this SWEET dress to church on Palm Sunday. I LOVED it. I may or may not have purchased it like a year ago, and then forgot about it. I’m glad she can wear it now.


The Monday after our big potluck, she couldn’t hang on the way to school. She asked for the balloon from Amelia’s birthday and then passed out. She usually doesn’t sleep on the way in, but that particular Monday, she couldn’t hang.


Mom and I went to Fayetteville to see Waitress! We originally had tickets for Tulsa, but they are for Easter weekend, so we sold those and bought ones in Fay.  We had a fun evening- shopping, dinner at the new Cheers at the OPO (VERY good if you’re local!), and then the show.  I saw Waitress when it was in Broadway previews, but this production was as good as the original cast.


Remi got to dye Easter eggs at school! She was pretty excited about it!


And then they had a big Easter egg hunt and party! I don’t have any pictures from her hunt, but she talked ALL about finding the eggs and putting them in her basket. And our school does an amazing job of taking pictures of the kids for each holiday.



So many fun things! And we have a VERY exciting Easter weekend planned!

Celebrating Friends is FUN

Celebrating Friends is FUN

We had THE MOST fun celebrating our friend Amelia’s 3rd birthday!  Amelia is the daughter of my friend Tara, so I got to spend time with my girls at the party!

Gotta love when we have more fun than the kids!

(Side note: Tara did an AMAZING job with the decorations!)


There were balloons, which the kids LOVED. I love how simple they are- yay balloons! 


Look at these cute decorations in her kitchen!


More balloon joy!


They have a bearded dragon, and Heath got it out for the kids to pet. Remi LOVED it.  After he put it back, she asked to “pet the dinosaur” again.  I died.  She was so brave touching it. 


These cupcakes were SO good.  


The kids sat at a cute little table to eat. Remi kept going back to eat more.  She was serious about her party treats!


It was so sweet to see everyone playing as Amelia opened her toys.  This is three of our friend’s girls- it just makes me happy to imagine that they will become good friends, too!  (Our 4th friend, Rebecca, only has older boys.)


Remi is quickly learning that birthdays, even if they aren’t her own, are VERY fun. 

Brunch Potluck

Brunch Potluck

We had our second friend potluck, and it was a HUGE success.

We did a brunch theme, and y’all, my friends made AMAZING things: muffins, hashbrown casserole, monkey bread, croissants, mimosas….we had a FEAST.

But more than that, we had SO MUCH FUN.  We had a record of 34 people at our house- and thank goodness, it was nice outside, so we could send the kids to play.

We blew up Remi’s bounce house, which was a hit for the littles.


The bigger kids (mostly boys) played outside with a football, while the dads visited outside.


There was also much swinging and jumping.


I said this last time, but it’s been SUCH A BLESSING to just open our home.

Our house isn’t fancy or impressive.  I don’t deep clean.  I don’t make gourmet food (this time, I made a quiche, some lemon monkey bread and frozen waffles and frozen chicken strips).  But just inviting people in, visiting, letting our kids play….it’s perfection.


2.5 Years Old

2.5 Years Old

On April 8, Remi officially turned 2.5 years old. I cannot believe how quickly this year is passing. I know it’s cliche, but time is really flying.

Sure, some days feel LONG. Days when she’s ALL of 2 and every minute feels like a struggle. But there are also days I don’t want to end. Days when I wish I could rock her to sleep and hold her again.

She’s SO independent. “I do myself” is often said at our house. She can climb into her carseat (in daddy’s car, she’s still rear facing in my car), wants to get her own snacks, help feed the dogs, dress herself (she still needs some help, but MAN does she try!).

She LOVES to play outside.  Balls, swings, slides, her trampoline, going on walks….she loves it. She doesn’t love bugs at the moment. “BUG IN THE HOUSE” when she sees one. We’re working on good bugs vs. bad bugs.

She loves music. She is singing Twinkle Twinkle and 5 Little Ducks and Monkeys Jumping on the Bed a lot. But she likes listening to lots of different kinds of music.  My favorite is when she sings Awesome God!


She’s wearing 24m/2T clothing and anywhere from a 4-6 shoe. She’s still pretty small- 27 lbs. and around 32 inches. She has ALL of her teeth.

She does pretty well with sleep. She’s now in a toddler bed, so some nights are a struggle to get her to stay in bed, but she will fall alseep.  She’s currently waking up about once a night, but we’re working on that.  She sleeps from around 8 pm to 6pm with a two hour nap.

She does well brushing her teeth and even lets me floss now, too!

Her favorite foods haven’t changed much: guacamole, tomatoes, oranges, gummies, hot dogs, soup.  She isn’t picky AT ALL (Thank you, Lord!).  She still doesn’t love zucchini or squash, but otherwise eats most things. She drinks mostly water and some whole milk. She doesn’t like tea or soda that she’s tried (not mad about it!).

She is finally into cold things- Popsicles, ice cream, shaved ice.


She LOVES her dogs. “Hey bubbies!” she will say. They regularly jump into her bed in the mornings to wake her up. She doesn’t always love sharing her space with them “Get DOWNNNN PIPPPPY” but she likes playing with them.

She loves to play with her babies- covering them up, play feeding them. She loves her magnet blocks and play doh. She’s into dress-up play: princess and doctor and superhero.

She is still very artistic, too. She loves her bath paint and coloring.

She knows all her colors, most letters by sight, her full ABCs, and she can count to 20.


She uses words and makes sentences well. I’ve stopped trying to keep a log of words. She is constantly surprising us with what she can say and use correctly.

She’s easily excitable and does this cute “Gasp” face.


She loves to be tickled and play. We often play “Don’t laugh” where I tell her not to laugh and then tickle her. She just giggles.

She likes accessories, but we only wear bows and necklaces occasionally on the weekends.  She’s been somewhat into picking her clothing on some days, and she will tell me “It doesn’t match” sometimes. She needs things to match. ha!


She makes friends everywhere she goes.  Some of her favorite friends are Connor and Luca at school, Harper and James at church.  She loves our friend’s kids- Sadie, Kenzie, Emberlynn. When we have people over, she’s great about sharing her toys and her space with friends.


She loves her family, too. She enjoys her weekly time with Mimi and Gigi. She talks about Luke, Gavvy and KK a TON. She loves when we see Tyler’s family- Kelsey and Brad and Heather and White. She will occasionally ask for Grandpa or Papa.

She knows what grandmas are now, even though we don’t call our moms that.  She will say “Mimi is my grandma.”


Daniel Tiger is her FAVORITE show.  She asks for it daily.  We don’t watch it every day, and we try to limit to just 2 episodes a day on the weekends.  She also likes Barney, but Tyler hates it, so she just watches at Mimi’s and at school. Movies she likes: Bolt, Zootopia (Hops), Bugs Life, Monsters Inc, An American Tale, Sweet Pea Beauty and Frozen.

She also gets to occasionally watch videos on my phone, including some Blippi and some Paw Patrol toy videos.


Yes, she’s strong-willed and we have moments where I feel like I’m just fighting her to obey. But she can also be so sweet and fun. She’s empathetic.  She saw me crying one day and tried to make me feel better. Sweet girl.

I am so thankful for her and proud to be her momma.  She may drive me and daddy crazy some days when she’s trying to be independent and in control, but we’re so glad she’s ours!