Made to Worship

Made to Worship

I recently sang a “special” at church. (For those not familiar, that’s a song in the service that isn’t by the choir…it’s a solo done during a special portion of the service, like during the offering).

I had been practicing my song in the car quite a bit (that’s the only time I have!) and when it was time to rehearse, Remi was adamant that she was coming on stage with me. Initially she said “I’ve got moves, mom!” so I wasn’t sure what she would do on the stage.

But then she wanted a microphone. And then she was mad that I didn’t turn it on. So I did.

And then, my baby girl worshipped with me.

It was so sweet and special and brought happy tears to my eyes. If she can learn anything from me, I hope it’s who God is and how to worship Him! (For when I look back at this some day, the extra flowers were from a visitation that had just occurred).


Hanson Concert Update 2019

Hanson Concert Update 2019

Another concert, another Hanson song database update.


Here are my stats:

  1. August 07, 2004 Tulsa, OK Cains Ballroom- Underneath Tour
  2. October 27, 2007 Austin, TX La Zona Rosa- The Walk Tour
  3. August 04, 2010 Memphis, TN Minglewood Hall- Shout it Out Tour
  4. September 09, 2011 Memphis, TN Delta Fair and Music Fest (no setlist available, but I remembered some songs that I heard and added them to the list)- The Musical Ride Tour
  5. May 05, 2013 Tulsa, OK Cain’s Ballroom 1st show (MOE)
  6. June 08, 2013 St. Louis Uncorked  (no setlist in the database, but I kept my own)- Anthem Tour
  7. September 15, 2013 Antone’s Austin, TX- Anthem Tour
  8. September 16, 2013 House of Blues Dallas, TX- Anthem Tour
  9. May 17, 2014 Tulsa, OK Cain’s Ballroom (MOE)
  10. May 16, 2015 Tulsa, OK Cain’s Ballroom (MOE)
  11. May 17, 2015 Tulsa, OK The Hop Jam
  12. October 24, 2015 Dallas, TX House of Blues- Roots & Rock N’ Roll Tour
  13. October 25, 2015 Dallas, TX House of Blues- Roots & Rock N’ Roll Tour
  14. May 21, 2016 Tulsa, OK Brady Theater (MOE)
  15. May 19, 2017 Tulsa, OK Cain’s Ballroom (MOE)
  16. May 20, 2017 Tulsa, OK Cain’s Ballroom (MOE)
  17. May 18, 2018 Tulsa, OK Cain’s Ballroom (MOE)
  18. May 19, 2018 Tulsa, OK Cain’s Ballroom (MOE)
  19. May 16, 2019 Tulsa, OK Cain’s Ballroom (MOE)
  20. May 17, 2019 Tulsa, OK Tulsa Performing Arts Center – String Theory
  21. September 14, 2019 Hutchinson, KS Kansas State Fair

Some highlights:

With You in Your Dreams in Austin
Madeline in Memphis
Scream and Be Free in Dallas
Never Been to Spain encore in Austin
Man from Milwaukee at MOE 2014
Thinking of You at MOE 2015
Chain of Fools at House of Blues on the RNR Tour
Yearbook at Hanson Day 2017
Lucy at Hanson Day 2018
Lullabelle at Stoytellers at MOE 2019
Breaktown at String Theory
On and On in Kansas- Tyler sang it with me!


Here is my list of Hanson songs I’ve heard live according to HansonStage’s database (including a few shows that weren’t including in their databases that I kept myself):

You have heard 424 songs live
You have heard 176 unique songs live

Middle of Nowhere

Thinking of You – 5
MMMBop -10 (they only listed 8, but I know I heard this in
Memphis and St. Louis)
Weird – 3
Speechless – 1
Where’s The Love – 10
Yearbook – 1
Look At You – 3
Lucy – 1
I Will Come to You – 1
Minute Without You -10
Madeline -5 (they only listed four, but I know I heard it in
With You in Your Dreams – 2 (includes Taylor’s solo performance at his lecture at MOE 2015)
Man from Milwaukee – 2

This Time Around

You Never Know – 4
If Only -4
This Time Around -9
Can’t Stop – 1
Wish that I was There- 2
Love Song – 1
Hand in Hand- 2
In The City – 8
A Song To Sing – 2
Love Song- 1
Save Me- 2
Runaway Run – 2
Lonely Again -1

Live From Albertane

Gimme Some Lovin – 1
Shake a Tail Feather- 1
Ever Lonely -1
Money – 1

3 Car Garage

Stories – 3


Strong Enough To Break -5
Dancing In The Wind – 2
Penny and Me – 12
Underneath – 3
Lost Without Each Other – 8
Broken Angel -4
Crazy Beautiful – 4
Hey – 7
Lullabelle – 2
When You’re Gone- 1
Deeper – 3
Get Up and Go – 3

The Walk

Great Divide – 3
Been There Before – 8
Georgia – 1
Watch Over Me – 6
Running Man – 1
Fire on the Mountain – 1
Go – 1
Blue Sky – 1
Tearing it Down – 2
Something Going Round – 3
The Walk – 1
I’ve Been Down – 1
Got a Hold On Me – 1
Great Divide (acapella) – 1

Shout It Out

Waiting for This- 9
Thinking Bout Something – 8
Kiss Me When You Come Home – 2
Carry You There – 1
Give a Little – 5
Make It Out Alive – 2
And I Waited – 7
Musical Ride – 1
Voice in the Chorus – 4
Me Myself and I – 1

Live and Electric

Optimistic – 1
In a little while- 1
Rock N Roll Razorblade – 3 (one wasn’t in their count, but I
know I heard it at a concert before)


Fired Up -7
I’ve Got Soul -8
Get The Girl Back -7
Already Home – 4
Cut Right Through Me – 2
Scream And Be Free – 6
You Can’t Stop Us Now- 3
Juliet- 4
For Your Love- 2
Tragic Symphony- 2
Lost Without You- 2
Get So Low (Condor Sessions)- 1

String Theory

Reaching for the Sky- 1
Joyful Noise-1
Where’s the Love-1
Dream It Do It-1
Chasing Down My Dreams-1
Tragic Symphony-1
Got a Hold on Me  -1
Yearbook  -1
Siren Call-1
Me Myself and I  -1
Reaching for the Sky Part 2 -1
This Time Around-1
Something Going Round  -1
Battle Cry-1
You Can’t Stop Us-1
Broken Angel  -1
What Are We Fighting For-1
No Rest for the Weary  -1
I Was Born-2
Sound of Light  -1
Tonight -1

Roots of Rock N Roll EP

I want to take you higher- 1
Hold on, I’m Coming- 1
Remember the Time- 1
I believe in a thing called love- 1
Thinking out loud – 1

Members Only EP

On and On – 6
Call Out My Name – 1
Roller Coaster Love – 7
Best of Times – 5
Sound of Light – 5
On the Road- 1
Show Me the Way – 1
What’s Your Name- 1
Panic in the Streets – 1
White Collar Crime – 3
Sunny Day/Cecelia- 1
Down – 2
Never Let Go – 2
Dance Like You Don’t Care – 3
Give Me Your Best Shot- 1
What are We Fighting For- 1
Heartbreaker- 1
Call Me – 1
Need You Now- 1
Grace Unknown – 1
Follow Your Lead – 2
Get Out of My Heart – 2
Up All Night – 1
No Sleep for Banditos – 1
Ooh La La La – 2
Stop Me in My Tracks – 2
No Rest for the Weary – 2
Something Loud – 1
Siren Call – 1
Do You Believe in Love – 1
Man on Top – 2
Joyful Noise – 1
Feeling Alive – 1
Somebody that Wants to Love You – 2
Ghostwriter – 1
Reach out for my Hand – 1
I Don’t Want to Go Home – 2
I Lift You Up – 1
Bittersweet- 1
Working – 1
Gold Miner – 1
Young and Dumb – 1
Bad for Me – 1
Sophia – 1


Being Me – 1
The Ugly Truth – 1
Waiting For This / Watch Over Me / Rock N Roll Razorblade / In The
City medley – 1
Lonely Again -1
Sexy Robot (teaser) – 1
A life without you – 2
Rockin Robin – 1


Its a Long Way To The Top – 1
Hole In My Life – 1
Let Love Rule – 1
Never Been To Spain – 2
Oh Darling -2
Dancing In The Streets – 2
Living on Tulsa Time – 2 (I know I heard one other time)
It’s a long way to the top (If you wanna rock n roll) – 1
Signed, sealed, delivered – 1
Teach Your children – 1
Hole in my life -1
Let love rule- 1
God Only Knows – 1
I want to take you higher- 1
Cecelia- 2
Twist and shout- 1
Whole lotta love- 1
You may be right- 1
Movin’ out -1
Me and Julio Down by the schoolyard- 1
Chain of Fools- 1
A Song for You – 1
I want you back – 1
Stand by Me – 1
Ain’t No Sunshine-1
Sweet Home Oklahoma- 1

3 Years Old!

3 Years Old!

This year zoomed by so fast! It’s not been without challenges of steering a toddler, but it’s been more joyful and fun than we could have ever imagined.

Remington is funny, compassionate, bull-headed, strong, adventurous but also cautious. She’s full of love for people and animals. She’s creative. She’s just the best.

Here are some updates to remember:


She’s now 35 inches and around 28 lbs (well-child checkup is in a couple of weeks), wearing size 2T in most things, moving up to some 3T in a few things that are more fitted. Can still wear some baby-sized dresses. She wears size 6 shoes. Still a petite girl! 25% for weight and 10% for height.


She LOVES being active. Playing outside, gymnastics, dance (she’s doing tap and ballet at school this year!), running and racing.


Still a fabulous sleeper. She goes down pretty easily for naps and nighttime. She sleeps from 8ish until 6 a.m. on school days. On the weekends, she will sleep until 6:30ish. She takes a 2 hour nap every day.  Her bedtime routine is a couple books, praying, and a song. She sometimes asks to “snuggle” where we lay sort of on her bed with her or to rock and sing. She’s not at all attached to a particular blanket, but she still sleeps with her lovey. She occasionally asks for different stuffies to be in bed with her. Poppy from Trolls and Dory have been in there for a while (gifts from our friend Lillian).


She’s hit and miss with teeth brushing. Some nights she fusses that she has to do it, but when it’s time to do it, she’s good. We use an electric toothbrush mostly, and she likes to floss. She still loves bath, but we have to bribe her to wash her hair without crying.


She is still a HUGE helper. She loves to help me cook, help feed the dogs, help clean up her trash and take her plate to the sink after meals. She’s a good girl (most of the time).

She still is social and loves people, but occasionally she will act shy. She still likes to hug, give high fives, talk to people. She is compassionate- when she hears or sees someone crying she wants to go hug them.

She also LOVES mascots and people in costumes. She loves to dress up, but if she sees a mascot, we GOTTA go say hi.


Some of her favorite toys are pretending and building. She LOVES Play Doh and making things with her blocks. She loves to figure something out and do it herself. She is very imaginative- Play Doh becomes pizza dough and blocks quickly become robots. She also loves to pretend with her babies and her play kitchen. She’s always cooking up something. She’s also SUPER into storytelling play with her Paw Patrol pups.


She likes to play games, but sometimes loses patience. But cooperative games are her jam (we aren’t into competition yet). We like to play this silly little dance game and our Snug as a Bug game. We also make up our own games a lot- especially outside with the sidewalk chalk. We make up sort of little relay games. She also LOVES to paint.


She’s still a fantastic eater. Not picky. Prefers veggies over most things (we hear a LOT when we’re out because she will finish her green beans first and ignore fries!). She still loves soup. Now, don’t let her love of veggies fool you- she prefers a hot dog over just about anything. And she loves blue colored foods (Popsicles, cake, etc.) but she’s not picky and will eat most things I give her. Breakfast still isn’t her fave, but if I give her snacky foods (like carrots and a cheese stick) she usually does better than a typical breakfast food. Some of her favorite foods are cherry tomatoes, green beans, mashed potatoes, supreme pizza (“pizza wiff all the tings!”) and lunchables (she takes lunch to school on Fridays and she LOVES a lunchable).


She is mostly drinking water and 1% milk. She isn’t big on drinking, so when it’s hot we have to push. She likes to supplement with popsicles and homemade slushes in the summer.


She can fully dress herself (sometimes needing help with shirts/dresses) but she likes to choose her clothes some days (most days she doesn’t care). But I usually offer her a few choices and let her pick. The funniest change has been in her pajamas. Some nights she wants typical night dresses or PJS and some nights she asks for just a T-shirt. Whatever.

Her favorite foot wear is crocs. Thanks, dad.

You can bribe her pretty well these days with Paw Patrol videos on my phone (though she prefers to watch people playing with Paw Patrol toys, not the actual show). She also likes to watch Blippi and some Kids Bop. She gets the phone halfway through our drive to/from school (I make her have conversation first!). She hardly ever gets it other times, maybe if we are waiting at the doctor…but we don’t do it eating out or anything.


Her hair is SO LONG and she likes it up most days now. When it’s down, she usually wants a blue bow.


She often tells us what a good job we are doing. “Good job making dinner, mom.” “Good job putting on your shoes, dad”


She is BUSY. Hardly ever stops. Even if we are watching a movie, she’s usually playing in the living room.


She still loves her family. From us and her grandmas to her cousins, she LOVES being with family. She is also obsessed with her dogs. She LOVES them and Pippin is great with her. Mikey loves her too, but he’s a bit more skiddish when she’s loud and crazy. Both dogs will sneak into her room at night and lay with her.


She loves to experience new things, but sometimes she has to warm up to them. She needs to watch and see first. She can be cautious. She’s adventurous when it comes to things she’s doing herself (jumping/climbing/etc.) but can be scared of things like rides at the fair or SDC. But she’s trying to be brave.


She is a pretty positive, easy going kid. And our biggest struggle at the moment is defiance. A mix of toddler normal and her strong-willed self. But we’re working on making better choices.


Remington, this year, you’ve grown more and learned more and become such your own little person. It may exhaust me some days to figure you out, but I love seeing your preferences, your spirit and your personality. You have a big imagination, are so creative and spunky. You are so smart. Your vocabulary and thoughts can be so big. I know sometimes because of that, we expect a lot out of you. But I hope you know that we love you so much and are so proud of you. You’re amazing, little girl. Here’s to a wonderful year together!

Happiness Begins

Happiness Begins

The Jonas Brothers are back!

And we are HERE FOR IT.

We bought tickets back in May for the concert, and it was finally here!

Alden came to visit to see the show and we had a great weekend, but this was the cherry on top!

We headed to Tulsa Sunday after church and lunch. We parked and walked to Roof 66, a really neat rooftop bar.

We saw some cool views of the city and had dinner and cocktails.


The whole crew! Becca and Laura (coworkers), Alden, me and Mary Elaine (Laura’s sister).


I just love Tulsa.


(oops in the wrong order, but let’s backtrack) Before we got to dinner, we stopped at Whimsey Cookie for some sweets. We all got a couple to sample and they were yummy!


Hard to see, but they renamed the street in front of the arena Jo Bros Boulevard.


And they had a HUGE Happiness Begins sign on top. We had to wait in line to get into the BOK because they were like totally sold out.


Bebe Rexa opened for them. She was good.


But one of the best parts was the live DJ in between the opening acts and the Jo Bros. We stood and danced like crazy people almost the whole time.

But then, the Jonas Brothers appeared.

And we lost our minds.


We were on the lower bowl close to the stage. We bought the tickets at the first presale, and to be honest, we were almost “too” close because we were almost behind the stage. One song when they stayed up in the set we couldn’t see them. But other wise, we were right by the walkway they came down on the sides.

*blurry phone concert pics but whatever*


Bless it, but the lady in front of us couldn’t hang and she fell asleep sitting in her chair during the show.


This was probably my favorite moment. Cake by the Ocean was just really fun with the dancing wobbly men thingies. (do those things like names? I don’t know)


The encores were AWESOME. Burning Up and Sucker. And the fire and fireworks during them were a fun touch.


So fun to see this show with these friends. Alden, especially. She’s been a big Jo Bro fan for years and this was her first time to see them. She may have cried happy tears (I’ve been guilty of concert crying at Hanson shows). I was glad to experience it with her.