Peanut Butter Burger

Peanut Butter Burger

Guys, you’re gonna have to trust me on this one. It’s weird, but it’s good. I promise.

This was inspired by a burger I had years ago in Tulsa at the Dust Bowl bowling alley.  Theirs didn’t have bacon, but otherwise, this is a pretty exact replica of that burger.

Let’s be honest here, friends. I work full time and have a 9 month old, so this isn’t a homemade burger. I used frozen patties broiled in the oven and the buns and peanut butter are store-bought. But it doesn’t matter. It’s super good.

The peanut butter is creamy, salty and a hint of sweet against the savory onions, crispy bacon and crisp waffles.


  • Beef burger patties (1 per person)- like I said I used frozen 85/15 patties
  • 2 slices of bacon per person
  • Frozen waffles (2 per person)- toast them to your liking, for me that’s on level 2 twice
  • 1 onion for every 2 burgers
  • 2 tbsp butter per onion
  • 1 tbsp oil per onion (I use Riceland’s rice bran oil)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • seasoned salt
  • 1 tbsp creamy peanut butter per person


  • Broil or grill your burgers (sprinkle with season salt before cooking).
  • Crisp up your bacon (I sometimes cook it on the stove or often in the oven).
  • Caramelize the onions. Melt the butter and oil together over medium high heat.  Slice your onion in rings and place in melted butter/oil mixture.  Sprinkle with salt and sugar and turn the heat down to medium.  Let them cook for 20 minutes until golden brown.
  • Toast the waffles.
  • Assemble the burgers. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.  Bottom bun, burger, onions, bacon, and then peanut butter on the top bun.  DO NOT PUT PB ON THE BOTTOM BUN (I don’t like to yell, but if you do this, the peanut butter hits your tongue first and it’s all you taste. Trust me!)
  • Enjoy!

You could also make these like sliders with smaller burgers and the mini waffle buns. They would be really fun for a party since they are super unique!

40 Week Highlights

40 Week Highlights

Where is the time going? This week had it’s highs and lows, but looking back at the memories, it was a good week overall.

Let’s start with this girl growing and developing SO FAST. She was attempting to stand up. Look at those straight legs! She’s crawling all over the place, so goodness help us when she walks!

She moved up to a “big girl” car seat. I was tired of carrying around the baby carrier and she was outgrowing it. So we moved on up.

Just a little mom and Remi selfie before school. Love this girl.

One morning I found Mikey in her room keeping her company between her waking up and going to get her (mom’s gotta turn on the coffee pot, yo).  He loves her, but mostly when she’s contained in her crib. ha!

We had two doctor’s visits this week. The first was an ear follow up and her 9 month well-child checkup. All is well with the 9 month visit, but turned out she had a double ear infection. You wouldn’t know it then because she was a peach. However, she developed a fever later in the week which sent us BACK to the doctor for a checkup.

I ended up wearing her to church on Sunday because we went to the early service. My first time wearing my new Tula. It has the sleepy carrier dust, too!

She looked adorable before church though! I can only get a good picture with her locked in her booster seat because she’s always on the move!

Trying to pull up…

LOVING bath time.

I went to Walmart on my own and left with this GIANT toy. I couldn’t resit. It looked like she would enjoy it. And she sure did!


So that was our week! Such fun with our girl!

Mini-Vacation in Branson

Mini-Vacation in Branson

We took a little weekend getaway to Branson/Big Cedar Lodge last weekend.  We took the moms- it was part of their mother’s day gift. It almost didn’t happen because Remi was running fever. We were originally supposed to go Thursday evening, but we waited until Friday morning to go.

Thankfully, Remi did ok on the drive up. A double ear infection can make you feel crummy, but she did pretty great.

We started our trip at Tyler’s pick- Shorty Smalls.

The grandmas helped keep her entertained during meals. She does ok, but goodness, she’s a squirmy bug.

After lunch, we did some shopping at the outlet mall. Remi mostly napped in her carrier until I wanted to try on clothes (priorities? ha!) and she woke up when I tried to transfer her.  Oh well.

We left Branson and headed down to Big Cedar. We got checked in and settled and then went to have dinner at their new Fun Mountain. It was great! We had a couple different pizzas and enjoyed dinner. They were so accommodating for food for Remi- I asked for some tomatoes and avocado since they had both on the menu- and they brought out big side bowls of both. She loved it!

After dinner, we stayed and played. They had a TON of stuff- go karts, rock climbing wall, arcade, virtual golf…but we chose bowling. It looked like it was underwater and was so fun! It was Remi’s bedtime, so I wore her and she slept through our first game.

The next morning, we were up early (thanks baby girl!) and we had breakfast in our cabin. We brought Krispy Kreme donuts back from Branson, so we enjoyed those and hung out.  Around 7:30, we headed out for some putt putt. Again, it was her nap time, so I wore her on my back for the first time.

The course is gorgeous! They do a great job landscaping everything.

It’s a fun course, especially to be included in our room.  We loved the big bass!

After golf, we walked around, down to the lake and around the resort. The weather was beautiful!

We ended up at the shop and loved playing with Remi there!

While we waited on the shuttle, daddy and R got some play time!

We got back to the room and got ready to swim.  Sweet girl didn’t keep her hat on for long, but she looked cute while it lasted! ha!

We headed to the lazy river and kid’s pool.  Remi LOVED the water.

After pool time, it was nap and lunch.  Remi passed out, we had leftovers for lunch, and while she napped, the grandmas hung out at the room. Tyler and I went back to Fun Mountain for some arcade fun. I may have beat him at a motorcycle game! ha!

We went to Top of the Rock for a wonderful Mexican dinner at Arnie’s Barn.  The views were gorgeous!

Remi had her first corn on the cob.  She was a fan.

Grammy got a little Remi lovings

And it’s safe to say she explored every corner of the condo while playing.

Sunday, we went on a golf cart tour at Top of the Rock. Lots of beautiful water falls.  Remi wasn’t impressed. ha!

We had a wonderful trip!

9 Months Old

9 Months Old

This has been our most fun month yet. She’s on the move, she’s talking, she’s interacting and playing more. We love everything about life with our girl.

Remington weighs 18 lbs, 2 oz and is still 27-28 inches long (she hasn’t grown much lately). She’s around 50th percentile for weight, but is now dropping on height and is like 10-15 for height.  Doctor says she could just be waiting for a growth spurt. He said he’s not ready to say she’s gonna be short. ha! Her head circumference is also in the 10-15 percentile. Our tiny girl! She’s wearing size 3 diapers and anywhere from 6-9 to 9-12 month clothes depending on how it fits (she’s tall, so onesies have to be bigger). She can finally wear her newborn shoes!!

She’s eating 5 5 oz. bottles a day, and eating 3 meals and a snack. Aside from being sick, she’s still a great eater. She prefers hand grabbing her food, but will let us spoon feed her (when she does it, it’s a HUGE mess, so only at dinner at home).

This month, she tried: tomatoes, cottage cheese, pineapple, pork, plums, salmon, cinnamon, vanilla, sage, rosemary, basil, garlic, eggplant, tilapia, green peppers, cucumbers, pasta, cauliflower, coconut, chickpeas, onions, cherries, Goldfish and Cheerios (and probably some things I forgot).  She also got her first ice cream (from my friend Danielle at a church function) and cupcake (at daycare for a kid’s birthday).

Her favorites are still berries and green veggies.

She loves school. Big smiles when we arrive. Thank goodness, no separation anxiety yet. She’s all smiles at drop off at school and church and happily goes to “strangers” (aka people at church functions).

This month she sadly got another ear infection and her first stomach bug. She is still so happy and smiley even during sickness, though.

She’s napping AWESOME- at school for 2 hours or at home for several naps on the weekends. She puts herself to sleep for naps and at bedtime. She sleeps 11 hours straight at night. She goes to bed at 6:30-7:30 depending on how tired she is and sleeps until 6 a.m.

She is BIG girl crawling now. AND FAST. She is a bit wobbly getting from crawl to sit and sometimes falls over. She’s sensitive when she falls over, even if she doesn’t bump her head.

She still LOVES being up in the baby carrier. She naps great in it and smiles big when I get it out and put her in it. Baby wearing is amazing for our bond and being on the go.

She says Mama and Baba very clearly and on purpose now. She’s said “Da” but just as a noise. LOTS of babbling and talking.

Her hair is getting longer and I often have to pin back her bangs.

She LOVES bath time. She crawls around, plays with her toys, splashes, tries to drink the water and eat the soap. She loves water time.

She’s just so fun. She smiles at everyone grocery shopping, she’s easy to run errands with. She is so easy, laid-back and flexible. She’s happy and her “fussy” is so mild. Strangers mention her smile, her hair and her eyes. They always say she’s a good baby- and she is.

Her favorite toys are ones that play music or spin rattle. She will spin the rattle on her activity table over and over and over and over.  She loves rolling the ball now.  She still loves her Hamilton Mix Tape “My Shot.” It’s our go-to happy song. She also loves fun noises and when we dance.

Still just the two bottom teeth. Those top two have been all month coming in, and still nothing.

Her nicknames include Bug, Roo, Roo bug, Remi Grace, RG, Punkin, Doodlebug, Doodles.

Remington, you are the best thing that ever happened to us. Each day is an adventure and a blessing. We pray to teach and guide you well. Your smile and giggle just melts us, and your determination (though sometimes is tough to deal with) is impressive and will serve you well. We love you, baby girl!