You Take the Good, You Take the Bad

You Take the Good, You Take the Bad

We’ve had lots of ups and downs in our house recently. One big up has been that I’ve had some freelance jobs lately, and that allowed us to save and purchase some new living room furniture!

We got new couches, a side table and TV stand. I love how it opened up our living room. In the words of StepBrothers, There’s so much room for activities!!

Now for the bad.

Our sweet Mikey had an eye laceration that SCARED THE HECK OUT OF US. Like, his eye wasn’t round….it was all mangled. Thankfully, our vet is Tyler’s friend and we took him over there Sunday night for a look over and a pain pill. The that Monday he had eye surgery. He’s pretty pitiful, and on 10 days of medications, but hopefully that will take care of his issues.

He’s been our baby since our first year of marriage. He’s my sweet boy, who is quickly becoming deaf and blind….but we will take care of him as long as he has a good quality of life! And he seems to still enjoy going outside and getting some loving. 🙂

All the Remi Updates

All the Remi Updates

We’ve had a bunch of new things for Remington.

For starters, she told us her tooth was hurting (sort of…she mentioned it hurt to chew on a certain side), and she ended up getting a crown with some sedation. She was a cramp, and now she has a silver “superhero” tooth.

She and I got to go see my dad in the nursing home. She’s been with us once since the pandemic, but this was our first visit. It was sweet.

She’s still dressing up on the regular. Elsa joined us for dinner the other night.

Following being Elsa, she changed into a soccer uniform and played in the backyard. In the same evening. I love who is she, and that she can be equal parts princess and soccer star.

I’m singing at church soon, so I had to rehearse. She came with us and did some worship dancing while we practiced, but once the praise team stood to sing as well, she got her “music” (a brochure) and stood singing with us. Precious! I love that she’s learning to worship.

Lots of exciting things happening in our world! She’s just so much fun!

Selling Soap!

Selling Soap!

So I’ve been making soap since the beginning of the year, and I’ve given away a ton of bars as I tested recipes. I don’t want to like quit my job or anything, but I would like for this hobby to fund itself, so I decided to sell my soap. It felt a little overwhelming, because many people start these businesses to try and scale it huge. That’s not what I have in mind, so I am sort of finding my way.

The catalyst for this was a local coffee shop who has a monthly Ladies Night with local vendors. I signed up, so I had a deadline to get packaging and social media set up.

I am so proud of myself! I got it all set up, put myself out there, and I’ve sold more than I imagined I would!

I had lots of friends who don’t live locally interested in buying bars, so I set up an Etsy shop. If you’d like to shop, visit SoapBop there!

I didn’t get a photo set up at the coffee shop, but I did take a little video, so here’s a screen grab of my first soap event!

So Brave at Silver Dollar City

So Brave at Silver Dollar City

We finally made it back to Silver Dollar City, and Remi was PUMPED to be big enough to ride more rides!

She was so brave, trying a few new things- like the kid’s coaster and a real ride: Fire in the Hole!

We didn’t take a ton of pics, but we did get a few! We started out eating cinnamon rolls, watching opening ceremony and then we went straight to Fire in the Hole. Remi was like “what is happening” on the big drops, but I think after the fact, she liked it!

The park wasn’t too busy- we hardly waited for a ride at all.

In fact, the only wait we had was for the new water ride…and that’s because it didn’t open for 45 minutes- so it had built a line up at the start of the day. We tried talking Remi into that one, but she didn’t want to, so we rider swapped. I’m glad we did- it was intense! Super fun, but intense!

She loves the swings still!

We asked her to pick a ride that looked scary and try it to be brave.

She picked the “elevator drop” ride, and I rode with her. It was fun!

We watched the Globetrotters show, and Remi got to meet Globey!

We also rode a ton more rides in the kids area – and did things like making the butterflies and elephant fly (where before, she didn’t want off the ground!).

She made a sweet friend with a boy named William. They rode the butterflies like 4 times and then we followed them to the Flooded Mine. So fun!

We hopped on the train, did a little shopping, rode more rides, and stopped by Wildfire.

On our way out, we visited the candy shop for our faves- chocolate covered potato chips!

It was a GREAT day at the City!