Trying Something New- Ice Skating

Trying Something New- Ice Skating

Remi’s been asking to ice skate, and we didn’t really have anyone near us to go. When the ponds all froze over during the snow, she was like “WHY DON’T WE HAVE ICE SKATES?”

So we decided to take her in Tulsa! We got a Groupon for open skate at the hockey center, and she was apprehensive. LOTS of questions. She was concerned she wouldn’t know what to do and that the ice would break. We reassured her that it was safe- there was floor underneath, so no falling into the ice.

And then we explained that everyone there was learning how to skate. We watched new people take the ice before we went out- so she understood that being wobbly and falling was a part of it. She and Tyler used the skate helper, and she warmed up to it.

THANK GOODNESS Tyler has some skating experience. I’m HORRIBLE. I stayed along the wall the entire time- so clumsy.

But Tyler had her going around the Rink with her by the end. They took a few loops around. Skating is HARD so we needed some breaks when we sat and watched the others skate.

She was SO sweet after we watched the crowd. She would chase after people and tell them “You did a really good job out there!” I love her sweet heart.

We had a fun adventure trying something new. I’m proud of her for being open to new things and trying things that sort of scare her.

Fun Staying with Family

Fun Staying with Family

In Tulsa, we stayed the night with some of Tyler’s family- Randy and Norma.

They’ve always been so fun and so kind, so I was excited to stay with them. Remi LOVED the thought of a sleepover at someone else’s house.

We met them for dinner, and then we followed them out to their house on Keystone Lake. It’s a cute cabin in the woods. Norma had made cupcakes and let Remi help with the frosting and sprinkles. She loved that!

Randy feeds the wildlife, so each night they get visitors. Remi LOVED seeing the racoons and possums!

Their grandkids are teens now, but they had some older toys still hanging around, so Remi loved playing with their toys. Of course, sleeping in a new place is sort of touch and go….but we made it through the night with some rest.

For breakfast, Norma and Remi made us eggs and bacon.

Then Remi fed her leftover toast to the birds and raccoons.

We took a little mini hike to the water, and Tyler and Remi went all the way down to throw rocks. I stayed up top (I was wearing Keds….not great for sliding down a hill!)

It was a fun stay with family!

Trip to the Tulsa Zoo

Trip to the Tulsa Zoo

Remi’s been asking to go to the zoo. She’s been to petting zoos before, but never the big zoo with the big animals. Our closet zoos are Tulsa and Little Rock, so we decided to go spend a weekend in Tulsa after soccer and hit the zoo.

Tyler and I surprised her. After soccer, she knew we were going to a surprise, but didn’t know what. When she woke up from her nap, we told her we were at the zoo. She was pumped!

We started with a train ride around the zoo- that was fun! The Tulsa Zoo made it very safe- masks indoors and when social distancing isn’t possible…and plexiglass between seats on the train.

Remi was excited to see the monkeys, so we started there. She ooh ooh ah ah-ed at them for a few minutes.

We saw Elephants up close and personal last summer in Hugo, but she also liked the elephant exhibit. Inside, there were some elephant statues you could climb on and she was into that.

You could get up above the giraffes and see them eye to eye! That was fun, too!

We only spent a few hours at the zoo, but we had a great time!

Remi’s First Soccer Game

Remi’s First Soccer Game

Remi wanted to play soccer this spring (I think her friends from school playing had something to do with it!) but I’m so glad she did. We are watching her try something new, work hard and do her best. Her team is so cute- 10 little 3 and 4 year olds. There’s a lot of chaos, but they are working together pretty well!

Remi was SO ready on game day- she thought she would get to play goalie, and she did at first…but turns out there aren’t goalies for the little kids.

She did stop one goal though before the ref said nope!

Then she got play time, and she worked hard and even scored a goal! She was so excited!

We are excited to cheer on the Goal Diggers this season!