MOPS Christmas Party

MOPS Christmas Party

This semester, our church (finally!) started a working mom’s MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) once a month in the evening.

The ladies have been so encouraging and so sweet to minister to our weary momma hearts.

They treated us and our kiddos to a fun Christmas party, and it was so special!

We started decorating cupcakes for Jesus’ birthday and then we ate pizza.

They did all sorts of fun crafts- making an ornament, Christmas canvas, and searching for a little lamb around the room.

Then our children’s pastor came and told them the Christmas story (which was a little nuts because of all the little kid energy!).

They also got to do a service project- packaging up cake kits to donate to the food pantry.

I’m just so very grateful that these ladies felt the nudge to serve in this way. I’m super involved in church, but most of it is my service. Showing up and being poured into is so sweet. So very sweet. And they go above and beyond to decorate and make food and encourage our hearts. It’s so special.

Hometown Christmas Parade

Hometown Christmas Parade

I always say there are three days when I really really love where we live (more than I usually do): 4th of July, Halloween and the Christmas parade.

It’s just so fun to stand in people’s front yard’s down main street with our friends, and see all the floats go by. Every fire and police dept from like 15 miles around comes and drives with sirens and lights on. Sports teams and businesses have floats, the band marches, motorcycles, ATVs and horses all parade down main street. And goodness, EVERYONE throws so much candy. We left with a big bag full at the end of the night.

We all bundled up and found a great spot!

Remi quickly figured out if she yelled “Merry Christmas” and waved that the parade floats would see her and throw her a handful of candy.

It’s such an eclectic bunch of floats. I just love it. We spot friends, too, which is fun! One of Remi’s favorite friends from daycare saw her and yelled at her- she was so excited to see him!

And of course, ending the parade was Santa on a fire truck. So charming!

It’s such a fun Christmas tradition! I love our little town.

A Laid-Back Thanksgiving

A Laid-Back Thanksgiving

We had a nice laid back Thanksgiving, which was nice after the craziness of Tyler’s heart procedure (a cardioversion from him having afib). We had decided to cater the food again. We’ve done it for a few years, and we switched restaurants this year. It’s nice to make the dishes we care about, but have someone else make the standards (turkey, mashed potato, rolls, etc). We had good food, but we missed our usual Jeff’s Club House, so we will go back to that next year.

Our Hot Springs family came up for the day. And Remi’s big cousins (well, Catilyn and Gavin….Luke not so much) are so good with her. They all love her so well. I loved watching the bigs with her, snuggling and playing all day.

Caitlyn stayed with my mom for a few days, so on Black Friday, we went for a girl’s day! We got pedicures, lunch and shopping. It was fun…and Remi enjoyed getting her fingers and toes painted.

Although bless it, she couldn’t hang. Too much fun after shopping through nap time.

On Saturday, I went to the grocery store and got some sugar cookie mix. She wanted to make Christmas cookies ASAP. And her sweet heart, she wanted to take some over to our neighbor Michael. She loves him (we all do! He’s a great neighbor!)

We spent the evenings over at my mom’s eating leftovers and watching TV. We watched the new Home Alone movie (cute, but prefer the original!), the Queen family singalong, and a Hallmark movie!

We put up our tree and my mom’s. Remi was VERY into looking at all the ornaments and putting them in all the right spots. I am loving this holiday season with her!

We are ready to transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas!

The Winning Save!

The Winning Save!

Remi’s soccer team had their final game. It was a big one! We’ve played some teams this year who were more in the 6+ year old range….most of her team was playing for the first time. They’ve had some games where they got beat.

This game they were playing a team they were pretty evenly matched with, which was fun for all the kids.

They played awesome. I think at some point every kid had control of the ball. We had one goal, and at the end of the game, Remi was playing goalie.

The other team came in to score their final point (which would have tied it up), and she stopped the ball! She saved the game!

We are proud of how hard they all worked. Tyler was a great coach, too!