Christmas Light Night 2

Christmas Light Night 2

For the second week of our Christmas light tour, we hit up a BUNCH of houses in and around Fort Smith that had neat displays.

But Remi’s fave was Creekmore Park. Even though the train wasn’t running, she LOVED playing at the park at night with the lights all around!

The weather was surprisingly nice! Even though it was a little cold, there was no wind, so it was really pleasant outside.

Remi also LOVED the Fianna Hills neighborhood, including the houses on Dundee Drive. They each have a Disney display with a line from Twas the Night Before Christmas, so you can read the story as you drive. It was so fun!

She also loved getting out at the different houses and watching the displays set to music. We are so thankful for our community making everything so festive!

Leading Up to Christmas Fun

Leading Up to Christmas Fun

Even though the holiday season wasn’t “normal,” we still had PLENTY of fun leading up to the big day!

Remi had a Christmas party at school, and she looked so cute in her Rudolph outfit!

We also had enough Christmas clothes to wear every day in December. I didn’t document everyday (because she gets really tired of photos really quick!), but I loved this cute Jeep shirt! Fun fact: girls can wear “boy” shirts, too!

We had a few different Christmas countdowns. We got a 7 day countdown from church with a nativity and a book, and dad brought home a chocolate advent calendar from school. But I LOVED this little felt countdown. I added candy each day, and she built a big nativity scene- so we talked about all the parts every morning.

OF COURSE we had holiday pancakes!

One afternoon, we were trying to meet Tyler for lunch…but he got stuck at a police call. While we were waiting in the parking lot (with the windows down because it was AWESOME weather), we heard LOUD Christmas music blaring. It was SANTA AND MRS. CLAUS driving by! We got out to see them and they gave her a gift from their big bag.

And we had to make sugar cookies for Santa! I knew her fave part would just be the icing and sprinkles, so we bought a cookie kit from a local bakery. She loved decorating them and picking out the special ones for Santa!

Merry Christmas (card)

Merry Christmas (card)

Like always, I wish I could send you all cards…but a digital one will have to do!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

A Surprise Snow

A Surprise Snow

Our Sunday started off with heavy rain. It was in the mid-to-upper-30s, and there was a chance of snow. But you just never know here. More often than not, the snow avoids us.

We went to church and lunch in the rain and came home to nap.

Remi and I took LONG three hour naps, and when I woke up, Tyler said “You have to come see the snow! And we have to wake Remi up!”

It was .5 to 1 inch covered everywhere!

We woke her up and she was SO excited!

We played in it, and thankfully, it was wet and our snowball makers worked GREAT. We also made a tiny snowman.

Then we headed to Gigi’s to sled down her hill! Remi LOVED the sled.

She got this sled for her 1 year old Christmas, and it’s the first real snow she’s gotten to use it in (it’s snowed a bit before, but it was TOO cold and windy to play).

She didn’t love having to drag her sled back up the hill. ha!

She also made a BUNCH of snow angels! Her delight in the snow was so fun.

We stayed until dark, playing in the light of Tyler’s truck until she was just soaked through her gloves and pants and too cold to keep playing.

The snow lasted all the next day. It was so pretty and so special!