Friends, Art and Food

Friends, Art and Food

Ok, these photos are in backwards order because I can’t fight with my blog anymore. ha!

Me and the girls had a fun night out to NWA to hit the North Forest Lights display at Crystal Bridges. We’ve joked that Crystal Bridges is “our thing” because our husbands aren’t that interested. ha!  But we had a blast together!

We left in the afternoon and went to dinner first. We had a great Italian meal at Tavola Trattoria, then we hit the museum.

The displays were really neat, even if it was COLD.

Then after, we had drinks at the Foreman and then we decided we wanted 4th meal at Yeyos!

So here’s the pics with more of the story.

Yeyo’s was SO good. The guacamole sampler was just what we needed! We didn’t leave NWA until like 11, so we needed more fuel for the drive home. ha!


The drinks at the Foreman were literally the best I’ve ever had. So smooth, so balanced, so unique. We all got something different, but they were all so good. It’s a neat little bar  in the top and back of Onyx Coffee Lab, but the vibe is so neat. It feels like a secret speakeasy.


Cold hands, warm hearts. I love these girls so much and I’m so thankful we got to go explore together. The light displays were really unique and neat.


This one was a mix of music, fog and lazers making this dry creek bed look like water had come to life. It was really magical!


This was our favorite- the Whispering Tree. You waited in line and got to go see the tree, talk (or sing) into the microphone, and then it told you your “color.”  Me and Tara were indigo, Rachel was a golden color (sorry, friend, I don’t remember what they called it), Rebecca was magenta, and all together we were summer leaves!



Girls night as it should be: food, fun, laughter, drinks, more food, and something girly. And it doesn’t hurt that it feels like a vacation with these girls all the time.

Celebrating Gigi and other fun

Celebrating Gigi and other fun

We had a fun week celebrating Gigi’s birthday! We had a big family dinner together after gymnastics (for our memories…Remi kept asking us to come watch her do gymnastics with school… we switched her back to going after work so we can watch!). Then we also had a dinner for her on her actual birthday. Tyler was working, but we had a fun girls’ dinner!

We made Gigi “Silver Dollar City” skillets, brownie bites, and ice cream with her favorite- Nerds!


Remi LOVED making her those Olaf brownie bites! And she enjoyed eating one fresh out of the white chocolate.


We also had a quiet weekend full of LOTS of playing. I love who she is- blue lipstick, Paw Patrol pajamas, and trains. She’s unique and perfect.


She’s been very into new fun things. At the example of the “neighbors” on Daniel Tiger (the segments with real kids), we’ve played “Sink or Float” and then we made a blanket fort!  She and Daddy played Candyland in the fort….and then she slept in it all night long!


A No Snow Weekend

A No Snow Weekend

We had a weekend with no plans and just wanted to hang at home. Downtime is good. And then, the weatherman called for snow. We were pumped!

Unfortunately, it hardly did anything, but we did have a great weekend together!

It started with a bath for me after a Saturday morning workout, and Remi is so funny, insisting that I need bath toys. She brings them to me, and then mostly just plays at the side of the tub.


It did snow a little. Tiny little flakes, but they really came down for a bit. Remi went outside to catch some!


She had to nap while it was coming down, and we were hopeful we would get a dusting…but after nap, it was mostly all melted. We did manage to scrape every surface for a little bowl full.  She enjoyed throwing it!


We watched Brave, so she had to get out her Brave dress. She is LOVING dressing up. Blurry picture, but great memory.  Dress, necklace, crown and lots of “running from the dragons.”


Daddy got in on the action Sunday morning, dressing as our dragon.  And Princess Super Hero Jasmin Elsa (Jasmin costume, Elsa wand and shoes, and superhero cape) had a blast playing. Momma also got a crown and wand to get in on the fun!


After nap, she asked to do some face paint tattoos that she got for Christmas, and she chose the dino/dragon. She wanted it washed off before bedtime, so it didn’t last long. But I laughed at the dino princess running around our house!


She’s such a fun/funny kid. We are having a blast with her at this stage. Her imagination is running wild and we love just feeding it and watching it blossom.

Seeing Miss Saigon (Again)

Seeing Miss Saigon (Again)

Mom and I renewed our Broadway subscription for Tulsa (instead of Fayetteville) again for 2020.  The shows were just great. And it’s not much farther to go to Tulsa instead of NWA.

We had our first show of the season, Miss Saigon. We tried to sell the tickets. We had seen it years before and didn’t remember it being memorable, but the tickets didn’t sell. And I’m so glad!

We started our day with lunch at a neat spot- the White River Fish Market. They sell fresh fish, but then they also cook it!  I got a yummy grilled fish kabob, which had six different types of fish on it. Really great to try different types of fish I probably wouldn’t try.


Then we went shopping, and we almost shopped too long. We had like 4 spare minutes once we got to the theater!  Oops!

But Miss Saigon was GREAT. The show was emotional and moving, and we totally didn’t remember the plot, but we loved it.


I’m so thankful for seeing all of these awesome shows with my mom! It’s such a wonderful thing to share!