Celebrating Our Favorite Guy

Celebrating Our Favorite Guy

We celebrated Tyler’s birthday exactly the way he asked: outside with guns. ha!

He may be a police officer, but most of his shooting is at the qualifying range (fun fact: they have to continually qualify to carry their firearms). So he wanted to go shoot for fun. There is an outdoor range not far from us, so that’s where we headed for his birthday.

We loaded up all of our firearms and spent the afternoon.

He also showed Remi how to shoot. We believe in responsible gun ownership, which includes showing your kids the power of a gun and how to handle them responsibly (like protective gear and ONLY when grownups are around). She only shot a few times, but he loved teaching her this.

She spent most of the afternoon with her headphones on playing with the grandmas. Shout out to them for taking turns letting her run around in the woods.

I got to shoot my gun, and also got some fun shots with Tyler’s.

Mom and Nancy got some shots in as well! This is mom shooting my dad’s TINY little .22 gun. He always loved that.

After shooting, we went nearby to Jack Creek. I’ve heard of it, but we’ve never been and it was BEAUTIFUL. The creek made for a great swimming area, and even though it was a little cooler, there were kids and adults swimning.

So Remi HAD to get in the water. Thankfully, I had some extra clothes.

When we got back home, we had taco soup, and then he opened his gifts. Remi is SO fun on birthdays. She’s just full of joy for everyone. I love the way she helped him and was so excited about everything he opened.

And then she LOVED him blowing out his cake (side note: he got one candle because the rest were either pink or unicorn candles. I had one plain star! haha).

We are thankful for Tyler and how he works hard, loves well, and leads us. Happy birthday, babe!

Date Night

Date Night

We have a new BBQ restaurant in town, and Tyler asked me if I wanted to go on a date during Remi’s dance class (hey, thanks, built-in hour of childcare!). When we got there, we saw that they were only open for takeout. Thankfully, the weather was nice, so we took our food across to the town square and ate on a bench.

It made for a funny evening, but the company and the food were great.

When we picked Remi up from dance, she asked for ice cream (which is a funny thing because she hadn’t had dinner yet!), but Tyler was with us (it’s usually just me), and so we said yes. We ate outside on the picnic tables and enjoyed talking together.

My boss at work has had us playing This or That a lot- where you name two things and choose between the two. It’s a great conversation starter! Like waffles or pancakes? Dogs or cats? Swimming or boating? We played together and laughed at Remi’s choices- completely unrelated things. “Watching the phone outside or eating rainbow ice cream?” hahaha

I’m thankful for time with both of my sweethearts.

Night at the Rodeo

Night at the Rodeo

Ok, I want to start this post by saying that I understand the covid situation across the country is very different. Yes, I agree that the virus is real. I’ve had close friends be positive and very sick. My dad’s nursing home has positive cases. However, we haven’t had near the levels that other areas have, and we are following the directives by our local health officials, which include venues having events again. This was outdoors, and we were distanced from those we didn’t know. I honor you if you disagree that we went to this. But you’ve got to believe me when I say that we are making all the wisest decisions we can for our family.

We went to the rodeo, and Remi ATE IT UP. She had to wear her boots and hat. And she looked the cowgirl part.

Gigi is a country girl, and used to ride in rodeos barrel racing, so she loves sharing this with Remi. Remi surprised us and we stayed the entire night until the last bullrider was over.

We sat near some friends of ours and their kids. And as hard as we tried, the kids just needed to sit together and play. And they are all at public school, so we all felt like it was ok to let them play. None of them are in isolation. And it was nice to let Remi play with the kids and we got to have some adult conversation.

At one point, they let the kids in the arena to chase a cow. And Remi jumped RIGHT in. No fear, that one!

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend

We had a very nice relaxing, family-filled Labor Day weekend. I love any extra down time, and I love it even more filled with people and things that I love.

We spent Saturday at the pool and lake, and then we repeated on Sunday- but with my Hot Springs family. Remi loves playing with them, and the older she gets, the easier it is for the kids to play with her.

Over the weekend, we did some fun tie dye! We did some hats, long sleeve t shirts, and sweat shirts. While the sweatshirts SOAKED up the dye, they turned out SO good.

Seriously proud of mine!

Sunday, we went down to horse camp to visit Nancy, my MIL. She was down there riding and camping, and we all met up for dinner. It was SO fun. The weather was nice, the kids played, and we ate great food.

And after dinner, we had a great bonfire and smores, which are always a treat.

Monday was more swimming and then I grilled steaks for lunch. They were so good.

It was a great weekend together. This has felt like the summer that will never end since we had so much togetherness during quarantine, but now that fall temps are tempting us, I am ready to move on to the next season.