Beauty and the Beast

So this week I have really been cultured in terms of music.

On Sunday, mom and I went to see Beauty and Beast the musical.

It was so great! We love musicals and have seen so many (Mamma Mia, Wicked, Little Mermaid, Chicago, The Producers, Hairspray, Les Mis, Annie, Mary Poppins, Avenue Q, Rent, the list could go on…) but we have never seen Beauty and Beast. It was great! The cast and the music was fantastic! I am so thankful for a place in town that brings in such wonderful musicals! I am glad that even when we move next year, we will only be an hour away so we can still enjoy the shows. Mom and I have season tickets to 7 musicals this year…so there will be more to come!

Get Your Motor Running…

Yesterday I did something I wasn’t sure I could do.

I rode over an hour on the interstate on the motorcycle.


Tyler brought a big cruiser that had a sissy bar (back seat rest for those who don’t know bikes), and asked if I wanted to take that down to the shop Saturday. I decided to bite the bullet and go for it!

I was so scared at first. I think I prayed for the first 5 minutes we were on the interstate. We were going 75, and though I had on a helmet, all I could look at was the pavement flying by. I have a bad history with moving pavement, falling out of a vehicle at 16 (not a ton of physical damage, but emotional nonetheless). So I knew I had to stop focusing on the things that scared me.

I started counting exits. ha! Do you know there are 7 exits on 540 south of Fayetteville? Well there are! I was counting to keep calm.

I was proud of myself. I didn’t cry or scream (which I did both on my first ride years ago). I didn’t even get that tense and uncomfortable. And while this is something I won’t be doing all the time, since Ty loves to ride, I think it made him happy that I gave it a shot, and did well on my first longish ride.

I’m proud of myself for conquering a fear.

Christmas in July!

Well, I caved.

I love holiday decor (all holidays really…remember my holiday plate holder in my kitchen that holds plates to bring in every holiday from St. Patty’s day to Valentine’s to Easter). Well, one home decor website I get emails from had a sale….and I bought some Christmas decor.

I know, its July. But I just bought some rubbermaid containers (that were on sale thanks to our college town and move-in happening right now) and put them away. I can’t get pics off their website because they are flash pictures, but everything is so cute! All items are from They have great prices, and I have been quite happy with the quality of all the items.

I got a little peppermint metal serving tray, a mini nativity set, a lace snowman card holder, a personalized snowman sign for our door, an elf toilet seat cover that is too cute, and a metal flag holder for outside. I got all that stuff for like $50! It is amazing. Check them out! And when it’s Christmas and I finally put everything out, I’ll take pictures and show off my goodies!

Summertime…and the living is easy

Well, I am completely, 100% over teaching summer school.

The everyday thing stinks. The students are burned out, and some have quit caring. I am trying to make it interesting and exciting, but it is so hard. It will be over next Friday, praise the Lord!

I had a fairly entertaining weekend. On Friday, a friend from Dallas, Kim, came up to NWA, so me, her, and Beth hung out. We had dinner at a fun little local coffee shop and had yogurt. It was great to catch up with the girls.
Saturday, I went to Ty’s shop and helped out. I feel like I can do more and more there, which is good. I am finally feeling like maybe I belong in that realm of his life. One funny thing happened…I was watching the mechanic’s new puppy, Oakley. He is a precious puppy, and he is still being potty trained. Well, Oakley moved over to the big black plastic mat that is under the office stools, and he squatted. I was just about to pick him up and move him outside, when he had EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA. EW. Everywhere on the rug. And it smelled so bad. I could tell this little puppy didn’t feel well because immediately he ran to his bed and laid down with a sad look on his face, so I didn’t punish himI thought for a split second about trying to clean up the mess, but the smell overtook me. I couldn’t do it. I just dragged the rug outside so they could hose it off. I couldn’t deal with it. When I came back in, I tried to find something to cover the smell, but all I could find was Windex…so I sprayed windex ALL over the front counter area to mask the smell. Ugh. Gross.

Then mom and dad came to town and took Ty and I out for a nice meal. We went to Copeland’s and had a great dinner and dessert. It was so good.

Ty and I at dinner
Our favorite thing at Copeland’s is their spinach dip…they serve it with fried bowtie pasta instead of chips or bread. It is soooo yummy! Mom and dad each had a little tasting plate (of crab ravioli and steak) and Tyler and I shared crab cakes with shrimp alfredo. Then we all had their wonderful cheesecake (Mom and dad had white choc strawberry, I had praline, and Tyler had their chocolate cake). Delish!
My wonderful parents after dinner! Don’t they look full and happy! ha!
That night, me, mom, and Ty sat on the couch playing online trivia games all night and it was so fun! We played “Name that Car Logo” and “Grease Trivia” and “Name that 80s song” and much more. We were being so competitive and having a blast. We laughed all night long!

On Sunday, we went to visit Aunt Bobby and Uncle Jerry a couple hours away. We had a great visit with them. We ate BBQ, watched our wedding video (since Aunt Bobby was just getting out the hospital when we got married and didn’t get to come to the wedding), and visited and had a great time. Then we came home, napped, and watched TV. It was a great weekend.