Almost there!

Ok, I woke up early and can’t go back to sleep. Why? BECAUSE I GET MARRIED TODAY!

Everything has worked out so perfectly, I’m a little worried what will go wrong today…

Here is what we’ve been up to since I got home-

Thursday, we decorated the church…

We got pedicures….

We decorated the rehearsal dinner space (with a little child labor). 🙂
We picked up my friend Amanda from the airport at 11 p.m. (she was due to arrive at 8!)
Friday we decorated the reception (we finished about 3o minutes earlier than expected! Everything worked out so well!)
We had a bridal luncheon at On the Border with the cutest cake! (the ribbons coming out of the side were bridesmaid charms…each girl pulled one out of the cake to reveal her “fortune”….love, luck, adventure etc.)
We had our rehearsal (sorry..Mom took all those pics…) and rehearsal dinner at the bowling alley! We ate wonderful BBQ (even if we were a little crammed into their party room) and then bowled a few games and it was SOOOO FUN!

It was a house divided theme….
Look at my precious cousin/ringbearer Luke bowling!
Me and some of my girls…
Tyler and some of his pledge brothers.

OMG I just can’t believe its today! See you on the flip side!

Going home…then going to the chapel!

Ok, I’m heading home in a few short hours (after my class this evening…boo for a presentation on my last day here).

I CAN NOT wait to get home.

There are so many little things to get together. We are decorating the church tomorrow. I can’t wait to see all the bows, candles, aisle runner and everything come together! We will also decorate the rehearsal dinner room Thursday. We are doing a “house divided” BBQ at the bowling alley then bowling. We will have Razorback and Sooner and football decor.

Then Friday is the reception day. OH MY we have lots to do. We have to do all the centerpieces, chair covers, everything. We will get it done, and I’m sure it will be a blast putting it all up…but I know it will be long days.

I have so much anxious energy today. I was up at 4:15 and today has been dragging on. But I’ve gotten a lot of random things done (laundry, cleaning the tub, I even made my bed…which never happens!). I just can’t wait to be gone at 5:30. The car is already loaded.

If I don’t have time to blog while I’m home, see you on the other side!

Pushing Forward

Well, its wedding week! Woohoo!

Only problem is, I MUST focus on school until I leave Wednesday.

See, I have a big presentation Wednesday afternoon, class to teach Wednesday, and then class next week when we return from the wedding.

So I gotta focus and get stuff done.

Good news is…I’m currently in the library working. I finished grading my midterms, read for this week and next, wrote my paper for tomorrow, got my presentation ready. I think I’m mostly done. But if I just focus on the wedding and everything, the next 30 hours will go by sooooo slow. So I’m focusing so I can make it through.

Wednesday at 5:30 when I leave for home, I’ll be in wedding mode.

I am so excited though. Tyler spent the night last night and he said “Next time I’m here with you, we’ll be husband and wife.” That sounded great.

Back to productivity….

Weekend Fun

Well, what a productive weekend we’ve had.

Saturday I helped at Tyler’s shop then we moved him to Fayetteville. It was almost comical. He only wanted to move his dresser, about 20 articles of clothes on hangers, and like 4 pairs of shoes. “I don’t really need the rest of my stuff” he said. That’s probably a good thing. We don’t have much room here in this little apartment! We also watched “What Happens In Vegas” Saturday night.
Our Movie Gallery is going out of business, so we bought a bunch of $3 and $4 movies the other day….and we decided to watch one we bought. It was really cute and funny.

Today, we ran all over town buying groomsmen and usher gifts. Tyler just isn’t good at getting stuff done on his own (examples: booking the honeymoon, getting tuxes) so he waited to do this “together.” aka, he put it off until I made him do it. We got everything done though.

We also had lunch today at Jason’s Deli. (this was not our salad, just a Google pic).
Tyler LOVED the salad bar. We had awesome hummus, pasta salads, the AMAZING gingerbread and cornbread muffins, and their free ice cream. Tyler said its his new favorite place, and I can’t wait until we go back again. Its sooooo good!

We had Kobe for sushi for dinner….yummy as always. We tried the Fire Roll, which was served in a foil packet and in a fajita-like pan and served flaming. It was good, but still doesn’t compare to our favorite Firecracker Roll. That roll just never disappoints. We won’t know what to do when we live in Ft. Smith and don’t have Kobe to get sushi at. Hopefully, we can find some good sushi in the Fort too.

Its wedding week! I have three days of classes (VERY full days) but then I get to go home and get ready to marry my best friend! Woohoo!