Healthy Cooking

We didn’t eat a ton of fresh veggies growing up (mostly because I don’t think my sweet momma knew how to cook them)so once I got out on my own, I started experimenting. Sauteed zucchini and squash are one of my favorites.

You will need:
1-2 zucchini
1-2 yellow crooked neck squash
1 onion
dollop of butter or margarine (I use margarine)
Dry ranch seasoning or seasoning salt
Red pepper flakes- optional

Start by taking the skin off the onion.

Onions always stink up my trash can and are so bad for your disposal (they are stringy and don’t break down well…so says my father) so I wrap the skin and ends in foil so they don’t stink up my trash!

Cut the onion in half and slice in thin slices. If I had a mandolin slicer (here’s hoping for one off the wedding registry) I would use that to get uniform slices.

Then I put a dollop of margarine in the pan and let it melt over medium heat.

Add the onions and saute for 8-15 minutes over medium heat. If you like your onions to have a bite, in both flavor and texture…go for 8. Tyler hates crunchy “spicy” onions, so I go for 15 to really make them sweet.

At the beginning of the saute, I add a little pinch of red pepper flakes. We like it hot.

While the onions saute, slice the squash and zucchine into thin slices. I used 2 zucchini and 1 squash. It makes a big pile, but we like it as leftovers (WARNING: it gets a little mushy as leftovers. We are cool with that…but if you don’t like mushy food, only make what you can eat.)

Saute the squash and zucchini to your liking of doneness. I went 13 minutes. They are pretty soft, but the edges are borderline crunchy. If you don’t have as much in a pan as I do, it will take you less time. When they are like 1 minute from done, add a good sprinkle of dry ranch seasoning (the favorite seasoning in my house). I guess I might have used about 1 tablespoon? Maybe a little more? Anyway….add this at the last minute because it WILL burn in the pan on the heat. Voila! Healthy fresh veggies anyone would love!

ZUMBA! Do What You Love

Kelly over at is doing Show Us Your Life- Diets and Excercise. I have always struggled with weight and still go up and down.

I recently did Nutrisystem. I was wildly sucessful by diet standards. It was easy to do, the food wasn’t too bad, and I lost about 10 pounds per month. But I stopped doing it and gained some of it back. Boo on that.

I think my latest trick that has been working is to work out. Over Christmas break, mom and I went to a gym and I did some interval training. That is where on the treadmill, you walk some, run some, walk some, run some. I started doing 40 second intervals (walk for 40 sec, run for 40 sec….) and worked up to like 1 minute 40 sec intervals. It felt good and boy does it burn calories!

Now that I’m back in Fay, I go to different workout classes at the HPER. I LOVE classes that make me feel like I’m having fun. My fave is zumba. Its latin dance aerobics, and I hardly realize I’m working out until the sweat starts pouring. I think the key to working out is to find what you enjoy. I don’t really like to run or lift weights, but I know others that love to run and Tyler loves lifting. So find what you like and stick to it. Its ok to try the other stuff, but don’t force yourself. When you force yourself into an activity you don’t like, that is when you stop working out. So find what it is you enjoy and stay active!

Dreary Day

The clouds are covering the sky in an ugly gray and its misting outside. This type of weather always makes me feel like a big ball of “blah”. I’m at Tyler’s shop today because I have no classes on Thursdays and we have premarital counseling this afternoon. I think to brighten my day I might go get a manicure.

We are under the 2 month mark for the wedding. I’m ready. Almost every detail is done. I have two bridal showers coming up next weekend and the weekend after that. It should be fun. I have gotten a couple wedding gifts in the mail, and its been fun to imagine using this stuff in our life together. And who doesn’t love opening presents? 🙂

Back to the Grind

Well I took a little break but now I’m back to the grind. Classes started yesterday. Oh my. I am taking 9 hours again and teaching 6. I did it last semester, but for some reason I feel a tiny bit overwhelmed about it this semester. But I don’t want to drop any of my classes….so guess I’m sticking with it!

I’m trying REALLY hard to stay with a workout schedule and eat the rest of this doggone Nutrisystem. I will lose a little more weight before the wedding (and the bridal pictures! in two weeks! eek!). I got a really cute photo desk calendar for free (only 5.99 shipping) in the mail yesterday You use coupon code NEWYEAR to get the free calendar. I did it with pictures of me and Ty. I am going to take it up to the office, I think.

Ok…I will stop wasting time online and do my workout video.