Dreary Day

The clouds are covering the sky in an ugly gray and its misting outside. This type of weather always makes me feel like a big ball of “blah”. I’m at Tyler’s shop today because I have no classes on Thursdays and we have premarital counseling this afternoon. I think to brighten my day I might go get a manicure.

We are under the 2 month mark for the wedding. I’m ready. Almost every detail is done. I have two bridal showers coming up next weekend and the weekend after that. It should be fun. I have gotten a couple wedding gifts in the mail, and its been fun to imagine using this stuff in our life together. And who doesn’t love opening presents? 🙂

Back to the Grind

Well I took a little break but now I’m back to the grind. Classes started yesterday. Oh my. I am taking 9 hours again and teaching 6. I did it last semester, but for some reason I feel a tiny bit overwhelmed about it this semester. But I don’t want to drop any of my classes….so guess I’m sticking with it!

I’m trying REALLY hard to stay with a workout schedule and eat the rest of this doggone Nutrisystem. I will lose a little more weight before the wedding (and the bridal pictures! in two weeks! eek!). I got a really cute photo desk calendar for free (only 5.99 shipping) in the mail yesterday You use coupon code NEWYEAR to get the free calendar. I did it with pictures of me and Ty. I am going to take it up to the office, I think.

Ok…I will stop wasting time online and do my workout video.


To snow or not to snow?

Well…mom and I came back to Fayetteville (she came with me to spend a little time together before classes start) and the weather can’t make up its mind. The forecast was calling for up to 3 inches of snow….but now, the radar shows it might just go around us.

While I love the beauty of snow, we can’t really drive in it. Case in point: tonight, I was driving, and a little bridge over by Walmart was iced over, and I slammed on my breaks (a BIG no no while on ice.) Luckily, my lane was clear, the ice was just in the middle lane…but it just proved that if we get snow or ice, I do not need to be behind the wheel.

I go to a meeting to pick the classes I teach tomorrow. I hope I get good ones. Not really sure what would qualify for good. I would like to NOT teach the 7:30 a.m. MWF class again, I do know that. I think I would like a TTH class,or maybe even the 3 hour late night blocks. If I did that, I would have Mondays free until 5, free days, and free Thursdays and Fridays. It would be awesome. We shall see what the luck of the draw holds for me tomorrow. Say a prayer for good classes!


I love the white dusting of snow we have. Everything looks new and clean. It wasn’t supposed to snow a lot, but we have a full covering and its still coming down.

I hope it doesn’t mess with plans too much. I am supposed to visit a friend in Benton tomorrow and head to Fayetteville Wednesday. Let’s hope it is just pretty for today and the roads clear up so I can do what I want to do! 🙂