The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer….

Well after we spent alllllllll day doing housework in my tiny one bedroom apartment (what ever will we do in a bigger house??), we sat down to watch Elf. Its my second favorite Christmas movie (second to White Christmas…but Tyler semi-refuses to watch White Christmas b/c the cover makes it look old and boring). As we were watching Elf, I got the HUGE urge to go look at Christmas lights. So we went to the Lights of the Ozarks on the Square. They were great! I’m such in a Christmas mood now! Only one day until I head home for break!

Change of Plans…but in a good way!

Well yesterday I was in Fort Smith at Tyler’s shop (which looks amazing these days….take a look!) and he was preparing to go race dirt bikes today in the middle of nowhere. But….a friend called and said the track was washed out and dangerous and hard, so he decided he wasn’t going anymore.

So….he came back to Fayetteville with me! 🙂 We saw Blind Side last night. The best movie! I hope I would be that type of woman to stand up for someone who needed love and help.

We came back here and had some quality time, and now we are about to go get some breakfast and clean the apartment. I am so thankful for a gentle, sweet fiance who helps with the housework! He is going to do the dishes and dust while I do laundry and pick up.

On another note…three months from today, I will get a new last name! Yup….in three short months I will be married! 🙂 Also exciting! Have a wonderful Sunday!

Done, Son.

I am done with Quant. I got an A. PTL.

Somewhere in between the stress of finals, this cold weather, and other stuff…I’m feeling a lil blah. I got teary eyed reading some old messages on facebook from friends. I don’t really know why. I don’t think I’m sad…but I’m just tired and ready for a break.

I have 2 finals to give, and 2 group things to finish. A busy couple of days before I head home Tuesday….but I can do it. Easy, breasy.

No Motivation

I am one final, one paper, and one group project away from finishing my first semester of grad school.

There is one problem. No motivation.

I need to make it through my study guide for my Quant final exam tonight…but I would rather watch the gingerbread competition special on the food network (that I think I have seen before! haha).

Tyler always makes fun of me for watching things multiple times. I can watch the same shows over and over again because I notice different things, and I usually do several things at once….like write this post and watch TV, so I miss stuff the first time around.

Anyways, back to no motivation. I just want to go home, be with my family, do wedding stuff, and hang out. I don’t want to study or test. But whatever. I know I have to do all of it. And it will get done. But know that I don’t wanna.