Uncertainty Reduction

Uncertainty reduction is a theory in communication that says people don’t like uncertainty (see post below) and through communication, strive to reduce that uncertainty. Well, yesterday, at the doctor they gave me some kinda answers. They said my lumps were two swollen lymph nodes. Good. But the weird thing was, they don’t know why they are so swollen. No infections, no elevated white count, no ticks (she checked), no mono, no anemia, no nothing. So…in two weeks, I have to go back and have them checked again. If they don’t go away, we will need to do more tests to figure them out.

So for now, no worries. Thank you Lord!

I also had dinner last night with my girl friends! I just love them! Hannah, Kayla, and Beth are pledge sisters of mine that all live in NWA, and we had a great couple of hours laughing, talking, and gossiping over yummy McAlister’s salads, soups, sandwhiches and cheese dip. So great! I love those girls!

Mom is on her way to town…so we have a couple fun days together! I’m excited!


I don’t like uncertainty. I prefer to fully know about any situation and be as in control as I can be of any situation.

Well, right now I have some uncertainty. There is a weird little lump on the side of my neck that is painful to the touch. No clue what it is. I noticed it several days ago, and today it is visible.

I’m going to the doctor tomorrow to hopefully put my mind at ease that it is nothing. I don’t like uncertainty.

The end. (for now)

Well, I finished up the semester. Basically.

I taught my LAST 7:30 class this morning.

I am done with my three papers, I just have to make it through three classes this week.

Then I have to give two finals the next week.

Then I have six weeks. Six weeks without class.

While I will be working on my thesis proposal, transcribing interviews for a prof, and moving, I won’t have a set schedule. And it will be glorious.

I’m looking forward to that.

How I Met My Tyler

Kelly’s Korner is doing “How you met your husband” today for Show Us Your Life.

I made this slideshow for the wedding, and its our little love story.

To sum it up (in case you don’t want to watch a 3 minute video)…we were both at Ouachita…had similar groups of friends…ended up hanging out alot…and a spark caught on fire and we started dating.

It is kinda neat though, that neither one of us ever really wanted to go to Ouachita. Tyler had plans for OU, but his dad had an accident, and he went to UA Fort Smith for a couple years, then transferred to OBU. I wanted to go far away to Belmont in Nashville, but got full scholarship offer from OBU.

And I was chasing after another boy up until the day the spark appeared. I had a HUGE crush on another guy and was trying to get HIM to come hang out with me and my friends one night. He said no, that he had other plans, but Tyler and some other people came along….and we ended up talking, laughing, and flirting at dinner. I’m SO GLAD the other guy wasn’t interested or I would have barked up the wrong tree! Tyler is so right for me and God put us together for sure!

*There is one thing that is incorrect in the video. We started dating Dec. 1, 2007, NOT 2008. I know…I messed this up on our wedding video. Its ok. Our wedding still rocked.*