House Hunting

I went this morning to look at another set of apartments.

They were really nice. Like brand-new never lived in nice.

But they were poorly made and poorly designed.

The carpet didn’t look like it was installed well. One edge wasn’t straight and the corners looked funny. Plus, the stairwells were all crooked, talk about a mess to move in and out of! Then the master bath had no bath tub…and I’m a bath tub girl. And the two bedrooms were the exact same size. No real “master bedroom.”

Then I was just thinking, those apartments were kinda like people. Some people look really put together on the outside, they are beautiful and covered in the newest things. But inside they are a mess. Hurts, distresses, and problems all around.

We can’t be fooled by the beautiful exterior and think people have no problems inside. We must look deeper into people and love them and help them through their issues.

But, I won’t be doing that with this apartment. I’m just gonna find another one. haha…guess the metaphor isn’t perfect! 🙂


My oh my I got a lot done today.

I had to get up early and go to Springdale to pick up a UPS package that I missed in delivery. Its a new battery for my laptop. My poor little Vaio would only stay charged for like 30 minutes, so now I can unplug it!

Then I headed to the library. I got 6 pages of my historical paper done! I already had 4, so that makes 10 pages complete! Its a 20 page paper, so now I’m halfway there! I’m hoping to knock it out Thursday and Friday. I can do it. Some of my colleagues have REALLY bad attitudes when it comes to papers, especially this historical paper. But I’m trying to stay positive and motivated and get it done.

Then, I talked with Dr. A about my health comm paper. She gave me a great idea to do a research proposal for a study on the social support messages found on infertility blogs. Which is awesome. Can’t wait to research and write it. However, now I’m confused.

See, if I write this proposal, I can just leave it and never do the research. Or…I could perhaps use it for my thesis. But I thought I had another thesis idea, looking at the content of “mommy blogs.” I like them both….so which one should I do? I guess I’ll have to talk through that with my advisors. Oh well…

Now I’m just waiting on Tyler to get home. I had dinner out with the girls for Laveda’s b-day, so I’m watching DWTS and chilling out.

PS. Happy one month anniversary to us! 🙂

Update on life

Well, since I took a little while off “life” to showcase our amazing honeymoon. So here are the life updates I’ve missed.

  • We haven’t been home all week since the honeymoon. The week after, I went to Hot Springs to research my historical project on prostitution for a night, then we went home for Easter.
  • Easter was great. Tyler’s mom Nancy came home with us and hung out with my family. Got to do the egg thing with my cousins, and eat dad’s amazing BBQ.
  • Then last week, I went to Memphis for the SSCA conference. It was great. As my first academic conference, I loved it. I presented a paper on marriage portrayals on the internet. It went awesome. I love being the center of attention, and I guess academic ventures are no different.
  • Tyler has had lots of trouble at the shop. He had a bike get stolen and wrecked. He didn’t find any new bikes at the auction last week. His alarm system has been going crazy. So I have a stressed hubby who I try to keep calm and happy.
  • Its 3 weeks till finals, so I have 2 papers to write, 1 to finish, a grant to write, and a research project to work on. I’m spending LOTS of time in the library, but I’m super productive when I’m there.
  • We are apartment hunting. Its kinda fun, but I want to find the perfect place for us for the next year. House hunting must be torture knowing you will BUY not just rent. Eek. Thats for later thankfully!
  • We got our wedding pictures and video back! I’m waiting on the picture CD to post pictures, but here is our video. Its just a 3 minute trailer and I love it!

Tyler and Brittney Lee from Ryan Feero on Vimeo.

Honeymoon Chapter 9

Our last morning in Hawaii, I got up and put on my swimsuit. I went outside and unfortunately for my tan, it was sprinkling. But luckily for my eyes and camera, rain in Hawaii means rainbows. Rainbows you can see both ends of and that look 5 feet away. Beautiful.
The rain stopped, so I went back downstairs. Rain again. But, a second rainbow.

Once Tyler got up, we packed and said goodbye to our condo. 🙁
We ventured down to Lahaina and had lunch at a local spot, Aloha Mixed Plate and had some of the best food! Local favorite foods like some Korean ribs, Korean BBQ, and yummy chicken dishes.

Then we did our last little bit of shopping, and ate our 4th helping of Hula Ice Cream and Cookies. Tyler loved Kona Mud Pie (its made on the island at a local creamery!)
I loved their ice cream sandwhiches. This one was Haupia (coconut) ice cream and a mango pineapple cookie. Yum!

Then we drove to the Io Valley and it was cool, misty, and beautiful. The difference on the scenery of the island was amazing. It was so lush and rainy here.
We walked up to the Io Needle. It was cool.
We also walked down by this stream. They get 400 inches of rain per year…this stream sure was flowing!
Then we headed home. We flew a long flight home over night, and were exhausted when we got home…sleeping from 6 p.m. until the next morning when we got up to go to school/work. But it was an amazing honeymoon!