The snow/the scarf

Well, it has snowed 5.5 inches at Tyler’s house. I am so glad to be here with people, and not alone at my apartment in Fayetteville. I’ll post some snow pictures later once we bundle up and get outside.

On another, more fashionable note, Kelly’s Korner is hosting Show Us Your Life Fashion Tips today. So here is my fashion tip. Scarves. Thick ones, thin ones, knit, jersey, silk. Any type of scarf will work.

I like to buy and wear solid color clothing to dress it up. Sometimes I use fun jewelry or bright accessories, but my favorite is scarves. I like to buy cheap ones at Walmart, Target, Kohls, and TJ Maxx (or sometimes at fun mall stores like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe) and wear them with anything. They dress anything up. I am a huge fan of those lightweight “summer” scarves and wear them all year round. I am not at home with my computer, so I could only pull some pics off facebook…but this is a sample of my scarf wearing life.

This is the scarf at the drive in. I’m wearing a sweatshirt and no makeup…but the bright pink scarf (from Walmart…$7 I think) dresses it up a bit. Notice my friend Amber is rocking a bright patterned scarf.

This is a red leopard print scarf at a Razorback game. It actually has “Hog Wild” embroidered on the bottom to show my fan spirit, but you can’t see it here. This scarf came from my fave boutique in Fay called Inscriptions on Dickson. It was a scarf splurge at about $15.

This is the zebra scarf at a Christmas party. I wanted to be comfy, so I’m wearing a black fleece shirt from Old Navy with jeans, but you can’t tell because all you see is my fun scarf! This one was $5 at a craft fair at home. Scarves are everywhere.

This is the scarf at my engagement photo session. Proof that its hot summer time (these pictures were taken August 8) and you can still rock the scarf in hot weather as long as its a thin summer scarf. This was a Walmart $5 scarf as well. The shirt also had a tie in the back, showing no matter the shirt, you can dress it up with s scarf.
Lastly, here are dressy scarves. At my first bridal shower, two of my three hostesses (Amber, Karlee, and Alden) are rocking some cute scarves from Old Navy. Amber has on a nice button up and dress pants and Alden has on a dressy turtleneck and dress capris. I got them these scarves for hostess gifts and they loved them. They were about $8 on sale at Old Navy.

Go get you some cheap scarves and dress up some outfits! For help on tying scarves different ways….look here

Happy shopping!

The crater

So I am at Tyler’s. I’m trying to get the less harsh area of this ice/snow storm they are calling for this evening.

Well, at Ty’s house, there is no guest room. So when I come, my chivalrous prince gives me his bed and he sleeps on the couch. And you see, Tyler’s bed is quite comfortable. It’s memory foam and big and warm. But it has a crater.

See..since its memory foam, over the years it has formed a Tyler size whole in the bed. Which is great for Tyler, but when I sleep in it, I fall in. And I roll around a lot…so once in the crater, I have to expound a lot of energy to roll out of it. Then it’s gravitational pull brings me back in over and over again all night long. Last night, I think I pulled something in this fight with the crater. I can hardly raise my left arm over my head because my back muscles are KILLING me.

But, I’m here for several nights. Me and the crater are going to fight. Its going to be ugly and the crater will probably win. But I’m not giving up.

Keep it positive….

Well, I love musicals. I saw Legally Blonde the Musical with my mom and bestie Alden this past summer, and there is a great song in there called “Keep it Positive” Now, this song is just about Elle staying positive when Warner leaves her for the snotty Vivienne….and its just about how Vivienne is a snot and Elle is hot. So, really that song has nothing to do with the following post…but its a good, catchy song. And on to the stuff that matters…

Yesterday was pretty stinky. I woke up with a terrible sore throat and sinus junk. My computer in my classroom wasn’t working properly. It was slower than molasses, and I just felt “off” teaching. I went to Zumba, but could hardly breathe and had just taken sinus meds, so I hardly had the air or the energy to do the class. The meds made me almost lose my focus and coordination. My evening class drug on and on and I felt unprepared and was called out for it. It was just an ugly day.

But today, I’m going to keep it positive. Your attitude is determined by you. So mine is determined by me (see how that works?!?) I’m counting my blessings and keeping a smile on my face today. And really, I should have done that yesterday in the midst of all the yucky…but hindsight is 20/20.

So…today I am thankful for:
-my wonderful Tyler. He made me laugh and feel better last night. He leaves his laundry all over my apartment…and never closed the dryer once he gets stuff out, but he is pretty stellar and makes me feel better anyday.
-Medicine. When I don’t feel good, some brainy scientist guy figured out what will make it better.
-Comfy shoes. Yeah, awesome girly heels are great…but I’ve worn uncomfy shoes for the past 3 days…so today I’m thankful for tennis shoes.
-Heat. It suddenly got cold again, and I’m so thankful I can just flip a switch and be warm.

Though I am thankful for so much more, that will do for now. Hope you can keep it positive and count your blessings when your day is stinky.


So my bridal pics happened on Sunday. It was so fun! I got my hair done by my sister-in-law Penny who is my hairdresser. She did a great job! There was a little something about it that we might change for next time…but we’ll see.

My AMAZING photographer Braeden Rogers at Ambient 11 came to Hot Springs and we went all over taking some pictures. I love his eye for poses and backgrounds! I can’t wait until I get the proofs back! He took our engagement pictures too…see how good he is….

Hope you are having a great Monday! My day feels a little “off” probably because I have a week interrupted by wonderful weekends that are free from thought…so the jump back to classes is rough. Oh well….I’m off to work out and run some errands before class! Later!