Last weekend, I did what it seems I’ve been doing every Saturday- helping my sweet Tyler at his shop. I’m not a huge help as I don’t know much about his business, but he seems to really appreciate my being there and answering phones and ringing up customers.
So I did that. Then we went to see the A-Team.
Now this movie did have some language (but not enough for my sweet Mother-in-law to even be bothered by it) but it DID have some great plot twists, exciting action, good actors, and even a little romance. It was great for me, Ty, and Nancy to all see. We all enjoyed it very much.

Then we went to Red Lobster. Oh how I love Red Lobster. I love getting yummy crab legs and those biscuits. Yum-O.

(Just to make you drool.)

Then we spent a lazy Sunday at home. We made waffles in our new waffle maker using Batter Blaster. Its the coolest product…pancake and waffle battle in a can. No clean up! We liked it!Then we cleaned the house, Nancy came over for a little visit after she looked at some furniture in Fayetteville. Then we went for some Flying Burrito and grocery shopping. It was a good weekend.

Today Mom and Gram are coming for a short visit. Mom said she needed her Brittney fix! haha. It will be a fun little time with them though!

What was she thinking?

WOW. Last night after working out at Zumba, I came home to waste some time before Ty got home. I flipped on the TV and there was the FIFA World Cup opening concert. I was enjoying some of the acts and then…
The Black Eyed Peas Came Out. (which included Fergie).
She was wearing this. (prepare your eyes…it’s so hideous, it hurts).

Seriously? What was she thinking? It is so ugly…the shoulder thingies, the leotard shape, the skirt, and the nails on one hand? Ew. So disturbing? I couldn’t take it anymore and changed the channel.

Good thing the Real Housewives of New York reruns were on. 🙂

Show Us Your Life- China Patterns

I’m a…
Over at Kelly’s Korner she is doing a tour of China patterns today. While we did not register for China (I just thought it was impractical. My mom has two beautiful sets and NEVER uses them. The only time I can remember them being used was when I would drag them out, wash them and insist we eat on them as a young girl. HA!). So instead, we registered for Fiestaware.


In college, I ate dinner at a friend’s house and her mom had all the Fiesta and it was so pretty and fun! We each had different colored plates, bowls, silverware, napkins, it was just so perfect.

We were so blessed to have so many generous people give us all the Fiestaware we registered for. 10 place settings, a bunch of serving ware, 10 places of silverware, serving sets, and more.

I’m going to show off all my stuff!

This is my silverware. I don’t have every color (I think I have 5) but I have 10 place settings. We found it at Tuesday Morning, and while they didn’t have every color, we bought what they did. It was super cheap and mom bought it for me for a shower gift!

These are the knives to the place settings and two hostess serving sets I got for shower gifts in sunflower and clover.
This is a beautiful casserole and the saucers from our place settings. They would also make great little bread plates. They are sitting on my silverware chest holding all the silverware.
A square casserole and the salad plates.

My Fiesta goblets. My Grandma started the collection for me for my bridal shower and we got the rest as wedding gifts. Won’t they be perfect for sweet tea at a party!?My gravyboat (which was my first wedding gift! From a professor) and a Fiesta Collector plate I got on ebay.
Some serving pieces….a small veggie server, large platter, serving tray, 2 quart bowl and pedestal bowl. Its all so pretty together!
Small tray, sugar/creamer, two trivets, gusto bowl, and butter dish.
On my Baker’s Rack….two pitchers and a gusto bowl. At my bridal shower at Ty’s church, they put flowers in the Fiesta pitchers and I loved it….So I copied them!

Our placemats. They are Genuine Fiesta. Mom found them at Tuesday Morning and got us all 10 we needed! Also, our little green salt and pepper shakers! They are precious!

My little pitcher (for pancake syrup or salad dressing), stovetop salt and pepper shakers, sugar holder and spoonrest. And a glimse of the canvases I painted to match my Fiesta!
My canisters.
All the cups from our place settings. I opted for the 5 piece boxes that had cups and saucers along with salad plates, bowls, and dinner plates. The 4 piece has the salad, dinner, bowl, and a mug. But I like the little teacups.

I love all my Fiesta! I am dying to go the Dish Barn in Canton, TX where they carry all Fiestaware in old and new colors and exclusive styles. It will be my Mecca hah!

I’m a Bad Blogger

So I’ve been busy/lazy. I haven’t updated on anything lately. Here is what I’ve been doing.

I went home for Memorial Day. Tyler stayed here with his family. While I hate being apart, its nice that we can go and do our own things. I watched my cousins play soccer and dance, played in the pool, on the lake, and had a BBQ. We watched fireworks on the lake too. Well, not my mom and Luke. He was so scared of them and they went back to the car. haha

I have been doing work at home and trying to stay on top of everything. Also, I got some bloodwork done and they found out my cholesterol is a little high and also so is my sugar. I am prediabetic. So I’m really cracking down on eating/working out (I tried to type excercise, but I can never spell it right…so I changed my word choice. I wish when I was younger I would have done the spelling bee. I watched that. Those kids were amazing.) They said if I could pull off 2o pounds and watch my sugar intake, I could take my risk down substantially. So I’m working on it.

Also, we had my birthday weekend and Tyler took me to Arkansas wine country. We stayed at a B&B in Ozark and hit up the BEST little hole in the wall eatery in Altus called Kelt’s. Seriously good. Tyler and I talked about getting on the motorcycle and driving back there to eat sometime soon. It was awesome.

Then Sunday we went to some wineries and had some tastings. It was fun. Our favorite was Chateau Aux Ark. They had really yummy stuff and beautiful property. We bought a few bottles to enjoy later (as I’m staying away from alcohol while I’m working diligently on the weight issue). But the weekend was relaxing and so fun. I love my husband and spending time with him.

Then, last night….a bunch of lady TAs had a big dinner and went to see Sex and the City 2. The movie was funny and very scandalous. It was a fun evening. I’m so glad to have made friends in this year here in Fayetteville. What a blessing that is.

Hoping I will update more….