Visit from the Cousins

My three cousins, Caitlyn, Gavin, and Luke came to visit me last week.

When they first got here, they let their car sitting wear off by blowing bubbles outside.
Then we went to Chuck E Cheese for dinner and fun. Luke just LOVED Chuck E.
We also went to the Gentry Drive Through Safari. It was fun…lots of animals and an awesome petting zoo area.
I got to pet a kangaroo!Then we went to the Springdale Aquatic Park. This place was awesome with a big pool, wading pool, and splash area as well as slides and basketball goals and fun stuff. But it started storming, so we left.We came home, showered and went for dinner.

They are too fun and I just love them! I’m so thankful for these little boogers!

{Last} Sunday Funday

Last Sunday, we loaded up the trucks and trailers with toys and headed to Ty’s grandpa’s farm in Oklahoma.

It was so fun! It was a hot, but beautiful day.

I got to drive the RZR, and I managed to get it all the way up the mountain and down without wrecking it! ha
Everybody rode along,(Ty’s uncle on the 4wheeler, his mom in the red/white, JJ his mechanic and friend closest in the green, and Ty farthest in the green. Grandpa and I were in the RZR.)

and then the boys jumped their bikes for a while. Too fun!
And to top it off, Grandpa gave me bunches of fresh goodies from his huge garden! We are stocked up on squash, green peppers, and jalepenos!

Fun Jewelry

So I was at Forever 21 the other day and bought adorable earrings! (for only $4.80…take that budget!)

I just love the dainty little pearls, the cameo (with a little sparkle!) and the little flowers. They are all so vintage-y and sweet looking.

I haven’t dressed up lately, as all I’ve done is work from home and work out. But next week when I start teaching, I will be dressing up daily again!

I am dressing today as I have errands to run, then mom and the munchins are coming to visit! Problem is, which earrings do I wear today? Sigh….too many difficult decisions in my life.

Change of Plans

Well we had fun plans for the weekend, but most of them got changed.

Last night, we were going to go to Wingfest. It was supposed be a big fun time of several local places that serve wings competing for best wing, hottest wing, etc. Well, everythig we saw said it was at the mall. We got there, and it was outside in the mall parking lot under tents. Well we got there at 6 p.m. It was still 95 degrees and sunny. Who wants to eat hot wings in the heat? Not us. So we went for sushi instead. It was good. We went to our usual sushi spot, Kobe, and ate too much. We got our usual firecracker roll and flying eel (which had to much tuna on the top for me….I didn’t like it. Too mushy/fishy). But we got a crazy roll, which was a tempura Shrimp, crab, spicy tuna and cream cheese (and something green!) but it was REALLY good. Like my favorite sushi roll good.

Then after sushi, we wanted to go see Knight and Day. They were supposed to have the preview showing last night. We got there, and the ticket lady said, “You can have our last two tickets.” I thought SWEET! Just in time! Then she said, “But I can promise you won’t be sitting by each other.” BOO! So we didn’t go.

Instead we went to Braums for ice cream (like we needed more food!). It was like the freaks were out at Braums last night. From a lady with HUGE boobs, a low cut tight tank and no bra….to a man who was on his 5th cup of coffee while we were there reading the paper with a magnifying glass, to lots more odd people. It was quite a show.

We came home, watched some NCIS and Criminal Minds (we LOVE that show. I admit, for some reason I have a little TV crush on Reed. He’s cute in a weird way.) Then we crashed.

I slept until 11:30 this morning. I can’t believe I slept that late. I don’t know what we will do today, but hopefully whatever plans we make work out!