I love the white dusting of snow we have. Everything looks new and clean. It wasn’t supposed to snow a lot, but we have a full covering and its still coming down.

I hope it doesn’t mess with plans too much. I am supposed to visit a friend in Benton tomorrow and head to Fayetteville Wednesday. Let’s hope it is just pretty for today and the roads clear up so I can do what I want to do! 🙂

New Year

So its 2010. I get married this year! 🙂 I know this year will be full of changes. I will get married, we will move, I may start up a small business this summer, and I’m sure many more “firsts”. I am excited for all this year has in store.

We spent NYE at the movies seeing Avatar, then came home for a great House marathon. Tyler took three days off to spend with me (a sort of quality time Christmas present) and its been fabulous. We have just watched tv together, cooked some meals together, and laughed alot. I sure do love that man.

Tomorrow is the Liberty Bowl. Go Hogs go! Hope they win! Woo Pig Sooie!

Can’t Believe It

Christmas is over. It was wonderful. Lots of family, laughter, good food, and some great gifts.

We have finished the wedding to-dos for now. We only have programs and rehearsal invites. Crazy. Something like 70-something days.

2009 is almost over. What a year it was. Got engaged, graduated collge, moved to a new city, started grad school. What will 2010 have in store for me?

Only like a week and a half left at home. Mom and I are having a girls day tomorrow filled with pedicures and manicures and all things wonderful.

Can’t believe how blessed I am. I don’t deserve this.

Phones and Toilets Don’t Mix

Yesterday we were keeping my three sweet cousins, and we took them to the Behind the Mall Cinema to see the Princess and the Frog. (Side note 1: DON’T go to the BTMC. The new seats are too tall and the slope of the floor is too short. The kids had to sit in booster seats – and they are 7 and 9- and my lil grandma needed one too!). (Side note 2: the movie was really cute. A good job by Disney to harken to the old princess movies. The songs were not as good as some in the past…but the story was good).

I went to the bathroom before the movie, and my phone fell from my back pocket to the toilet. Fried. But today I got in a new phone, and luckily, after mine dried out…it turned on long enough to get the numbers off it.

Also, I am a real adult. Know how I know? I pulled a tooth for a kid yesterday. Caitlyn’s tooth was barely hanging on…and I took her to the bathroom at BWW and pulled that sucker. I’m an adult now.

Today, we braved Wal-mart to do our Christmas food shopping. We found those Zhu Zhu hamster toys (they lady at Wal-Mart said they are selling on Ebay for $200…crazy huh? They were like $8!). We bought some for the cousins. Can’t wait to play with them!

Then, Sandy, my aunt, needed to do a little more Christmas shopping, so I kept all three kiddos by myself today. They were good and we had lots of fun. We colored, played cars, watched Barney, watched Harry and the Hendersons, and played Candyland. I love those kids.

Now Gram and I are gonna spend a little time together tonight while mom is out bowling. I love home.