So while we were home for Easter (pictures coming later…can’t upload my pics at work), we made a trip to Lowe’s with my mom to pick out our paint colors!

I am sooo excited for the colors! We even got a couple paint samples and painted some wooden boards to make sure the colors were right. Then, we decided to do something crazy- paint the house ourselves!

Several rooms are painted the same color, and the ceiling will be the same all over…so dad can spray that with his big paint sprayer, but we decided to paint the kitchen, living room, dining room, master bath and master bedroom! Hopefully we can paint this weekend if all the drywall gets finished by Wednesday, so dad has a couple days to spray everything!

We are so excited to paint this and I know it will be crazy and fun! My mom, Tyler’s mom, his uncle, his 2 cousins, and a friend will all help us, and we will be finished in no time (Hopefully!).

So my prayer for the house (sometimes it seems so silly to be praying for the project…but I think God cares about big and small matters) is that the drywall gets finished by Wednesday and paint round 1 can happen….so we can paint this weekend! (Because the next weekend is mother’s day…then I graduate…then I go to Dallas for training…so we would have to hire a painter if not this weekend). Pray for paint! 🙂

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