Partying it Up!

Partying it Up!

Somehow, like every kid we know has a fall birthday! (Or at least that’s how it seems) We’ve been partying it up lately, with some weekends having multiple parties!

We started this weekend with a fun Monkey House birthday for our friend Whitleigh (from daycare).

Remi lives her best life at the Monkey House– she just loves it!


On the way there, she declared that she was gonna climb the big slide (this is one that she’s been too scared to do before) and SHE DID IT. She didn’t love the second time up and down it, but I was proud of her for doing it.


She also loved the juice boxes. With the birthday girl!


Saturday afternoon, the weather was SO NICE, so we made Remi play outside. She likes to play outside, but for some reason this day, it took some nudging. She was happy inside with her playdoh. But once we got outside, we had fun with the soccer ball (and her new sunglasses, which she wore upside down).


We also took the opportunity to put up a Christmas decoration outside. It was just after Halloween, so too early for me to want to decorate our whole house, but this guy is more hunting season than Christmas, so he went up. We named him Ted.


And then I caught these two being so silly. She loves her daddy so much.


On Sunday, after church and nap, we got to go celebrate one of our favorite girls, Lillian!

They had a Fancy Nancy dress up tea party- which was so fun!

The girls were a bit older (6ish), so Remi and Amelia weren’t always into what they were doing. The two of them would sneak off to play and drop back in. It was fun.


It was also fun to have some momma time while the girls played.


Lil’s brothers are so fun, and they dressed up for present time! ha!

Silly Trey…


And Remi got in on the action, too!


She LOVES Lil’s brothers. And they are so sweet to her. Cooper was being so silly with her.


We have two more parties (on the same day!) in a couple weeks. SO much fun to be had!

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