Partying It Up!

Partying It Up!

One of our sweet church friends had a birthday party- and we had a blast!

I went to college with Trinka, his momma. We spent one year on the same hall, and now they live in our town and Remi and her littlest are the same age!

Remi was THRILLED when we arrived to see their big trampoline. (I’ll be honest, this nervous Nelly momma was a little anxious about her jumping with big kids, but she did well)


It was a dino party, and this ThreeRex sign was THE CUTEST.  Trinka throws the cutest parties!


One of my dearest friends is marrying into their family, so we got to visit at the party! She is due ANY DAY NOW with a precious baby boy! I can’t wait for her to be a momma!


Remi loved the dino masks (blue, of course!)


And then they all played with the dinos (which Trinka had put tiny party hats on! SO cute!)


This is the best pic I could get of the busy birthday boy, Nash and Remi. They had opened his new bug catching kit!


Partying with friends is so much fun….and it just makes me more excited for Remi’s birthday coming up!

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