Paying it Down

In the last year or so, I’ve depended on my credit cards a bit more than I’d like.

Nothing major, but things like putting concert tickets  on the card….and then *oops* spending the cash my friends paid me….instead of paying off the card.

I had racked up a bit of a credit card balance.  Nothing debilitating but more than I can pay off in one swoop. And while I knew it would be paid off soon, I have decided to work hard and pay them off.

I made a plan.  I wrote out what’s owed on the cards along with everything that’s incoming for the next couple of months (freelance work, Zumba payment, Adsense money, etc) and I have a plan to have it paid off by March.

While it does feel good to think I won’t have that looming over me, most importantly, it feels like a spiritual goal.  God doesn’t want me to worry about and be a slave to those cards. I don’t want to use them to buy things that are coming from a place of covet-ness or unhappiness. I want to use them for the things that are smart (like earning points from a vacation that I will pay off when we return)…but not just as an excuse to be reckless.

So here’s to paying it down in the next few months. Looking forward to that!


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