Pentatonix in Concert!

The Pentatonix concert was better than I ever dreamed it would be.
First off, the road conditions were clearing all day, and by the time I took off, several Tulsa friends told me the roads were fine and dry.  But then, at like 3:20, Cain’s Ballroom posted that more tickets had been released, so I immediately called and got two more tickets- one for Tyler and one for Lauren’s sister!
So after work, the 4 of us set out for Tulsa.
We got there just about 10 minutes before doors opened.  So we went and picked up our tickets and ducked into a little bar next door to keep warm.  We did have to wait outside in the 0 degree temps for a few minutes….but we were SUPER happy when we got inside.  We got a pretty great spot in the middle of the venue.  And thankfully, no one super tall or annoying was around us (a miracle!).
The show was SO good.  It’s amazing how talented these people are separately, and then they come together and it’s magic.  They sang for an hour and forty minutes!  That’s longer than I’ve seen bands with instruments play before!
They did TONS of their classics and some new stuff (which Say Something was my FAVORITE! I hope they do a video of that soon!).
Some songs from the setlist I remember:
Telephone, Beyonce medley, Evolution of Music, Run to You, Valentine, Aha!, Can’t Hold Us, Daft Punk, Hey Momma/Hit the Road Jack, Say Something, Natural Disaster, Royals, Thrift Shop, Let’s Get it On, and SO many more.
I just kept being in awe of their talent.  I would turn around and smile at Tyler, Lauren, and Erin like “OMG CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?”
Even Kevin did his cello/beatboxing thing which blew Tyler away.
 They all looked fabulous, including Kirsti’e AMAZING crystal booties.  I died. 
I took a few videos, but I’m short, so you can’t see much.  I found these from last night on Youtube.
Telephone.  SO good. (Check Avi’s undertones- singing two tones at once!- at :37-38).
And Run To You was beautiful and haunting.  I LOVE the part at 3:14.  It was bone chilling live. 
So…this tour is mostly sold out.  But if you have the chance to see Pentatonix live, do it.  They are amazing.  Even for my husband who doesn’t know a treble clef from a half note, he loved it too. 


  1. The concert sounds like it was amazing! I’m so glad the road conditions were fine so you could go!!!

  2. How fun!! I bet it was great!!

  3. I get to see them in March- I can’t WAIT! I’m glad you gave me a good idea of what to expect! 🙂

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