Perfect Summer Days

Perfect Summer Days

Sometimes the best days are the simple days. And last Sunday, we had one of those.

It started with Sunday morning and waffle breakfasts. I love making Sunday breakfasts, even if we don’t have unlimited time. We are out the door by 8:45 for church….but I love to make an easy breakfast. It was sunny. We were all happy. And I made waffles. And it was just a nice perfect morning.


Remi played with her toy before church (While wearing a bow she HAD to wear that didn’t totally match! ha!) and it’s so sweet- it’s a truck and horse trailer, like Gigi’s.


After a great day at church, lunch, a LONG nap (amen!) and dinner, Tyler had the idea to go swim at my mom’s. They weren’t home, so we had a fun family night. And when we got home, we were already past bedtime, so I asked Remi if she wanted to use the sparklers we got on the 4th of July. And after a little apprehension at first, she was so into it! It was fun (and the sunset was GORGEOUS).


Just a great day together. Nothing crazy “special” but it was special to make memories together.

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