Picture Perfect Memories

Picture Perfect Memories

I have snapped some pretty perfect moments lately.

Let’s start with this silly little girl. She’s so funny.  She loves laying in her tent (with her sleeping bag and pillow) and watching movies. This particular day she also needed her Skye blanket as well.


She and I wore our cowboy boots to church one Sunday and she said she also needed a cowboy hat. We didn’t have one….but you better believe her Gigi solved that problem!

She picked out this black hat (not the pink one!).


We ran over to Poteau really quickly one Saturday because my mom wanted a shirt she saw on Queen B’s instagram….and Remi needed to take a picture with the car. It has a crown and eyelashes and she loved it.


Tyler went hunting/camping, so we went to see our friends. Too much time at home alone and we go crazy. Tara hosted us for a craft night and let the girls play (I mean, destroy) her home.

Remi (who got hot and took off her shirt) and Amelia were precious watching TV.


And Tara made us a great spread of snacks. Hanging low key with friends is my fave. And Caroline brought bubbly. Yes, please.


And Tara taught me how to use her Cricut to make decorations for a wedding shower at work. Now I need one! Loved it!



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